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Here are some recent snapshots that bring smiles to my heart~
This one of Ian riding on Johnny's back in the swimming pool continues to bring a smile to my face. We have it on our laptop screen at the moment and we both remember what a great time we had that afternoon. Ian is a little waterbug and swims the length of the pool already. Well, he dog paddles~

Jenny took this picture at Ian's last T-ball game. You see Brandon patting Ian on the back at first base. We are so blessed to have men that love our grandsons and take an active part in spending time with them.
This snapshot? This one just brings pure laughter. Ian and Noah were plumb tuckered out after a day of running errands. It had been a very lengthy day and they had been so patient, but headed home they both gave in to staring at the inside of their eyelids. {And yes, 'plumb' and 'tuckered' are so words. Look them up in any Southern dictionary.} Ian was so sound asleep, he was drooling all over his left hand. At a traffic light, I had Jenny turn around and we both laughed out loud.
For those of you that read Jen's blog, you've already seen these. So look at them again. They're cute.
I worked in the apartment this evening while John was at work and will be sharing pictures this weekend!! There's still much to do, but I'll show what's going on thus far~


It's in, it's in, it's finally, finally in!!! Can you see me dancing around our little apartment??!! Can you see the grin on my face and the waltz in my steps?! John was too sweet to help me connect all the wall hookups and even called Knology to have them connect us! I was too embarrassed to call Brandon and whine, "Brandon, why can't I connect?!" And for the moment, I'm still not sure how to upload photos and how to connect the printer, but ~~~~~


And I can't wait to catch up with everyone, read your posts for the last three weeks and see how many of your dreams have come true or in the process of coming true. Jenny called today and asked what I thought of the glass knobs on Layla's page ~ The Lettered Cottage ~ and I haven't seen them!! That will be remedied tonight!! And Lynne is adding a new addition to her house!! I have to go over and see if she's posted snapshots yet!

I'm back online, I'm back online, I'm back online {insert one of the hip swaying, arms moving in an oval, chanting teenager moves}

Kate Wolfe

I read of this young mother in the Montgomery Parents magazine Thursday and looked up her blog site. I urge you to go there, read, pray, and lift this talented young wife in your prayers. She is the daughter in law of Jay Wolfe, pastor of First Baptist in Montgomery, Alabama.

Gotta go, my time's up in the Business Center!

Quick Note

I've been at Jen's part of this afternoon and thought I could update this a bit more but Noah had other ideas. He's very clingy this afternoon, so what could I do but cuddle on the sofa with both him and Ian {insert a huge smile here}

Ian has a T-ball game tonight, so they are in the kitchen eating and getting ready to head out again. Young families stay on the go. I can't remember that we did, but I do remember my mother claiming as such, so maybe we did also.

We still have cable, but now the sound is off :/ and Knology is still wondering if the cut is in the ceiling between the two floors or in the wall. Hmm, wonder where the hole will be?

LINDA!! This is a shout out for you!! It was good to spend time with you and know that you enjoy the blogs!! When you came into the store saying, "I know you! I know you!" I wasn't sure what I'd done {wink, wink} Jenny is looking forward to meeting you also, unless you went by the shoppe this afternoon. Come back and visit!!

It's Wednesday

and I'm at the Business Center. Still. Waiting. Patiently ;) on my laptop! I'm so excited at having one, and it will make things easier. The Business Office here stays open during the day, but I'm not here much :/ so until then, I'll have to update you when I can.

Things are a bit more settled. Not. We have managed to organize the garage and I have hung some pictures. No curtains yet, no bed in the Master, the Master Bath is finished!, the guest is pretty much finished, etc. etc.

Have to go, so all of you stay cool, keep laughing, and continue to Praise the King! He is truly One that I can't wait to see~

Okay, So This Isn't Mine

I had hoped to be able to upload pictures I took today, but not sure how to do it since this computer in the business center doesn't have a Flickr Uploader on it ~ and I'm so spoiled!! I don't want to miss up and be banned from the Business Center, so you'll have to wait until Jenny can upload them for me.

There are some good ones of Leslie taken last weekend and some cute ones taken today at the pool here at our apartment complex. Ian has turned into a little fish! Noah, not so much. I'm looking forward to getting a swimdress, yes you read right!, and being able to get in the water. It's only five feet at the deepest part and I like that. I may be an Aquarius, but I don't like deep water. Nor do I like getting my face wet! Even in the shower. Go figure.

Saturday, John and I worked in the garage and got it organized and arranged! My cute little car is right now parked there, staying cool. We went over to the storage building and realized we'll be able to rent the smallest one they have! Johnny would love to put one over at Brandon's, but part of me still wants a climate controlled area. Bet I don't win this discussion, though. I'll keep you informed.

