A. A. Milne’s Country Retreat For Sale

I am a huge fan of Julia and her site. It didn't take me long to figure out who lived here, even before reading the write up Julia included. I have long been a fan of Winnie the Pooh and A. A. Milne. His country retreat is on the market and oh, how my heart longs to live there. The outside holds beauty enough but if you'll visit Julia's, Hooked on Houses, you can view more of the interior as well as the gardens.
What a wonderful and delightful book for write for your child. One that will go thru the ages beloved by us all. Thank you, Julia, for sharing this. I so loved reading about it. {Note: you can click on the heading of Hooked on Houses to be taken to the more recent posts. Also, across the top you can find tabs for Celebrity Homes, Realtor Mistakes, and other posts worth your time. But be forewarned, one can spend hours here!}
Oh Pooh bear, I do so love you ~

May We Never Forget ~

"Greater love has no one than this,
that he lay down his life for his friends."
~ John 15:13

Word Verfication or Not?

I hate, hate, hate these things!! And for years I asked other bloggers not to use them as they made me think twice about leaving a comment. It takes time and most of the time you can't make out what they want you to write! However, just in the last month I have been overrun with advertising sites leaving comments. My settings are that I have to approve any comment first so it never got beyone my email address but I'm tired of it now. So, I apologize but if you would like to leave a comment at any time from now on, you'll have to put up with Word Verification. Again, I apologize but it's become a necessary evil. Blessings!

Saturday Shout-Out's

Nesting Place. Another blog I found through, guess, Pinterest! And I think you'll like it, too. You can also become a follower on Pinterest. She has a pin for you to use. One of my favorite posts that she had highlighted was a before and after of their living area. Above is the BEFORE photo. Below is the AFTER. Aside from slipcovering the furniture, I'll let you go and read what else took place. (I love the curtains!) 
PS ~ I'm a new follower on both sites!

Here's another one for you to visit and enjoy while being inspired! Whimsy ~ the photo below, which I love because it's soft, creative, beautiful, and just makes me want to be sitting there ready to enjoy a good meal and fellowship with those I love, is a small piece of a bigger picture.
It's a wedding!! And look at the tables, and the lights, and the setting! And yes, I'll let you click on over to Whimsy to find out how it was accomplished and ooh and aah over all the photos she has. And yes, I'm a follower. Not sure is she has a Pinterest page, I couldn't find one. But I'll keep looking!
Beautiful, but I just betcha it took some time getting those tables ready {grin font}.

Downtown. Upcycle. After seeing this idea on Pinterest, thanks to Deborah for finding it first!, I plan to make dozens of these and include some 'beachy' ones as well. I'm one of those I LOVE CHRISTMAS gals, so it's most likely my largest board on Pinterest. Last year we had just moved into our home and there was so much painting, etc to do that I skipped with almost all of the decor. Not this year! Ashley took this
and made these! I wasn't sure what she used to make the letter blocks until I read further and was so excited! I thought, "Oh no, I have to find tiny blocks and put adhesive letters on these?!" You read. It's so easy peasy!! From the looks of her blog, she's planning a wedding. Hers. And she's taking her readers along for the ride. Might be interesting to keep up as her plans thus far are cute and cheap. 
Christmas. I get excited just thinking about it!

I am always looking for a way to dress our front entrance. Right now, it has an old, needs-painting, double front door and all I do right now is try to keep the pine needles and cones swept off and the light lit at night. (Side note: I have kept our porch light on all night for as long as we've been married. Not anymore. It's on until we go to bed now. I wasn't sure what was leaving the poop on the column base across from the light until my dear husband said it was a gecko. "You mean a lizard?! They don't have poop that size." "No, but a small gecko does?" he said, with a grin. SO, the light goes off before the bugs come out! Ugh!!!! When I saw this front door I knew I'd like her site. This is from the post 'Home Sweet Home'.
If you go there today, you'll see the below photo and the accompanying post. I know I have a daughter that will love this idea and her handy husband may be hearing about this idea. I'm not a crafty person anymore. The last house we left I gave away what Jenny didn't want. My days of saving and putting back were over. It's a liberating feeling but I enjoyed each minute spent making homemade items. I still do, just now enough to warrant something this large. Jenny does. And I bet some of you do as well. Visit Lookie What I Did and read more about her crafting and home decorating. And be sure to leave these ladies a comment. It's easy and we truly appreciate reading your thoughts and suggestions. And, just to know you took the time to visit. 
How neat is this idea?!?!

