Be a Man. Tell the Truth.

"God bears with the wicked, but not for ever.
By Anonymous on 'It's Spring at The Park' at 6:01 PM"

#1  This was left as a comment on an older blog, meant for my eyes and not the eyes of my readers.

#2  Cowards refuse to leave their names. Along with whiners and those that would rather  blame another for their sin. But they, too, belong in the group called 'Cowards'.

#2  The above came through as spam, not as a valid comment.

The above isn't even a scripture but written by Miguel de Cervantes.

Read the words of our Father, "And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." ~ John 8:32.

Six years ago I broke the silence on crimes that had been hidden within our family, violence on women. Yet some would still blame the innocent than face the reality within their own homes. Two Christian men have died with the lies of the guilty on their hearts. How many more will be allowed to die before this person steps up, admits his guilt, apologizes for the pain caused, and the lies told. I know what it feels like to tell the truth and have it set you free. I pray the guilty will find it within themselves to do and feel the same one day before it's too late.

This will be the last time I address an Anonymous comment. They really aren't worth mine or my readers time. Shame on you. May my God forgive you and bring you to His knees.


Tuesday Tidbits

I love blog hopping. Ya have to be careful.
You may sit there entranced for hours.
Look at some of what I've found!
Look what you can do with pallets!
And I love the large hanging of lanterns!
I know this photo looks crooked.
I didn't do it. Aimee did {smile font}
but don't you love what she's done with
a cabinet door?! And yes,
I intend to do the same thing.
Thanks for the idea, Miss Aimee!
Quite a few blogs I follow use mosaics.
They're beautiful and create a showcase of your photos!
Here's an easy tutorial for those of you that would like
to try your hand at creating one. Then share with me!
When I saw what Lindy had done with seedlings,
I got so excited! This, my sweet friends,
is so easy, so practical, and saves money!
I love all three of those ideas.
You will, too!
And to leave you with a warm feeling in your heart,
and a smile on your face, watch these teachers.
Wouldn't you love to have had them growing up?!
If they're this involved for fun, can you imagine
how involved they are in a classroom
with your child?!

Happy Tuesday. Stay safe. Laugh loud. Thank God.

Hello, Monday!

Attention to all those I've texted today,
Notice to The Hood:
wouldn't this look great?!
Now I have to get with Amanda
and find out what that top is made of
and to help me choose a nice marble!
I just love Centsational Girl's blog.
Today she is having a huge linky party!
Check it out! over 200+ links already!

May you all have  a blessed weekend.
I'll be back next week!
Happy Easter ~

Grabbing the Brass Ring

I have always loved carousels.
Always. The larger the better.
I loved the music, the quaintness and charm.
And the horses! Of all colors and decor!
Remember the brass ring?
If you could grab it, you got a free ride.
I never managed to grab that brass ring,
but John and I have grabbed a dream
and we are holding on. Tight.
Retirement is fast approaching,
so we stepped out in faith, prayed,
and a dream is coming true.
Slowly, but it's happening.
Don't ever settle.
Don't ever think you can't.
You can.
Reach for that gold ring.
Make those dreams come true ~
It does not matter how old,
or young,
you are.

Just a Quick Note

These lovely beach loving people
would love to live near the Gulf Coast.
The sand, the sun, the surf. They love it. All five.
And Leslie? The child would live there if she could.
Beach trips, cruises, and the sun.
This man is a true outdoorsman.
Needless to say, he's passed that love to this little one.
And his two girls love the beach along with the others.
See the smiles on these faces?
See the background behind the smiling people?
But me? This is what happens,
when I meet the sun for any length of time.
And that's with sun screen!
This is where we always thought we'd retire.
The Smokey mountains.
Cool, lush, snow.
Snow. Some times lots of snow.
That might get old in ten years.
Maybe five years.
And the man can't ride his bike in snow.
So we posed two locations to our daughters
and the answers was overwhelming. We're happy.
They are thrilled. While they are with sun and surf,
I'll be drinking sweet tea on a screened in veranda.
Cool, breezy fan, lush greenery, a good book.
Yeah, that's retirement.

We're Gone!

