A Button For My Blog

I have made, I think, a button for my blog. I am praying I can figure this out without losing my sanity. If it works, I'll get back with you on the instructions! Gritting my teeth and digging in!
I did it!!! Now to put in a box with the HTML so you can 'grab' my button! And it's so easy! Just wait until I tell you about it! Okay, okay, I'm dancin', I'm dancin', see the grin, see the grin {silly font}
I was not able to put the border around it that I was hoping to, and I intend to research further in order to learn how to do this BUT you can now go grab my button if you'd like to add it to your site! Copy the HTML code, go to your layout and click on Add a Gadget. Choose the HTML and paste into the text box. Voila! Now we've both got my button on our pages {wink font!}

Butterflies & Ballard's

When I saw these in the Ballard's catalog last week,
I drooled. Then I saw the ones below, and swooned.
Look what Lindy did at Cottage Hill! I yelped!
I can do this! I can so do this!
Again, I'll visit The Graphics Fairy and get the freebies!
{Hint! Click on the link to The Graphics Fairy & see each
and every butterfly and bug available!}
I like Lindy's better than Ballard's!
And the price is way better!
Sixty-Fifth Avenue did a beautiful butterfly artwork
using a punch. This looks easy to replicate as well, so
if you like butterflies, here's you some neat and fun crafts.

A Haunted House?!

Melissa, at Veranda Interiors, took the above doll house and transformed it into a Haunted House. Is this too cute or what?!  Not only did she provide the link for the house - ONLY $58 but she gives a detailed tutorial how to take the pieces and make it totally appropriate for October's ghosts and ghouls! If our daughters were still small, I would have ordered this kit the night I found it on Melissa's site. Here's hoping some of my readers will make it and leave me a comment and a link to see their's! Who's up for it?!

Miss Elle is One!

Our youngest daughter, Jenny, has a blog!
And you can read all about Miss Elle's birthday party!
Go. Visit. And sign up to be a follower!
(and leave a comment! we heart comments!)

Some Favorites of the Week

Sweet Something Designs.  Love what Michelle did with a camp blanket and you will, too. She has umpteen photographs and tells you how to make reversible napkins, cute flower holders and decorated tin cans to hold eating utensils. She even used chalk to decorate rocks that doubled as place cards. Now I'm on the lookout for a plaid blanket. Truly, this post is a feast for the home decorator's eyes.
Aside from a cottage tudor style, I can see myself living nicely, thank you very much, in this home. Melissa at Veranda Interiors shows us more of this home at her site. If you're a regular reader of mine, you know I love VI and refer to it regularly. I believe in dreaming and dreaming big. After all, we are living today in our dreams of yesterday. Go visit Melissa and tour this home. It's peaceful. As well as beautiful.
Brooke, at Velvet & Linen, redecorated her bathroom. I loved the before photo but knew she'd hit the mark with adding the pinks and shades of aqua. {Click over to her site to see the 'After' photos!} I would never have thought of using burlap panels but love the way they look at the windows. At one of the homes we owned, I sewed some burlap panels and used battenburg panels under them. The difference between the two textures made for a beautiful window dressing. However, the smell of the burlap was horrid. For several days I had to air them outside. But once aired, we really enjoyed them.
Love this wooden cart from Hudson Goods. Bet the grandbabies would love pushing it around the room, too, so on second thought I might just wait until they're a bit older before putting it on my wish list.
We said goodbye to a dear friend this week. Susan went in for what we thought would be a simple enough procedure and things became very complicated. She is with our Lord now and leaves a grieving husband and twins, two years of age. We are all shattered but know that we will meet again one day. Our prayers and our thoughts have been lifting her family up and will continue to do so for some time to come. You can click here to read more of Susan's life from a friend that worked with her.
She loved, and was loved.