I wanted to end with a photo of something that had made me smile recently. Those of our grandbabies always do, but a fellow blogger ~ that's also a friend on Facebook ~ had posted this recently and upon reading it felt such peace, as I do whenever I read His scriptures. I have featured Melissa on here before but since I'm sharing her FB photo I thought I'd show you a glimpse of the freshening her living room got recently. Melissa is also on Pinterest! And one of my favorites there, too.
You'll find her at Melissa's Heart & Home, and it's aptly named. Hers is one of my favorite places. 
I hope you've enjoyed browsing through these new sites and that you've come away with some great ideas of your own. Oh, I added a Pinterest button of my own at the top right. Come visit me on Pinterest and look through my boards to see if you'd like to follow any. I love trading ideas and learning from others. Until another day, have a great week and blessings to your and yours ~

New Addiction ~ Pinterest

Saw this idea on Pinterest.
Soap and softner dispenser,
instead of lemonade and sweetened tea!
This is what Pinterest shows.
Come back tomorrow and see what I did!
**and I did it cheaper!**

A Fern, A House, A Grin

Notice anything about this porch? Stupid Silly question. I love this porch. You can see lots more of it at Between Naps on the Porch. Love love love this blog. But I digress a bit. However, do yourself a favor and go there. You'll stay. And stay. And stay. Just warning you.

What I wanted to tell you today is about her fern! It's called a Kimberly Queen fern. And it's shed free! How nice is this?! Bostons are pretty, but messy. Love to shed. You can read more about the Kimberly Queen fern when you visit Susan at Between Naps on the Porch
I know, I know. I've showcased both of these sites recently. But when I saw the house Julia posted on yesterday I knew I had to. I.Love.This.House. or maybe I'm just in love with the area. The Smoky Mountains. Our favorite vacation spot. We didn't retire there, contrare to our dreams of the past, due to we would be moving further from our daughters and their precious families (which includes grandbabies!) So, we asked, they listened and answered. Hence, we're now coastal. And love it! But the Smoky's have our heart as well. Look at this home! Rustic, romantic, rugged.
I'm not sure if you can rent it but I took it that you could. The photo below is filled with things I love. I stared at it a long time. From the corbels on the island ends to the laser cut molding on the plate rack. I also love the photos on the wall. They look old and I love the way they covered the ceiling in the same wood. It looks like a very loved older home with all the nice new appliances and practical ideas. There's even a cutting garden and two guest houses, BUT I'll let you go to Julia's site, Hooked on Houses, and see for yourself. 
I have to end on a sad smile. I know children grow up. If they live, they grow. It's inevitable. But it's hard on a grandmother's heart. It's hard enough on the mommy, but it's doubly hard on a Nan. This sweet one is the middle child of our baby. He's shy until he gets to know you and he is his Pa's buddy. His mother texted this morning saying he had a loose tooth. Tonight we get this photo.
**Let me stop about the tooth and tell about the haircut prior to the tooth. Sniff, sniff. He has the softest curls and they grow quickly. He agreed to have them shortened today, but thought there was still a bit too much on top, so he asked his mom if the lady would cut it shorter. When she did, naturally it all had to be evened out, which brought it up above his ears. They get in the car and our sweetheart began crying, as in hard sobs. When mom finally got him to talk, he tearfully asked, "Will daddy know me?" Yeah, I had tears listening to my babygirl tell me about her babyboy. It's shorter than they want, but yes, it'll grow back.**

So, the tooth! You can tell by his grin that the hair is forgotten. His first tooth, which surprised me as I felt he had several more years! I don't feel any older, so it always surprises me when they have birthdays {wink font}. Happy First Lost Tooth, Noah! Pa and Nan love you dearly and adore that snaggled smile.

