Hang in There!

Yep, still here,
I had no idea retirement could be this way!
But am I having fun!
to get my man retired.
~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *
Truly, I'm still here but between fun things like water aerobics (still haven't gotten regular with that, but it's fun!); yoga (same way!); and meeting new friends, I am getting ready for John to retire and then we'll be renovating the home we've just purchased. We are so excited. New flooring, kitchen revamp, screened porch cleaned, painted and decorated, and all rooms given a new coat of paint and brought into the present time frame! Love the layout of this place, don't love the 1994 decor. Or the fact that they chose NOT to install a master bathtub. What's up with that?! The HOA does the landscaping, and takes care of it, so other than adding some Japanese maples (which I love) and Natchez white crepe myrtles (which I adore) we'll be set outside. Oh, and adding a bench and container plants along with a swing and a place to set icy sweetened tea. It may have taken me two years to get over not being able to teach in my classroom, but I'm loving being retired now and able to visit with family and friends when I want; sleep and get up when I want; and have my John all to myself on his off days instead of leaving him at home the days he was off and I worked.
Don't abandon me. Hang in there. I haven't gotten the camera out yet, but I'm now in a position to show you the rooms as they are now, and then take you through the progression of how they will be. Our two youngest have been able to visit and given me such great ideas for this home and I'm excited to begin. So, hang in there with me and we'll soon have this show on the road! Have a week filled with love and laughter~

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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