Just Some More Treasures~

As I said earlier, I had no idea I used to have so many shelves on the walls! So now, they're coming out and going out! Here's some pics I just took to give you an idea of some of the items that are for sale. If you're near the Prattville area, or not and want me to hold them for you, then leave a comment and you can purchase them prior to the sale! I just want to get them gone ;)

This one has four pegs and measures 32 inches long, 15.5 inches high, and is 5.5 inches deep. There is no plate groove on the shelf behind the spindles. Cost $4
This shelf is the longest, has a glossier finish and four pegs. It measures 13 inches high, 36 inches long, and 5 inches deep. There is no plate groove on this one either. Cost $4This one has scrolls on each side, 5 hooks, measures 8.5 inches high, 30 inches long, and 5.5 inches deep. This one has two plate grooves. There are some 4 or 5 other shelves, but these are the larger ones. Cost of this one $2 SOLD!!!This bench, which needs repainting, measures 27 inches wide, 11 inches deep, and 24 inches tall. I used it to display bunnies and old books at one time. It also was used in Jenny's bedroom when she was younger, but she doesn't want it and I don't need it. It is definitely sturdy enough to use as a bench in a child's room. In fact, I've stood on it before. Cost $4 SOLD!!!I have three of these type tables. They all measure 24 inches tall, are three legged, half tables. Cost of each $4
When I purchased this old child's chair, I thought I would be using it. However, once I got it home, I decided the color was a bit vibrant for me, so it's been in storage. Maybe someone out there can find a home for it. Cost $4
Again, if you see something you like and would like to buy it without driving to Prattville, let me know and we'll work something out. I go into Montgomery to the Agape offices at the Vaughn Park church each Thursday morning and I would be glad to bring something in with me. Johnny helped me set more items earlier this evening for pricing, so I'll try and get some pictures of the smaller things we'll have for sale. I know Jenny has a $15 wooden train set (precious! and looks like new) that I saw in a box.
On another thought, I'm hungry. And would sure love to have some homemade lasagna and a good salad right now! But, I guess I'll go warm up some noodles and open a jar of spaghetti sauce. Maybe with the right amount of imagination I can imagine I'm having lasagna.


Furniture, Fun, & Family

This was too cute not to share! Jenny came by after picking Ian up from Day School and they got to playing around. Yes, I know. The elliptical is in the living area, BUT this way I can watch the bigger screened TV and I have to pass it on the way to the kitchen. Johnny keeps threatening to move it into our study, but I'm afraid if it's in here then I'll be more prone to sit at the computer than work off the weight. Now, aren't I the 'one in the know' in this discussion?

Ian loves getting on it and Jenny can already do more minutes than either Johnny or myself. I get on it a few times during the day and haven't lost much weight, but I have noticed my agility has gotten better. (It doesn't take four hands to get me up off the floor now.)

Jen and I got up in the attic, not at the same time! someone had to be at the bottom of the ladder to keep Noah from climbing up it!, and we brought down even more for the yard sale! I had forgotten just how many shelves I used to have in our home!! I'll try and get a few pictures on here in case someone wants to buy it before Saturday.

Did you notice my wicker chaise sold?! I listed it last night on eBay and it sold early this morning! To a lady in Scottsboro for $40!! She has a mother in Andalusia that will drive up and get it. She said she has been wanting one for years and has looked faithfully on eBay for local items in Alabama. Never know what can happen on eBay!

Don't forget ~ this Saturday, beginning at 6 am. Although, there are always people coming down the drive at 5 am when I walk out to open the garage door. Geez, I like flea markets and most yard sales, but I do NOT get up before nine to go to them. But it's nice having them look early, this way Jen and I are through by 10:30 or 11!

And just so Noah doesn't get left out, since he was here, too, here's a snapshot of him with my glasses around his neck. What makes this shot special is that Jen has just said his name and he's looking at the woman he loves~

Lisa Has a Table For Sale!

I took a picture of the wicker chaise this afternoon, but it didn't come out very well. It's a very sturdy piece of furniture, but doesn't look like it from the snapshot. Johnny said $40 sounded like too much to him, so it's now $35 if anyone wants it. That's the price that will be on it at the yard sale Saturday. SOLD!!! as of early Monday morning~

I've been storing a table for one of my best friends and she's decided to sell it. Both leaves come up and if you're interested, I'll give you the dimensions. It makes a nice small dining room table. Lisa bought it at Eastbrook Antique and Flea Market several years ago and then decided she liked one from Poverty, oops! I mean Pottery, Barn. (sic) So without having someone to store the "old" table, I brought it into our home and it has resided in a corner of our dining room. It's been nice serving desserts from! She paid $125 for it and simply wants a fair offer. (In fact, don't be shy, she'll entertain any offer over $50) If you'd like to submit what you consider to be a fair one, leave me a comment and I'll get it to her.

The rain last night was so needed and did much to get rid of some of the pollen covered areas around our home! I've always loved storms and the thunder and bit of lightening we had made sleeping so nice~

Have a God-filled Monday. I'm going now to run my list of blogs and see how many of you have updated yours!! ~until another time, may you find many moments of love and laughter

I Won!

I won!! Dawn, The Feathered Nest, that I've spoken of before on here, had a contest and I won one of her gorgeous artworks!! I am so excited!!! I found Dawn by following blogs and have since checked in on a daily basis just to be uplifted by her caring nature and the beauty of her work.

