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I've been at Jen's part of this afternoon and thought I could update this a bit more but Noah had other ideas. He's very clingy this afternoon, so what could I do but cuddle on the sofa with both him and Ian {insert a huge smile here}

Ian has a T-ball game tonight, so they are in the kitchen eating and getting ready to head out again. Young families stay on the go. I can't remember that we did, but I do remember my mother claiming as such, so maybe we did also.

We still have cable, but now the sound is off :/ and Knology is still wondering if the cut is in the ceiling between the two floors or in the wall. Hmm, wonder where the hole will be?

LINDA!! This is a shout out for you!! It was good to spend time with you and know that you enjoy the blogs!! When you came into the store saying, "I know you! I know you!" I wasn't sure what I'd done {wink, wink} Jenny is looking forward to meeting you also, unless you went by the shoppe this afternoon. Come back and visit!!


The Feathered Nest said...

Awwww Nancy, cuddling with an angel sounds so nice!!! I'm counting the days till I'll have my sweet grandbaby to cuddle with. I hope all your technical difficulties work out...I'm sure they will, just not fast enough!! How wonderful for you to meet someone who reads your blog! I had that happen in Savannah, I was in The Paris Market and someone called my name ~ For one fleeting moment I was a superstar!!! (((hugs to you))) Dawn

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Nancy
I got my shout out and started laughing.... I didn't get a chance to get by the store to meet Jenny, I took my 7 year old to see Raven in Concert and she had a blast but I do plan on going by there this week and hopefully meet her then, have to pick up a Bshower gift. At any rate, thanks for the shout out and continue to be blessed! Now let me finish getting my am fix on so I can get to work. Have to blog hop a little bit more.(lol)

Anonymous said...

O by the way, thanks for the tip -- I love the Pioneer Woman's blog. I've added it to my a.m. hop as well.


~ from The Letter Writer ~

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