John and I are taking a few days to relax and rejuvenate our soul in the breezy, lush home of a dear friend
that just happens to have singing pines outside her veranda. Had a great meal at Lulu's and brought dessert home! What a stress free place to be, IF we cannot be in the 'burg. I'll be back online later ;)

The Vegan Challenge

We watched The Vegan Challenge on Oprah this past week and decided that as much as possible we would try to apply what we learned to our diet. Now, I said as much as possible. You have to understand the man I am married to is a strict, born to eat meat and potatoes man. There has to be a meat,of some sort on his dinner table. (When I cook, that is, or we go out to eat.) Just for interest I decided to do as one staff member did and empty our fridge of anything with animal products in it. Note we don't keep a very full fridge. But look what we had to take out! The staples of our empty nesting life! Eggs, bacon, mayo!!
Milk for my cereal, and other items that seem important enough to keep. Next to the staff member's counter, ours looks meager but I know had our daughters still been living at home it would've looked just as bad with the animal products that we rely on a day to day basis.
The freezer? Yep, chicken nuggets and fries for the g'babies when we don't order pizza. All of my diet meals have animal products in them. I found it hard to find something without eggs in them.
Here's what I pulled from the fridge. I've made a note in my iPhone shopping list to look for products that are more natural and organic. Not sure I'll like almond or soy milk. May cure my love of cereal with milk.
The pantry didn't look quite as bad.
 I felt a redeeming feeling here. bahaha
Oprah said she is veganish, liking chicken and fish. I'm thinking that's more our style as well. Of course, she also said she has someone to buy her food. Must be nice to afford to be that healthy. Did you know Publix carries bison meat? It's to be a much healthier meat than beef. And I'm not so sure where ground beef comes from. Is that like hot dogs?! The leftovers!?!! It does not appear to be a difficult diet. I like salads. I like vegetables. I'm not a big sweet eater. Our youngest daughter and her husband are already moving toward more natural foods and snacks. Just last night her oldest turned down a cookie for a prefixed bag of carrots.

What are your thoughts on this challenge? How well do you think you and your family could live on it? There were some questions about protein, but those are found in green veggies and beans. The second link I gave you I found very interesting and more of 'our style'.  We could all do with less animal meat and be much healthier. Even range fed and farm fed animals. And the slaughter houses? Ugh, don't even get me started there. Horrid, nasty, filthy places that our meat products begin on their way to our homes.
Find out more here and tell me what you think.


I Believe

I heard of this incident.
I purchased the book.
This young child, at 4,
claimed to have visited Heaven.
had never met
(Click on HOME to see her other works.)
He saw her drawing,
which she says is 'heavenly inspired',
and exclaimed, "That's Him!"
Do I believe this story.
Yes, I do.
Events such as this,
happening almost weekly now,
makes me wonder
just how close,
how wonderfully close,
we are to seeing Him come for us.
Get the book. It will warm your heart.

At that time men will see the Son of Man coming in clouds with great power and glory. And He will send His angels and gather His elect from the four winds, from the ends of the earth to the ends of the heavens.
~ Mark 13:26-27


Back and Going Again!

We got to Gulf Shores around dinnertime and headed to Lulu's! I don't think I'll ever get tired of that place,
AND they've added a new addition to the playground! Parents, your babies will love it!! Of course, the food is awesome. Then,
we took a walk on the beach, which was  so relaxing, but gave my knee fits! Aleve helped that problem. Went back to the home of the girlfriend we were staying and played SCRABBLE while laughing, and reminiscing, and laughing, and losing, and laughing and winning.
Saturday Deborah fixed us french toast for breakfast! With strawberries! Yum, that woman can cook. After a leisure morning, we headed to the movies and saw The Lincoln Lawyer. Awesome! I would highly recommend going to see it. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Walked out and over to Kitty's Kafe and had the most delish lunch at a great price, with lots and lots of homecooked food!
Even got to meet Kitty, and she's so nice. Of course, afterwards, we brought out the SCRABBLE board, some wine, homemade key lime cake with lime sherbet, and laughed, and played, and laughed. Saturday night was an early night for we pretty much were worn out.
Took a look around our favorite souvenir shop, which has ThE MOST flipflops I've ever seen! and piddled through their store. Ended up with a few trinkets and some homemade fudge. I wasn't in for sunning on the beach Sunday, so I stayed in and slept late while the others headed to the sand and surf.
They loved their time there, I loved my time on the backporch, waiting for their call to determine lunch.
They called saying to meet at The Steamer, and let me tell you, it is so nice to eat out in Gulf Shores and not have to worry about how you look. Everyone dresses very casual, everyone has a  wind blown look, and everyone is smiling. We enjoyed our seafood, the sweetened tea, and their Snickers pie! Who's worried about calories?
And guess what?!?!?! The friend that couldn't go this weekend? She can go next weekend and I get to go back with her?! How blessed is that?! The following week, I think I'll take The Hood. He could ride his bike 12 months out of the year down there.
The thing that surprises me with the Coastal area? The breeze is forever present, which keeps the temps bearable. Shocked this humidity hating girl. I don't like the sun, or the sharks, but love the slowness of the life and the number of folks our age.
So, that was MY weekend! How was yours?!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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