Happy Valentine's Day

I found them on Facebook and loved this song. It speaks to my heart.
Find them on YouTube, iTunes and at jjheller.com.
And have a really nice Saturday. Personally, I'd love snow for VDay!

Love, Sweet Love

Yum. This would be great served on the tablescape below!
I love the red transfer ware and fresh flowers!
The Fickle Pickle has a FREE printable to frame!
Thank you!!
This sounds familiarly like the Beatles.
Does it to you?!
Sew Cari: Valentine's Day has the cutest craft!
I have plans for our grands to do this!
True love doesn't come without it's trials.
True love, however, makes you feel safe.
And you know you're home.

It's February & It's Still Winter!

I have several of Joan's books and treasure each one.
You can find this and two more here.
And one of my very favorites,
and to the one I love more than life itself,
PS ~ It's still Winter, and a girl can still dream.
waiting on the snow~

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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