Spring Yard Sale Time!

Yard Sale Logo It's that time of year again! Time for the Maddox/Hood yard sale!! I list Jenny first because she has always brought more items to the tables! But I intend to bring more this year! Ask Lynne Griffies!! She began helping me declutter my house last week, as a matter of fact!

We're having it Saturday, April 5th beginning at daybreak (or maybe a tad before considering the people that are normally waiting in the driveway!) and lasting until one of us gets tired, which is around 11 or so {which is about the time things are picked over}. Seriously, between us, we always have some really nice things we are wanting to replace and it's such fun for Jenny and me to be able to grab some extra time with each other. She is one of my very favorite people to be with.

This time I have made the decision to sell not only oodles of home decor, but my wicker chaise!! I've had it for years now, but to tell you the truth I'd much rather swing or rock. My sweet husband and I were shopping downtown Prattville when he found it and was so proud when I said yes, I'd love to have it! {What I didn't tell him was that I'd take it since we couldn't find a wicker swing.} I'll get a picture of it during tomorrow's light in case anyone out there would love to buy it before the sale. $40 and it's yours! But you'll have to come pick it up as it won't fit in my cute little car nor Johnny's Bronco~

Tonight I've been listing items on eBay {check out seller luvngatlinburg and save yourself the shipping and handling if you're in the tricounty area!} and will continue to add to that growing collection. But back to the yard sale, if you're in the area come on by! We'll be eating muffins and drinking Cokes and will share with you if you mention you saw this blog post!

I can't wait to begin gathering more and more items for the yard sale AND that doesn't even take into account the items from the sweet little store Deborah and I just closed!! Some of those will find their way onto our online store, Hands to Heart, and some will go to eBay. And some will be set out at the sale! Between the two of us we're planning on having 3-5 large rectangular tables filled with all kinds of goodies!! Maybe I can talk Jen into telling you what she's bringing! {Hint, hint Jen!}

By Sunday evening I will have gone through the house and up into our attic {Johnny teases me saying that all those things I've carried up there will come down around our heads one day!} and I'll update you on some of the items that may be of interest. Monday morning I intend to tackle the caboodle of stuff I put in Johnny's garage because I didn't have more room inside! I've also promised to move it out by April 5th or he has said he will put it out by the road April 7th!! Do you think he might just do that? What do you think, Chad?


Haley said...

OOOOHHHHHHHH....... I always love a good yard sale..... and I have seen the inside of your house and I know your taste so i know I am bound to find really cute things for my house...... you can count me in.... I am pretty sure we will be in town next saturday..... and I am going to post tonight on my blog that way I can download some pics from our weekend!

Chad said...

I concur. I say if it doesn't sell just get rid of it. We had a big yard sale last year with my sister and her husband. We all did really well, but being a man I'm not a big fan of yard sales, so Teale had to talk me into even having the thing. If we were going to be in the area we would stop by for cokes and muffins, but alas I will be coaching t-ball. :)

Melissa Lester said...

I just popped in this morning and noticed I was your 5,000th visitor!

Sabra said...

This is great info to know.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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