Home For Sale In Madison, GA ~

Julia's done it once more. Oh, how my heart fluttered when I saw the frontal photo of this home for sale in Madison GA. Visit Julia's daily fascinating blog to see it and the rest of the photos! Look at this part of one of the outside porches. Wicker. Wicker. Wicker! I'm in love. 
Inside, this would be the foyer as I would want it to be when I moved in. Redecorated and up to date but still maintaining that vintage charm. Love it. Yeah, I do. 
Double chandies!!! With greenware dishes! I seriously cannot find a thing I don't love about this kitchen. Of course, one cannot see everything, but what my eyes can't see, my heart does. And it likes what it sees. Watching my grandbabies grow up here as they visit would be such fun. 
And to add more flavor to the mix, look at the various covered porches on the back! Pick one and have a seat with a good novel, an icy glass of sweetened tea with lemon wedges (no mint for me, thank you), and wile away the morning. Or the afternoon. Or the day! Going inside only to return with a yummy sandwich and fruit. Yeah. Oh yeah, I could so live here. Could you?! You'll find these and much more over at Julia's. If I were you, I'd already be on my way. Ciao ~

Nelson Mandela

"I always knew that deep down in every human heart, there is mercy and generosity. No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion.  People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite."

Nelson Mandela, Long Walk to Freedom

Raymond's Reminiscings~A New Blog

I encourage all of you to follow along as we read of the humorous and not so humorous things that occur within a congregation. We've all been there {wink font}. We have know Raymond and his precious wife, Virginia, for many many years and dearly love them both. He has other writings that you'll discover on the right hand bar pertaining to spiritual guiding and a few that hunters will surely enjoy. Again, do yourself a favor and explore the world of the Elliott's for a bit. It's a good thing.

Wowzer ~ I Think I Can Breath Now

Sweet Owen wasn't sure what all the hooping and hollering was about. He was a real trooper, though. Keeping us entertained while we tried to look past the moves Texas A&M were making against the Tide. Johnny Football is quick. And versatile. And hard to stop.
Then as the time ran out, we all began to breath again!
And laugh at the do rag his mommy made for him!
And he loved that we loved laughing at him!
What a ham for attention.
What hams we are to get a giggle out of him!
Roll Tide Roll! WhooHoo!!

Where Is the Justice?

Remember the terror. Remember the people-filled buildings. Planes.

Remember these four faces.
There has been no justice for them.
Sons. Brothers. Fathers.
Demand justice for them.
Remember them. 

September 11

Pray fervently.
It happens this week.
We don't need another ribbon for this day.

It's Grand to Be a Nan ~

to my sweet friends that know how it feels
to be head over heels with your baby's babies.

Do Yourself a Favor ~

and go look at this home that Julia is highlighting today. I lost my heart. The renovations and decor is amazing. I know it's staged to show, but I bet it didn't look much different than what you'll see. Personal photos are always put up and yeah, there's always some clutter somewhere. I love the colors used on the walls and the children's bedrooms, along with one of the guest baths melted me. Okay, I'll hush and you head over to check out Capitol Hill Classic 1431 E Ward Seattle, WA. Gorgeous.

Change of Season

I love Fall and Winter ~ they are easily my favorites.
Maybe, though, it's because of the lushness of Spring
and the heat and brightness of Summer
is what makes Fall with it's fading
and Winter with it's stillness
such a joy. 
Here's a FREE printable, courtesy of Pinterest!
and below, an idea for your quiet area ~ 
May this time of year be filled with moments of solitude, reflection, and peace. Now that school terms are into session and routines are being reset and schedules readjusted, I pray you can find some time for yourself. To read, to pray and ponder how blessed you are - in whatever state you are, you are blessed - and to begin the joyous journey to the season of Fall. Winter and her beauty won't be far behind.

Wishing you many moments of laughter and love ~

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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