Guess What!?!?

not exactly my favorite season since our girls aren't home any longer. well, okay, it's not my favorite season. there i said it. i'm a fall and winter person, with spring running a close second to fall. but here we are, moving into summer and that means, hopefully, we'll be seeing a bit more of our daughter's and their families. i don't know about yours, but our grands stay so busy with sports!
elle's program as she prepares to leave kindergarten. this child is so excited to be going into first grade. we had to laugh during the program as she looked a bored and only sang when she wanted to. she's loved kindergarten, though, and i'm sure will rock first grade. the girl loves school!
Stacey teaches high school so i know she's looking forward to some time with family, traveling, and not getting up early each weekday morning! looking forward to heading their way and spending some time with our ms babies and families.
owen is three now and still in love with being outdoors, his mum and dad, john deere tractors and being outside. did i mention that already?! the child loves being in the dirt, with the dog, on a tractor, and playing with the animals on the farm. can't wait to spend some time with them, too!
ah, yes, it does. although, the older one gets, the more we remember summers past. still sweet, still fresh, especially when i can't remember where i put my keys yesterday! have a beautiful summer, stay safe, and continue to pray for our nation.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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