Summer's Here!

hot days and afternoon thunderstorms
summer is here
i bet you do, too.
here's a sweet summery wreath!
what's your summer story ???

Happy Father's Day, Daddy

Oh, how I miss this man. My daddy. William E. McClain. Child of God, son husband, father, Da. Tall, gentle but gruff. Loved teaching. Loved announcing Marbury Hugh football. Loved his family. Loved Jay, FL and the countless friends he made. Loved to eat! Especially home cooked fresh vegetables, tomatoes and Vidalia onion sandwiches, mother's custard pies and Mamaw's homemade yeast rolls. Loved Hank Locklin's music & friendship. Loved God. Sharing the Word and helping out with lessons in a small country church. I remember during a very, very dry spell he was asked to speak and he chose to talk of the famine in Egypt when Joseph was in a position to help his kindred. Daddy paused, looked up, and said, "Lord, we don't have a Joseph but we have You. And these Lightwood farmers could sure use the rain."

Before the end of his lesson, a large crack of thunder sounded and it began to pour. Daddy hushed. We all stared out the windows. I.V. Mershimer claimed, "Well, will you look at that!" I looked back at daddy and tears were running down his face. Too choked up to continue, he simply said, "Thank ye, Lord", and came to sit down. I'll never forget the power and wonder of that Sunday morning. "Thank ye, Lord" for my daddy.

Here's a link to a Father's Day post after he passed into Eternal Rest after a three year battle with cancer. They gave 18-24 months. But God's plans weren't finished. I'll always miss you and your hugs.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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