Guess I'm Not the Only One

From the looks of the blogs I follow, I'm not the only one that seems to not be taking the time to update and keep current my blog. It first began as a means to document family news, then with the way it expanded I began showcasing blogs I visited and thought you may enjoy as well!

Then I discovered Pinterest. Oh.My. Pinterest. If you haven't checked it out yet or begun your own boards, it's a new and interesting place to share and find information on everything. EVERYTHING!

I'm not sure how many boards I presently have but I love and learn from each and every pin placed on a board! Talk about adding to my Bucket List!! Here's a few recent pins ~

This is found on the board 'Adorable Abodes'.
I could SO live here, in England. On the water.
'Amazing Architecture'
And there are some awesome examples!
The one above is on the National Register
of Historic Places. It's a round barn!
'Beauty of Birds'
God didn't have to make so many,
with such different colorings,
and amazing features.
But He did. For us.
'Breads & Appetizers'
I love food. I hate weight gain.
But I love food.
And I love this recipe!
'Free Fonts'
Yep. They're free.
I just can't understand how to
download them. But bet you can.

Go visit. And in the meantime,
I'll try to do a better job of
keeping my blog up with fun sites
and neat home decor ideas!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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