We're still settling in and it's looking a bit more like our place. Still much to do, as far as I'm concerned. Johnny's happy his part is over. He has agreed to buy a couple of fans and a new light fixture for me!! So, stay tuned!!

A New Way of Living

Living in an apartment, and a brand, brand new apartment at that!, is a new experience for us. Not for me as much as it is for John. I've lived in numerous apartment from Georgia to Colorado and each has been different, but then, basically the same. I've never lived in a trailer, except for a few months while our home was being built. John, on the other hand, has lived in trailers and homes. Never, ever an apartment. I guess it's been the toughest on him. And I've worried a bit about that.

He just told me this morning that he's beginning to really enjoy himself and that he wonders now if he wants to go into another house! {I've been subtly pushing for a condo for months now} He's liking the time we spend together, his time resting and catching up on movies, the time we will have to visit our daughters in their homes more, and not having to deal with the upkeep of a home and yard. He surprised me! What a nice surprise!

At this time, we're saving our money and waiting to see if Prattville will begin building condos either downtown {our dream!} or even out near The Legends. Either way, until then, we'll continue being happy with our cute screened in porch, the fitness center, and a pool we don't maintain. If you see us weeks from still grinning like the Cheshire cat, you'll know why. Until then ~

Sitting Here and Missing

not you :) I'm missing my computer!! The office/whateveryoucallit thingie near the pool and that houses the fitness center also has a business room with computer, printer and fax!! So I snuck out of the apartment for bit while John is playing a racing game on the PlayStation. Knology is coming out tomorrow to hook up Internet, phone, and cable BUT we have to wait for our laptops to come in before we're online once more.

Johnny has a problem. Or maybe it's me that has the problem. But each time I get one box unpacked, the floor vacuumed, and step back and grin ~ another unpacked box arrives!! argh He seems to think he's helping. I think he's just trying to help me loose weight. Which I have to get serious about before this surgery that is, rapidly approaching, in October (insert a really scrunched up face here!)

I have missed visiting with all of you on your pages and have so much catching up to do once I get the time to sit down and get comfortable. Please keep coming back and thank you for being patient. I won't be able to post snapshots of the apartment until I can get online with my laptop, but I have some for you (imagine happy, proud grin here!)

Have a beautiful weekend and stay cool and in love~

Ouchie WaaWaa

"Weswie has a monste in her home" So says me!!! And this is what it looks like!!There, you have it!! A ferious little piece of meat! Nah, she actually appears to be an abused pet that just doesn't trust humans. I had been able to pick her up, pet her, even kiss the top of her head until today. Until this afternoon. Until just a half hour ago! Les is doggie-sitting this weekend and Belle has already bitten Leslie. And all Leslie was trying to do was take her outside. All I wanted to do was give her some lovin'. Forget that!
This is Marley. This is Leslie's baby.She doesn't bite. You can even pick her up from the front. Take my word for it. Be careful, though, around these little buggers!! I have a big gash on both sides of a finger right now. And it bled. "It bleeded and bleeded awot!"Devil Dog. I'm not lyin'. Devil, Devil, Devil Dog.

Where In the World Are the Hood's?

Hints: Austin, Alaina, our two oldest daughters

Emotions: laughing, loving, playing, snuggling

Plans: to continue eating it up, relishing each moment, come home Monday evening

and until then, May the Lord smile upon your day and bless you and yours~

Just a Quick Note

I'm at Jen's this afternoon snuggling on Noah and Ian for a few hours. I wanted to take a quick moment to let you know I'm in computer withdrawal mode!! Brandon has ordered a laptop for me and I can't wait to get it!! BUT the line for internet/TV/phone won't be run until next Friday. As in NEXT Friday!! ARGH Patience, Nancy, patience.

I don't have time to check out all of you bloggers that I visit on a daily basis and there will be so much for me to catch up on!! So just so you know, I'm absent in words only :) My thoughts are wondering what all of you are up to! When we get online, I have pics of our new humble abode and yes, we still feel like newlyweds in it!! John is loving it more and more every day and I love the way it's shaping up! Talk to you soon~

NOOOOO, Wait a Doggone Minute!!

Yep, second post. And yep, I'm one of those crazy housewives that just loves to watch all The Bachelor and The Bachelorette shows. We don't have a TV here at the house anymore but we do still have the computer hooked up here AND I was just reading and keeping up with the live blog going on HERE and just saw that shelet this great looking, great job, father of one son who already loves "Miss DeAnna", get away!!
so she could accept a marriage proposal from this Breckenridge snowboarder
that went so far as to tell her he didn't know what he wanted to do after getting too old to travel around snowboarding, that it didn't matter how much money he made or what he lived in, as long as he was happy. Even told her the thought of a long term commitment made him nauseated. Hmmm, but when it got to Jason and Jesse I knew she'd pick Jesse. I can't pick beauty pageant winners either.