So ~

BeAUtiFuL BaCKgRouNDs 4 FaLL

From Knotty Moose, how cute is this?! Background and matching header. There are a couple of others for the fall season, but this was my favorite. Love the dots and stripes.
Shabby Blogs has been around for a while and they keep adding more backgrounds, headers, and even have post dividers and all types of blinkies and buttons! Here are two of my favs, along with a header that could easily be used with both. I found it easy to read their tutorials and add the items to my blogs.
Scrappin' Blogs has some awesome backgrounds and I would love it if they had headers and dividers to match. They use a 3D approach with many of their backgrounds and it adds a really nice touch. When you go to their site, you'll see they are dressed for Fall!
I, personally, prefer Scrap-E Blog over some of the others. No particular reason but there are more 3 column backgrounds and that's something I have to look for.  It is not difficult to convert your 2 column template to a 3 column, but afterwards you have to make sure that your background is configured for 3. Not 2. I've made that mistake before and it makes for a confusing sight {chagrin font!} There again, I'd love it if headers to match were offered! Is anyone listening in the background world?!
I heart The Background Fairy, who also happens to be The Graphics Fairy! You can scroll down and look on the right sidebar to find a listing of objects and subjects. The graphics and backgrounds are free and very easy to use. I love the one below and used a similiar one (in blues and beiges) for quite a while. However, I love to play with my blogs too much to stick to just one for any length of time {smile font}. It's mentioned that there is a matching header that goes with this, but I couldn't find it. Maybe you can!
Allie Brown. I just found this site this weekend while blog hopping. It's a nice one. This may not look as if it would fit for Fall but I think it's gorgeous and brings in the quiet neutrals and then you have the pop of color in the vibrant fall flower.  I also like that she has headers with her backgrounds! Bravo, Allie!
Oh HOT Bliggity BLOG! The grandmother of blog backgrounds. If you can't find one here, it isn't to be found. Super easy to use, super easy to change. There aren't headers to match BUT if  you've looked through the sites I've given you {and you can find all of these on my lefthand sidebar} you know that you can match a header. OR go to Scrapblog and make your own. I find it easier to use one already made, upload it to my Flickr account, add the text, resize it, maybe even add some more stickers to it, and voila! It's done. Again, pay attention to whether or not you need a 2 3 column. It DOES make a difference.

It's too hard to pick a favorite, I have so many!, from this site so I'm just going to share a few. I promise. Just a few. Well, okay maybe more than two. Or three. When you go there, you'll see what I mean! I apologize for the fuzziness of these, the site wouldn't let me enlarge and then save :/ so I had to save the small sizes and then try to enlarge with Blogger. But go there, there are hundreds of backgrounds!
I'm never sure how many readers take the time to look at the sidebars and there's normally so much information there that's worth reading. I always look at the sidebars. Shoot, I even scroll all the way down and check to see what they've put at the bottom of their blog! If you have some time this week, maybe this weekend, I hope I've given you some sites that can decorate your blog for Fall.  If you find something you can use, please leave me a comment and let me link back to you and see what you've done to yours!

Our Hearts Are In Mourning

Our hearts are heavy, sweet Lord, with the passing of our sweet Susan. We know that you weep, that you know what it feels like to have death visit such a young and vibrant person. Susan loved, and was loved. Tony and the twins will miss her more than I can imagine, but you know the depths of their pain. It is indeed a comfort knowing that she is with you, she is in the Garden of beauty and peace, and we long to know that feeling. I beg of you to stay close to this family that has been devastated, that you cloak them in the strength and comfort that only you can provide. Thank you for giving us your Son, that we have this avenue of prayer. I truly cannot imagine getting through this without you. Be with Tony, as he faces the days and months ahead of living without the love of his life, the mother of his children. Be with sweet Claire and Jonah as they wonder where she is. They are so young. This family we love is fractured, Father, be with them as the mending begins. We know that You are there, each step of the way. Hold them ever close. It is in Your Son's most holy name that I offer this plea, and I thank you for your Love, Amen.
Susan leaves a man that adored her & two much loved little ones, two years of age.

More Great Fall Ideas!

Sweet Something Design. I found it this past weekend & it's eye candy! Michelle is a talented artist & her crafts showcase this, as well as the Etsy shop she has. She has been so kind as to offer a tutorial on making this sign & others. The directions are simply put, nice photos, & it looks very easy. That is, if one has old wood lying around. I'm sure I could do this one. Bet you can, too ~
These are compliments of The Graphics Fairy and there's so much one can do with them! Decoupage them on a painted plate, print onto ivory paper that you tea dye and place in a cloche with bat wings, acorns, and pumpkins. Maybe a crows feather?!
I thought for sure I had shared this site with you, but in looking back, I cannot find it. So, here it is, and you're going to love it as much as I did! Not only is her home charming, yet elegant, but she shares such wonderful ideas and does so freely. I've added her to my list of favorites and I'm betting you will, too. {If you don't follow your favorite blogs, I suggest you do so. It's easy to sign up to follow any one of them and it makes it much easier to learn when new posts are added.} It's Veranda Interiors. Go there! Now!
Sometimes, all we need is a fresh look at items that don't cost a dime. At Giannetti Home, you have the chance to see her delightful home and business. She has recently rearranged the items in her store to reflect the season and I love how the colors of the accessories mimic the outdoors. We can do that in our homes simply by bringing in branches and changing pillows and throws. Simple, but classic.
I am so going to do this idea! I have the Southern Living at Home tray and I have the hurricanes. Now to go next door to Hobby Lobby and get the candles and I'm set. Isn't this simple? And simply gorgeous?! You can find this and more over at Thrifty Decor Chick. I can browse her posts for hours.
Judy, at Gracious Southern Living, lives near me and we've shared some laughs over lunch when a group of local bloggers got together last summer. She's a sweetheart and has some easy to copy ideas that she's loves sharing. For instance, just wait until you see her drop cloth drapes! Yes, drop clothes!
Last, but not least, is my sweet Cristi. A beautiful and talented little second grader from years gone by, now living and working in Atlanta, Georgia. She travels the nation with her design skills and I grabbed a quick photo of her home that she shares with her sweet husband. You can find more photos and more information on her design business by clicking here and visiting Charm Home. I am so proud!
The beauties below are our Stacey and her daughter, Alaina. I've put them on here just because I miss them and was wondering what they are doing this Monday evening. We are blessed with three beautiful daughters and they are blessed with their own tiny treasures. I am so in love with all of them, and I am missing some of them tonight. I think a trip west of us is in order, in the very near future ~

