Good Friends, Good Food, Lousy Camera

I love my new iPhone!
I hate that it doesn't have a flash!
Thanks for the giggles, girls.
And Olive Garden? Yeah, it rocks.

Flashback Friday ~ January, 2009

My favorite snapshot ~ click on photo to read post
My favorite post ~ click on photo to read

Thank You, Prayer Warriors

I wanted to say a heartfelt 'thank you' to my prayer warriors for being there when our sweet baby girl was hospitalized last week for RSV. She slept in an oxygen tent for a few days but never lost her bubbly attitude. This was one of the times Jenny was able to put her on the cot and play with her a bit. Look at that smile. Look at that drool. She's home now and recovering nicely. Her brother, Noah, had to be medicated as well as he had what she did but it never fully developed into RSV. Just a nasty, nasty ear infection and horrid congestion. Sad thing is, we're pretty sure it originated with me. Tear, tear. But everyone is on the mend and I look forward to having some snuggles soon. Again, thank you for being there. For being you.

It's Still a Baby. Always.

I realize this is a bit graphic, but I love the little hand. You can click on the photograph and be directed to the newspaper article telling about the photographer and the actual event. You'll be touched.
Tonight on Facebook, Kristi had this as her status ~ "I find it interesting that the people who support abortion have already been born." - Ronald Reagan. I totally and wholeheartedly agree. No matter what you call it, it's still a baby. It's still a human. It's a person.

Christmas in January!

We gathered this weekend for our Christmas celebration! In January! It was filled with many moments of laughter, lots of talking, and good food! We are truly a blessed family.
Sweet 'laina loved posing. With everyone!
The newest kid in the family had her share of photos as well and there was never a shortage of someone wanting to hold and snuggle her. She cooed and drooled.
There were presents! and more presents!
lots of pics of Alaina and Elle ~
Jenny, Elle, & Ian Skywalker
With everyone gone home now, the house is too quiet.
John & I were in grandparent heaven.
and we are so in love with these people.

He is My Refuge

God is our refuge and strength,
an ever-present help in trouble.
Psalm 46:1

I have been ill with a sinus infection and have felt horrid. Have you noticed how it's during the days we don't feel good that ugly and scary parts of our past push into the present or worry tries to wreck today? It's times such as this that Satan preys on our weakness. This was my devotional a few days ago. The words ministered to my spirit and brought comfort when my thoughts wanted to carry me back into some dark times in my life.

"My child, sit down in the boat. Don't look at the billowing waves or the sea spewing its anger in all directions. I made the wind and the sea; they listen and obey My voice. I walk on the clouds, and they thunder their praise. I blink My eyes, and lightning reflects My power. I hold out My hand, and the storms are stilled. So, take My hand, sit down, and relax. Do you think the God who knows the number of hairs on your head will abandon you in your greatest hour of need? Be still, My child. You are safe with Me."

What a beautiful Saviour I serve. When the storms rage, we have Him. During trials and times of fear, He is our strength. He is a solid hiding place and refuge. We can truly rest in Him and be secure. I may not know all the answers to the 'why's' but He does and that's good enough for me.

Hmm, Which Would I Rather Have?

We got this,

and THIS! WhoopWhoop!!!

But we didn't get this. Ah well, I'd rather have the Championship!

It's in the 20's!

It's cold in central Alabama!
Really cold. Go right through you cold!
Don't get me wrong, I don't want this,
but I would love
for this to happen again!
It did once, it could again!
So yeah, I'm wishin' and a hopen'

There is Still Good to be Found in America ~

While enjoying a meal at a local eatery this past week, one of the managers stopped by our table and we struck up an interesting conversation. In the course of it, he mentioned that America is not mentioned in the end of time. That a 'great Western nation' is not mentioned at all and he attributed this to the fact that we have fallen away from One Nation Under God. That we have no leadership in Washington nor leadership and discipline in the home. He had some good points.

But I disagreed with him on the fact that there is little good in America. I am surrounded by godly people that worship the King. I have best friends that love and serve the Lord. There are acts of kindness everywhere I look. America is still a great nation and a country I love. Are there problems? Sure. Do some things need to change? You bet. But there's not another country on this earth I'd rather live.

My devotional this morning began with these words, "My child, when your thoughts are filled with the ugliness of the world, remember it is not I who erased the beauty. I splashed the parched ground with paint drops of color. I nestled my creatures safely together like clustered jewels and carved out a home for each one. Every day is a personalized tapestry of love from Me to you."

He is still in charge. He still loves us. He will always provide a way for us. I believe that. I know it to be true. He never lies. Never has, never will. May this year bring many moments that reaffirm His presence in your live, in your heart, in our world.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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