Moving. Still. But Almost Gone!!!

Argh, it's the little things that wear me out when we move. I now know why Johnny threw away almost all of my seventeen trees during one particular move. I think he'd just had enough, he was tired, and wanted it to all be over. I know he felt that way, because as the move has progressed I have given away more and more and more stuff!! The new owners are getting the tree we normally put up in the den. Someone else is getting the one pictured in the living room this past Christmas. I just am tired of moving stuff!! Today, we almost cleaned out the house. I say 'almost' because there's still one closet that needs attention. The items are too large to fit in boxes, so they have to be handled individually. Yuck!! There's still a couple of these left to be moved,

lots and lots and lots of these,
not so many of these anymore! a couple of these (the rest for the outside front windows were left for the new owners!),
and way, way WAY too many of these!! I love Santas, and have collected them for years. BUT they just don't know how close they came to having new homes this year!!
And the garlands that graced the mantle? It's staying for the new owner with the huge wreath that hung over the fireplace. Another friend became the proud owner of the garlands and lights that graced the front door. I'm telling you, when you're tired, thirsty, and just plain sick of seeing something else that needs a place to be stored or put, you'll give anything away.
Well, almost anything. I did decide to keep this.
because it looks really good next to this.

Oh, To Be a Child At Christmas

Three of my favorite items from my childhood are shown below!!
Did any of you have one or more of these?
My very favorite one, however,
was a pink stuffed poodle and I've had him for 47 years.
Wow. He looks it too.
But that's getting off the subject.
I ran across these and they brought back
good memories of Christmases past,
when delight and anticipation ran rampant
in the veins.
Why thoughts of Christmas at this time?
Because it's hot.
And I'm ready for winter.

It's the 4th of July!

(Thank you, Dawn, for providing the beautiful graphic card!!)
Hope everyone is having a grand 'ole time celebrating Independance Day, which also happens to be one of Johnny's favorite movies~but that's off the subject. We went up to the country and had pork with all the trimmings at Alton's and there was a slew of folks there! Started off with a few, when I realized how many were there my headache began, speech became a problem, and I came home. It was fun while there, though! John was even able to stay a little bit before leaving for work. I went by and picked up Deborah and Lorenzo and they had a blast as well. Lorenzo grew up in Los Angeles and had never seen a donkey. Alton has four, so snapshots were taken to document this historic sighting {insert bunches of winks here}. He was hoping to see a cow and we did see a calf, in the road of all places!, as we drove home. Here's some pics from the day~
I am so totally in love with this man and cannot wait for him to retire and I can have him home all the time. So, well, when he's not hunting or fishing.

This one is a bit fuzzy. I really need to make an appointment to get my eyes checked. It looks perfectly clear when I look at the viewfinder. But somewhere between there and here, it becomes fuzzy. Surely it's not MY eyes.

Jackie Martin grew up with Johnny in Slapout and I taught second grade with her. It was so good to see her and spend some time with her today. On the right is John's niece, Kim Barnes Holt. It was right after this snapshot that I began to realize just how many people were there!

I went to Jen's homepage and here are some cuties from there! She has many more, so check them out! What better way to end a 4th of July than with some snapshots of family, especially when they're grandbabies!! There are several funnies on Jen's site that brought smiles to my face. In one, Ian is trying to get Noah out of the road. I also liked the snapshot Jenny got of the old gin.
God bless America!

Here's a Family I'm In Love With

Second, or maybe third, post of the day but I had to tell you that I. just. love. babies! I love mommies with their babies! And when mommies and babies have the ocean in the background, well, my heart just turns to mush and I get this tightness in my throat. Pictured is Heather Thomas Houston and her daughter, Audrey Kay. I fell in love with Heather years and years and years, well, you get the picture. Then, during high school, she became my student aide for four years. Simply put, she spoiled me rotten. She matured into a really great second grade teacher herself, until they moved and it was decided she would work from home. She posted these snapshots of a recent family vacation and I just had to share them with you. The world is so small that someone out there may know her, and you can reconnect with her! Or, the world is so big that you only know her now. Whatever, here's what brought that tightness to my throat this afternoon~

And yes, here's Cory. Heather's heart and soulmate and the totally smitten father of Audrey Kay. Aren't they just the cutest family? And don't you just love beach pictures?!
And Heather? I hope you don't mind that I shared these. They were too good not to.

