Can He Read? Or Does He Not Believe?

I had to laugh at this billboard. Had this man believed in what the scriptures tell us, "No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father," ~ Matthew 24:36 he never would have spent so much money trying to convince those of use that truly believe. Hello?! What part of 'No one' did he not understand?!
Mark 13:32 ~ "No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.
Acts 1:7 ~ He said to them: "It is not for you to know the times or dates the Father has set by his own authority.

Guess Where We're Going?!

UPDATE: Oops, this is Disney Hong Kong!
Bahaha ~ we are NOT going there!
Guess who will be with us when we visit Disney World?!
The ORLANDO site!
these two precious daughters,
the rest of Stacey's family! We are so excited to be sharing this fabulous place, this enchanted spot,
with five of our very favorite people!  I've already begun packing!! We will be there almost a whole week, and although we don't plan to keep up with the younger set each day, we will stay in touch via cell phones
and enjoy some yummy meals and Alaina's visit to Cinderella's Castle together.  John and I truly enjoy our time during vacations with our daughters.  We're still talking about our trip to G'burg with Jenny's family and Leslie.  Now we'll have another memorable vacation to rehash and smile over. Thank you, God, for the ability to do this and for such precious loved ones that delight our hearts and worship at Your feet.

I Want These!

Or rather, I want to make these! And we can!!
This adorable, succlent wreath can be found
at Prudent Baby, which has lots of other
neat ideas! Just the thing for our GS porch!
Do you love flip flops and sandals as I do?!
Look how you can now hang them!
EPBOT has the tutorial, along with more
interesting ideas and tips.
Check them out!
And have a blessed weekend ~

Moving Up a Grade or Watching Babies Grow

Tonight we went to watch Noah's end of year program for K3. It was cute, he sang out loud, the antics of the young ones was funny, but let me tell you, it was LLOONNGG.  Like an hour and a half long, and you're reading this written by someone that has a difficult time sitting still for thirty minutes. Ask my sweetheart. He's forever nudging me in worship, to sit still, quit fidgeting, quit asking him what time it is. I'm horrid. Love the lessons that are short, with lots of songs of praise and where we can stand up to sing {grin font}

See Miss Elle? She loves loves loves purses and loves looking to see what's in them, like Nan's earbuds. I accidentally grabbed the bag I take to the fitness center, so there was very little in there to attract her attention tonight. She likes to find a compact, some lipstick, a cell phone, you know, girl's 'stuff'. 
And no, we did NOT write on the walls at McAlister's. I just like playing with my Piknic on the Flickr site. It also lets you know why we've gathered at 8 PM. Yeah, long program. Miss Elle is on her way down to get to the purse again. We had such fun together and didn't get a photo of Brandon and Jenny. They sat at the table across from us, looking tired but happy. Happy but tired. I thought it was a neat idea of Jen's to let us sit with the little ones. Then it was out to the car for a few gifts, some ooh's and aah's. When I told Ian we had him a gift and he immediately said, "I hope it's Lego's!"  I told him no, that his mother hadn't told me to get Lego's, to which he answered, "Well, anytime you want to get me something just make it Lego's, whatever momma says." {Ian has loved Lego's from the time he could hold those fat ones. You know, the baby Lego's? He would build towers with his daddy that were taller than he was and then gleefully knock it down. Now he's into very intricate models and tiny pieces. That's why there's a baby gate at the door of his room.  Little Elle has to stand there and watch he and Noah play with the Lego's. It's funny seeing her stand there stretching to see what they're doing. Sick humor, I know, but funny}. 
As I said it was late and I believe Ian was watching Noah play with the glow stick they used in the program. This was before the food. Notice the rather clean table. Afterwards, it wasn't so clean but the food was delicious and Ian ate so much so fast he got a tummy ache. Our g'babies are growing so quickly. Austin will be a third grader next year and Alaina will go into Kindergarten. Dry the tears in my heart. They are beautiful, well minded, talented and bright children. Their parents are very involved with setting a good foundation of love for the King, love for family, and a zest and curiosity for life. I'm very proud of them. Now to just get in as many snuggles as I can; carry them as long as possible across a parking lot; and rock them for naps until they become so involved with life that I'll have to travel to where they are to see them. It happens you know. In the wink of an eye. Like the song, Turn Around, Turn Around with Danny Kay. They are grown and gone so soon.  Okay, enough maudlin, have a great weekend and may the rain bring the heat level down!

Consider the Hands of Jesus

Photo courtesy of Photos8

I enjoy reading the posts of Guy Woods at WitStop.
I've shared him with you before now.
He's a good man, a just man, a Christian man.
His post Consider the Hands of Jesus is beautiful.
Simply written. Few words. Big statement.
I think he said he 'borrowed' it from someone.
I don't care, I just want to encourage you
to go, go now, click on the link and read for yourself.
I know you'll blessed for doing so.
I was.
Thank you for sharing this find, Guy,
and may God continue to bless you and yours.


