Autumn Is A'Comin'

One of my favorite seasons~
There's really nothing I don't love about it.
When that first crisp cool breeze crosses my face
My whole being takes a deep breath
And whispers, "It's coming! Fall." 
Below are two outdoor ways to decorate an entry~
Either one will be easy & help usher in this colorful season. 

It's Hot In the South!

Is this not too cute!!
Paint or buy a happy flower pot, some ribbon in colors you love, a few silk flowers to match and cheap-o flip flops! There you have it ~ an adorable table centerpiece for a foyer or table. Just think of the ooh's and aah's you'll hear, along with, "I'm going to make one of those!"
Many things I love about this tablescape ~ the double skirting, the napkins extra large and folded as placemats until used, happy centerpiece in a wooden bowl with either silk or fresh flowers and fruit. Just a simple but happy and casual setting for your family and friends. Bring in some good food and lean back and listen to the chatter and laughter. 
One of my best friends actually made these one Summer and they were too cute! And very easy. Nutter Butter cookies with a bit of icing from a tube, edible candy flowers, and there you go ~ 
Talk about easy. Who doesn't like Mason jars, burlap, & plaid?!
And a FREE printable to run off and frame!! Right click & save to your computer!

Our Summer has been busy, as I'm sure yours as been. We are very thankful for the gifts He continues to rain upon us and our family. With current events threatening to surround us with doubt and worry, it's easy to let satan drape us in fear for the future. But you know what?! God's already there! And He promises to always be there for His children. We don't need to do anything more than remember who the Victor is and Who holds our hand and promises Eternal Life. Now, if we could just get the temps down to around 65 degreees tops, I'd be doing my happy dance! {Giggle font}

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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