Butterflies & Ballard's

When I saw these in the Ballard's catalog last week,
I drooled. Then I saw the ones below, and swooned.
Look what Lindy did at Cottage Hill! I yelped!
I can do this! I can so do this!
Again, I'll visit The Graphics Fairy and get the freebies!
{Hint! Click on the link to The Graphics Fairy & see each
and every butterfly and bug available!}
I like Lindy's better than Ballard's!
And the price is way better!
Sixty-Fifth Avenue did a beautiful butterfly artwork
using a punch. This looks easy to replicate as well, so
if you like butterflies, here's you some neat and fun crafts.

1 comment:

Melissa Miller said...

Nancy they are truly lovely. Butterflies do make me smile.

Happy Fall! ~Melissa :)

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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