Embracing the Craziness

Kelly & Amy, sisters
If you aren't a fan of Embracing the Craziness, you're missing a treat. Kelly, on the left, is the author
and mother of two of the most adorable, most precocious blonde babies. Sisters. Just like Kelly
and her sister Amy, who has a newborn son. It's a beautiful post, well written, and although there
are some of us that never had the relationship she describes, we always hope for one like it. Sometimes we find it in the heart of a best friend; having a brother that you know would do battle for you, laugh with you, and hold you on the weepy days; or being blessed with a man to share your life and comes to know you better than you know yourself. I'm sure after you've read today's post, you will connect with someone, at some point, in your life. And you're richer because of it. Go visit. But look at these offsprings first! They're adorable! Then go on and read some of her other posts. I just bet your heart will smile.
aunt Kelly, with the new Prince 
Sleeping Beauty, Sassy, and Cinderella ~

Guess What!

Have you ever prayed for something?
And had God answer it so quickly you had to hustle
to get everything in order.!?!
That's what happened to us when we began praying
for guidance in whether to stay in our quaint town
or step out in faith and grab that brass ring.
Within two weeks, we were smacked with blessings
sent only by God, as no man could make things
happen so quickly and the perfect home to appear.
We are over the moon and will close the mid June.
Neither of us have ever been sun and surf folks,
but honestly, there is so much more to do in GS!
Our daughters? They couldn't be happier that now
there's a neat place to stay! Rent FREE!
Complete with built-in babysitters.
You will be coming along with me on this
adventure as I begin  I love decorating homes
and I am thrilled to have another one. We will keep
a  home in our current town until John retires,
so it will be a challenge and lots and lots of fun.
Who cares about the work?! Paint can change a room,
a house! And although there's a bit of renovation
we want to do, it's still a dream come true.
For all of us.
I wanted to share this today, as I am sure
I'll be asking for ideas on paint colors, furniture choices
 and other suggestions you may want
to throw in the mix. I'm open to them!
Have a great week!!

Be still before the Lord
and wait patiently for Him.
Psalm 37:7


Does Your Face Light Up?

An "ah ha!" moment today.
On Oprah.
A statement from Toni Morrison,
"Does your face light up
when your children come into the room?"
I realized not only does my face light up,
it goes much deeper.
My heart fills with love,
with adoration,
with admiration.
I adore, simply adore,
these three young women.
These young women that are my daughters.
And these little ones?
When these five little ones
walk through our door
and around the corner? My face
not only lights up,
but my heart just overflows.
I see in them
bits and pieces of the three
that I fell in love with
in the first place.

Does your face light up
when you see your children?
I know there were times
that, like most mothers,
I was too critical,
too stressed,
too busy.
Be different.
Slow down.
Enjoy them now.
And may your face
forever light up
when they walk into your life.

Happy Mother's Day ~

and a most happy Mother's Day
to our daughter's, Stacey and Jenny,
for bringing five precious babies
into our lives to know and nurture.
It's not easy being a parent,
but the reward is indescribable.

I Changed My Mind

I have some girlfriends, and a few male friends that flip off the high board if you change a plan. Say you had said 'yes' to a movie, but there's a great new shop downtown with an ice cream soda parlor across the street. You suggest it, and watch the teeth gritting begin. The frozen look becomes one with eyes that get larger and finally the mouth opens, "I THOUGHT we said we were going to see a movie."  "I know, but we can always catch it later! The weather is gorgeous to be window shoppiung downtown and having some homemade pie with ice cream!"

Normally, I lost those battles, figuring it wasn't worth the friendship to try and preach that life doesn't have to be planned and logical all the time. Or even half the time.

I was going to post tonight, but I'm tired. Big day. Big week. Big weekend ahead. And I'd like to watch some more reruns of Medium before I call it quits and go crawl in beside the man I love. He's been working some very long hours and he's weary. We both will be thankful when it ends. He's beginning to look like a zombie. I'm scared of zombies.

I digress.

Here's a video that makes me laugh each time I watch it, and yes, I know it's morbid. And okay, some of you won't laugh, but it makes me giggle out loud each time just because it's so absurd (and could actually happen!) Get a woman talking and she'll walk right into a man hole. Or in this case, an elevator shaft.

Go have a giggle filled day!


Osama bin Laden's Last FB Post

Not only did he kill Americans,
but his own people.
Thank you Navy Seals, for a job well done.
(and thanks, Guy, for sharing this.)

Willow Decor ~ Feast For the Eyes

Willow Decor. One of my favorite blogs!
And you'll see why when you visit her site.
Rooms you wish you could crawl into
straight from the computer
and live there forever.
The one I'm sharing with you today
is a dream of a bath.
Here's a sample of what you'll find.
I love Gina's site and I know,
if you visit, you will as well..
Have a God-filled week!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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