Fall Is In the Air!

Fall is in the air. When I found this serene site at The Feathered Nest, I knew it would fit perfectly in our dining area for the season ~ I'm wondering if I took it to our local printing company if they could make a 11x14 print, in order to have it matted and framed. All of the photos and vintage prints at Dawn's site are free. As in FREE! She is a sweetheart to be willing to share her bounty with us. When you visit, be sure to leave her a comment. We all love comments! Come with me as we tour 'the house'.
What's this on the front door? A ruffled wreath! Burlap. What screams fall more than the texture and smell of burlap. I recall seed sacks in our grandfather's barn made of burlap and in its dusty smell was the sweet scent of corn. Jones Design Company has a tutorial on this wreath, along with other unique ideas for the season. Moving into the dining area, the vignette below greets our eyes.
One of my favorite blogs is Melissa's Heart and Home. Melissa not only has a beautifully decorated home, but her writing is clear, concise, and she loves to share ideas. I heart the colors in her home, as I've decorated for years with the same hues. Somehow, mine just doesn't look as elegant or finished. Gotta work on that! Her blog is one that I can spend several hours on. She's also taken us on her journey to lose weight and I think it was close to 50 pounds! She is married to a pilot in the USMC and I appreciate the sacrifices she and her man have made to keep our country safe and sound. Let's head toward the kitchen and see what Miss Becca has for us ~
Another blog that's got my colors and heart is Adventures in Decorating. Becca lives and loves in South Carolina and always has a treat for the eyes. Here again, I've learned new ways to put old things together and how to use everyday items in a different and more interesting way. I've found several bloggers that live right here in Alabama and will be showcasing their sites soon.
Beth, at The Stories of A to Z, is a cute character as well as having the privilege of living in a brick townhome that just oozes character and past lives. Can you imagine having a brick wall on one whole side of your three floors?! When you visit her, and you should, look on her right sidebar and you'll find where she takes you on a tour of her home. It's awesome, although after living in our townhome for almost a year, I'm not sure I want another home with stairs {decrepit font}. When I saw Beth's idea for this I immediately thought of our youngest daughter. This would be right up her alley and the boys would get a kick out of it. It's also something easy to save and use year to year. Our home? You want something of our home?

This time last year we were welcoming sweet Elle into our family so I don't have many fall photos from last year. I'm slow in getting to them this year, but you'll be seeing them as I finish them!
This sweet child just turned one and yes, we celebrated. What joy it is to see our future growing in love and laughter, and we are blessed to be a part of all this.  I pray you have a week filled with giggles, hugs, and many moments to enjoy the changing season. Before you know it, snow will be in the air ~

A Disappearing NaviBar!

I found a code that will get rid of the Navibar at the top of your blog, if you are so inclined as to get rid of it. When you move your cursor in the area, it will pop up, but ONLY if you move your cursor over it. You can see from the photo above that my Navibar is showing. The photo below is with the code typed into my design layout. If you like the way it looks, read on!
Shabby Blogs has a tutorial to help you have an invisible Navibar! It is very easy to understand. All you have to do is copy the code and paste into a Gadget box for HTML. But I'll warn you now,
I am having a bit of a problem being able to click on the items I need, in a Navibar that keeps disappearing on me.  If you've decide that you don't want an invisible bar, but would like to change the color in order to look better with your blog background, try this. Go to your Design layout and look at the top where you see NavBar. Click on Edit and you will be able to choose the color of your bar to co-ordinate! Normally I choose transparent, as I don't like for it to show, but for now I have used the code at Shabby Blogs and made it invisible. I think I'll live with it for a couple of days and see how I like it.

Now that I have thoroughly confused you {smile font} leave me a comment and tell me if you're going to go and play with changing up your Navibar, or if you are going to leave well enough alone?!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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