Houses for Sale

I have mentioned Hooked on Houses before if you're a regular reader. I love it. Julia loves houses. Houses of all kinds and she does a great job of letting us know when a celebrity or a house she feels we may be interested in, comes on the market. Another tab on her site I love is homes that movies were made in and movies that personalities live in. Then there's the tab showing what Realtors really should have caught before they shot the photo to publicize! The one she showcased today caught my eye as one of our daughters was a Pampered Chef rep at one time and I have plenty of the wares to show for it. In fact, one, maybe two, Christmases, everyone got Pampered Chef presents!

Doris Christopher purchased this home in 2003 for $6.23 million and is asking $6.5 million. Here's the front of the six bedrooms, eight full and and three half bath home.  I'll let you visit you visit Julia's site to see lots of other photos and explore her site. I've been a follower for quite a few years now and still find something new that I've somehow missed. I know you'll enjoy it. She shows you the house used for the Chipmunk movie!
Julia gave a link to the realtor, so I went there and found MY favorite photo. Here's mine {Grin font}
Ms. Christopher plans to downsize. Hm, wonder how much {Wink font}

You'll Love These Blogs, Too ~

Melissa Lester always brightens my day with her posts. From crafts to celebration ideas, to reading her thoughts on our Lord, I am always uplifted after visiting A Little Loveliness. You will be, too. My favorite is when she discusses the books her club reads, and shares the recipes and decorations that accompany their gathering to discuss the book. She's a very talented woman. A very spiritual one that sees beauty in the smallest of things. Go visit, you'll be blessed ~
Freckled Laundry and Jamie ~ She shares her thoughts, her dreams, ideas and goals, not to mention a dreamy way of photography. The photo below is credited to another, but it shows a little of her artistic ability to put words with photos in a beautiful way.
I have introduced you before to The Feathered Nest.
Dawn is a lover of vintage lace, toys, babydolls, and items that stir the heartstrings of days gone by. She is also such a love in  that she gives you art to upload and use! I have ordered from her Etsy shoppe and still love the items. They never go out of style with me. But like her, I'm a girly girl and I love the softness of life. Visit her soon. Here's a favorite photo of mine that she's sharing today.
This blog is different than most of the ones I frequent. But I love it! Brooklyn Limestone ~
Mrs. Limestone has set her site up to easily find what you're looking for. I found this under her DIY tab. How cute is this?! She used a Halloween theme. I plan to use it for the four seasons. I have dinnerware for each of the major holidays, but how nice to have dinnerware to use those weeks in between.
Visit her limestone and see what you think. I think you'll be impressed.
Susie Harris. She was one of the first blogs I found when I began mine and I've been an avid follower ever since. She is talented, funny, compassionate, very artistic, and a Louisiana lovin' woman. I love her signs and the way she shares her daily life. The photo I've chosen to share from her blog today is a furry baby of hers. Susie takes you through the good and the bad times of her life, all the while letting you know that when it's all over, she'll thank you for being there for her. Go check out her site and stay long enough to see the signs I'm talking about! I'll include one for you! She will custom make you one as well!
Didn't I tell you? Simple but grabs those heart strings.
Early Morning Meditations. I wanted to share this site with you because I love our Lord and this man does, too. Raymond Elliott is a minister of the Gospel and I know without a doubt that you'll be moved and uplifted, comforted and loved, when you visit his blog. He has other writings as well, one is humorous hunting tales and another is memories of the college he attended in Montgomery, AL. Visit and be blessed.
Yes! This is me! I wanted to share with you a very special time in my life. In our life, for it affected all of those that know and love me. When we go back to Prattville, it's not uncommon for someone to tell me they prayed for our family and me as I lay 'sleeping' for 77 days. It was a journey that touched us all in a way that changed our lives and the way we live now. We are closer, we appreciate taking that first breath each morning, and we know with certainty what's ahead for those that love the Lord. I hope you'll take the time to visit and if you've had a similar experience I'd love to hear from you. I still like sharing mine.
Asleep ~ 77 Days It really happened. And someone always comes. His children never leave alone.

~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~

Note ~ I appreciate proper capitalization. Apparently, this font does not. I apologize for that. I do know better.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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