Am I the only one or do you go through the blog listings of others and create a trail to see where the next blog goes? Have you ever clicked on any of my friend links to see if you know them, or maybe just because they sound interesting? At one time I thought I would list my favorite ones by their titles, and then realized that I have found some old friends because others listed them by name. Hence, that's why you see most of mine listed by name, just in case you look through and say, "Hey, I know them! and I didn't know they had a blog!" You can meet some really nice people this way, too. Such as Dawn Edmondson~

thank you, Dawn, for drawing my name and I'm eagerly awaiting the prize! Dawn sells her work on two online stores and you need to visit them, too! And of all the blogs I've traveled through, and that would be LOTS, Dawn is the only one I've found that will offer you the right to click on any of her artwork and save it for yourself to use in your crafts or even on your blog, as I've done. She loves pre-loved items and does the most wonderful things with them! Do yourself a favor and visit The Feathered Nest ~ you'll be glad you did. Maybe you'll win something, too!

Southern Living at Home, anyone?!

I have oodles of Southern Living at Home invitations, catalogs, and the such and would love to gift them to a consultant!! If you know of anyone in the tricounty area that is a SLAH consultant, please have them call me 361.8895 or leave a comment for me! I hate to throw these away but I do NOT need them. If I don't hear from someone within the next week or so, I'll set them out by the road for the guys with the big, smelly truck. Hmm, that sounds like Johnny's Bronco after he gets home from International Paper.

Spring Yard Sale Time!

Yard Sale Logo It's that time of year again! Time for the Maddox/Hood yard sale!! I list Jenny first because she has always brought more items to the tables! But I intend to bring more this year! Ask Lynne Griffies!! She began helping me declutter my house last week, as a matter of fact!

We're having it Saturday, April 5th beginning at daybreak (or maybe a tad before considering the people that are normally waiting in the driveway!) and lasting until one of us gets tired, which is around 11 or so {which is about the time things are picked over}. Seriously, between us, we always have some really nice things we are wanting to replace and it's such fun for Jenny and me to be able to grab some extra time with each other. She is one of my very favorite people to be with.

This time I have made the decision to sell not only oodles of home decor, but my wicker chaise!! I've had it for years now, but to tell you the truth I'd much rather swing or rock. My sweet husband and I were shopping downtown Prattville when he found it and was so proud when I said yes, I'd love to have it! {What I didn't tell him was that I'd take it since we couldn't find a wicker swing.} I'll get a picture of it during tomorrow's light in case anyone out there would love to buy it before the sale. $40 and it's yours! But you'll have to come pick it up as it won't fit in my cute little car nor Johnny's Bronco~

Tonight I've been listing items on eBay {check out seller luvngatlinburg and save yourself the shipping and handling if you're in the tricounty area!} and will continue to add to that growing collection. But back to the yard sale, if you're in the area come on by! We'll be eating muffins and drinking Cokes and will share with you if you mention you saw this blog post!

I can't wait to begin gathering more and more items for the yard sale AND that doesn't even take into account the items from the sweet little store Deborah and I just closed!! Some of those will find their way onto our online store, Hands to Heart, and some will go to eBay. And some will be set out at the sale! Between the two of us we're planning on having 3-5 large rectangular tables filled with all kinds of goodies!! Maybe I can talk Jen into telling you what she's bringing! {Hint, hint Jen!}

By Sunday evening I will have gone through the house and up into our attic {Johnny teases me saying that all those things I've carried up there will come down around our heads one day!} and I'll update you on some of the items that may be of interest. Monday morning I intend to tackle the caboodle of stuff I put in Johnny's garage because I didn't have more room inside! I've also promised to move it out by April 5th or he has said he will put it out by the road April 7th!! Do you think he might just do that? What do you think, Chad?

Faith, Friends, & Food!

I did it! and I think I'm proud of myself. But then part of me wants to kick my rear and say, "what in the world did you do that for!"

I have an issue with getting a surgical hernia repaired. It came about from surgery necessary after the accident. This April 21st will be my two year anniversary and I'm still squeamish about being put to sleep and having to go through a lengthy recovery period! Again!! However, our new surgeon, Dr. Foxhall, came highly recommended and we feel that what happened once surely can't happen again. Right?! It took much courage to even call and make today's appointment, and not break it! It took even more to agree to have it done sooner instead of later!

After a lengthy poking around, questioning, more poking, he backed off and asked, "okay, how soon can we do this?" I was like, 'well, how long can I put it off?' and he was like, 'well, it will only get worse'. So, I jumped in with both feet and it will be done as soon as his child graduates from high school. That's right, he said he'd rather not do it in May as there is so much going on with having a senior in the house. My brother, Nelson, has a daughter getting married in May so that works for me, too. I suggested October, Dr. Foxhall suggested June. Guess who won that one?!

As soon as they call with the date, I'll be sure and post it because I believe prayer is what brought me back the last time and will get me through this time. One of my bestest, bestest friends went with me to listen and take notes should I forget something (this short term memory problem is getting better, but not much). Afterwards, Deborah and I went to eat at a new place Jenny told me about. It's a Mexican restaurant across the parking lot from Books-A-Million. Very colorful, very clean, and the staff was almost obnoxious coming by sooooo OFTEN to see if we needed anything. Try it out, I think you'll like it, too!

Thanks, Teale!!

Thank you, Teale, for giving me this beautiful makeover! It was so easy working with you and I can't wait to get more posts on here and begin settling in with it. There are so many collections in Teale's kit site that it makes you want more blogs than just one!! And cruise through her Gallery to see what others have chosen. Go ahead, get in touch with her and get your blog updated and refreshed! You'll spend that much money eating out with a friend and this won't add pounds to your waistline!! Thanks again, Teale!!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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