Reconnected With an Angel

Through a dear friend going through knee surgery, Johnny and I have reconnected with an angel from ICU at St. Vincent's. Our hearts are overwhelmed for we grew to love and depend on her greatly. She was a source of strength for my family and became my favorite nurse. God works in mysterious ways and we are so appreciative for this gift of reconnection. It was nine years ago April 21. It's easier now but Johnny and I still lay low on that day and pray and give thanks~

Sadly, when Kim knew me I was going through an emergency traumatic issue that only got worse before things began to get better. This is how I'm sure she remembers me ~
or this
A very difficult 77 days, from a terrible mistake an impatient doctor made. BUT the other staff at St. Vincent's are superior to any hospital we've ever had to spend much time in. They became family. God is so good. In fact, He is awesome. Here's a photo a year and half later, when we went with Nelson and his wife, Glenda, to our favorite vacation spot, Gatlingburg TN.
Thank you, Kim for being good not only at your God given gift but for going the extra miles during those long days and longer nights when I only wanted you. What I remember and what actually took place are so vastly different! One day soon, we will get drive up your way, meet and catch up. And thank you, God, for working through dear Wilma ~ even though she had to have surgery. If Kim was her nurse, she had the best ~ thank you, Kim. For so much {heart font}
Below, Thanksgiving 2014

Abandoned, Loved & Forgotten

Trumbull County, Ohio
An abandoned doctor's office

Once there was life here
Children, folks of all ages
Country doctor, paid in cash, livestock, vegetables
God bless those that tended to these folks
God bless the ones that needed a 'doc'
Old School House in Bannack, Montana
It used to house the oldest Masonic Lodge on the 2nd floor.
~ Ben Pierce Photography
Abandoned Roadside Cafe
"Madge's Cafe' in Millerton, Wayne County, Iowa

Just imagine homemade pies, cookies, and soups
Hungry mouths and the smell of frying food
Laughter, loud talking, hungry babies
Days of another time, another era
Cotton Plant, Arkansas
An old store in this small rural town
An old forgotten church

Can you hear the hymns being sung?
The preacher talking of fire and brimstone,
Only to chat quietly as he shakes the hands of those as they leave
Train rumbles by and the pianist waits before finishing the song
Good folks. Hard days. Legacy left by those raised in the Lord's Word.

Doors, Portals to Lives

 i love doors
who lives here
what are their dreams
are they happy 
Seven generations walked through your door,
Which stood so strong & always welcomed in.
You said goodbye when boys headed to war,
Your kitchen always busy as a bee.

Two soldiers lost to battles they can't win.
With canning, baking apple crumble cake
The table decked with riches to partake.
Stone hearth, a place for warmth and drink some tea.

The living room a place to sit and chat,
With pictures hanging for one hundred years.
With bassinet where ev'ry child did lie.
A chair still sits where ancestors once sat.

This room for laughter and at times for tears.
Your nursery where many babies grew,
The paint would change from pink to blue.
You watched the aging gently rock.

A place where time would always quickly fly.
The floors within have each child's first walk,
Their worn out wood drowned many times with stain.
Your children now all scattered far and wide.

You've heard and felt the tapping of a cane.
I stand and listen in your sacred halls
And feel that you're a part of everyone.
Each breath we took embedded in your walls,

Old house of stone your warmth embraces me,
The house my children grew up in.
You still stand proud for all the to see,
The thoughts of you, sweet memories.
~by Brenda Meier-Hans
looks like someone is home
and waiting for someone else to get home

Another Great Read

I followed Angie's blog, Bring the Rain, when one of our daughters mentioned it was one I needed to read. It would be a tough, draining read but it also glorified faith in our Lord and I learned so much from her heartbreaking words. If you've not read this, I encourage you to do so. There are many of us that have endured miscarriages, or lost a child after birth. And there are millions we never learn of for privacy is what they chose. Below is a song written and sung by Selah, the group that Todd Smith is member of and lead singer. Praying you are blessed and encouraged by the words of the song and that you take the time to purchase, or check out, Angie's book, I Will Carry You.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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