Just Another Thing

So are you enjoying the silliness of the songs? I decided when I had to write the toilet post that it needed some uplifting, goofy songs. Of course, when I told you of our hearts breaking this week, hearing about Camp Grenada didn't go too well but all in all there is still love and laughter in the world and somehow I think the child in all of us needs to be reminded of just that.

I am sitting here in a nearly vacated home. Johnny is off to work at the local papermill, where he is in maintenance. He loves the 3-11 shift and has already called to make plans for his next vacation. His. Next. Vacation! Which begins right after this shift!! And he just went back to work from a vacation. I know, I know. He took this last vacation thinking we would be moving, not knowing we wouldn't move until the week he was to return to work. There again, "the best laid schemes of mice and men".

The only things in the house, though, are items either going into storage or to the apartment!! Everything else has found a home!! And it's NOT WITH ME!!! A big shout out for getting rid of objects we forget we have!!!

Here in a just a bit, I'll be starting at the back of the bedroom wing and cleaning out. Moving to the front the rest of packed boxes and items that just don't pack well. Moving the air mattress to the den just in case {wink, wink, crossed fingers} we have to sleep here again tonight. I can't wait to see empty rooms, empty closets, and a small grouping of items still left to haul out. We're taking a break tomorrow to get my cute little car running again (John thinks its the starter) and go up to his brother's home to eat for the 4th. Deborah and Lorenzo are meeting us there and that should be interesting! Lorenzo is from the West Coast, LA to be exact, and is looking forward to seeing donkeys. (Alton keeps donkeys around to run off the coyotes. Did you know folks in the country do that?!)

Jenny and her family had plans to go, but Noah has a double ear infection OUCH! and Jen is still recovering. They'll stay home, attend the parade downtown, and visit with Brandon's folks. I think from their deck they'll be able to see not only Prattville's fireworks but Montgomery's as well. I'll be watching the fireworks from Prattville.

Here's a funny update to the toilet/plumbing problem we encountered last night. Johnny called just a bit ago to let me know the asphalt in front of our apartment may be torn up today. It seems that not only was there a break in the line between the city and the apartment complex BUT a contractor's rag was found under our parking area when they ran a RotorRewterWhatever through the plumbing. John called to say, "See?! I told you it wasn't me". I just want it fixed. There's still a load of blue jeans that will need washing again. This time in hot water since they've sat there for 24 hours. Yuck.

I hope you are having a blessed day and that you've already found many moments to laugh out loud. I have. But then, the way this week has been I'm looking hard for things, people, and incidents to laugh at and make fun of. Aren't you glad you aren't walking by in front of me right now ;)

Our Loss, His Gain

Our family has grieved the last few days. Read here of Brandon and Jenny's loss and Heaven's gain. We know their faith will see them through, but the journey still hurts. As a mother, I hurt not only for the grandchild I shall never laugh with, share with, and act silly for but it's a deep hurt when my child hurts. And Jenny hurts. As a mommy, I yearn to 'make it all better'. I'm so thankful that He can~

Just Another Day In Paradise

I guess the following image will help you guess the answer to this question! Why are Johnny and Nancy sleeping BACK in the house when all their belongings are at the apartment?If you guessed that the toilets won't flush, you're wrong. If you guessed that Johnny stopped one up, you're wrong. If you guessed that there's a problem in the main line and all other watery things aren't working, you win the grand prize! You get to host us while we wait to see what happens {insert big grin here} Come on now, don't everyone email at once. And would you believe I had just begun washing a load of Johnny's blue jeans in our NEW washer AND the dishwasher lacked only the rinse cycle to be completed?! We were so excited to be able to wash clothes and then, "Hey, John!! The toilet has tissue in it and I swear there wasn't any just a moment ago! NO, I did NOT forget to flush!"

We are one of three apartments being lived in and they think with the water usage, an obstruction in the line has just now reared it's ugly head. So, we had to immediately turn off the water into our apartment and

Erika and Deanna, the kind ladies in charge, offered to put us up in a hotel tonight. Since we were working at the house tomorrow we opted to come back here instead. However, we didn't think things through clearly. One, we're way past tired. Two, we weren't sure what was here and what wasn't. And three, we guessed wrong as to what was here. No bathing soap, except girly soap; no shampoo, at all; clothes, but no undergarments; no deodorant. Hmm, so now we'll have to make a run back across town to get what we should have brought with us. Hopefully, the contractor will discover what the problem is and things will be back to normal by mid morning. Worst case scenario is that we sleep in a hotel tomorrow night {insert another big grin} and this time we'll remember to carry what one usually takes when spending the night away. I really felt sorry for Erika and Deanna, though, they were still at the office trying to run down the other two tenants when we left {insert sympathetic face here}

Oh, and I haven't taken any more snapshots of how things are looking. But I will. When I find the camera~

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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