Back and Going Again!

We got to Gulf Shores around dinnertime and headed to Lulu's! I don't think I'll ever get tired of that place,
AND they've added a new addition to the playground! Parents, your babies will love it!! Of course, the food is awesome. Then,
we took a walk on the beach, which was  so relaxing, but gave my knee fits! Aleve helped that problem. Went back to the home of the girlfriend we were staying and played SCRABBLE while laughing, and reminiscing, and laughing, and losing, and laughing and winning.
Saturday Deborah fixed us french toast for breakfast! With strawberries! Yum, that woman can cook. After a leisure morning, we headed to the movies and saw The Lincoln Lawyer. Awesome! I would highly recommend going to see it. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Walked out and over to Kitty's Kafe and had the most delish lunch at a great price, with lots and lots of homecooked food!
Even got to meet Kitty, and she's so nice. Of course, afterwards, we brought out the SCRABBLE board, some wine, homemade key lime cake with lime sherbet, and laughed, and played, and laughed. Saturday night was an early night for we pretty much were worn out.
Took a look around our favorite souvenir shop, which has ThE MOST flipflops I've ever seen! and piddled through their store. Ended up with a few trinkets and some homemade fudge. I wasn't in for sunning on the beach Sunday, so I stayed in and slept late while the others headed to the sand and surf.
They loved their time there, I loved my time on the backporch, waiting for their call to determine lunch.
They called saying to meet at The Steamer, and let me tell you, it is so nice to eat out in Gulf Shores and not have to worry about how you look. Everyone dresses very casual, everyone has a  wind blown look, and everyone is smiling. We enjoyed our seafood, the sweetened tea, and their Snickers pie! Who's worried about calories?
And guess what?!?!?! The friend that couldn't go this weekend? She can go next weekend and I get to go back with her?! How blessed is that?! The following week, I think I'll take The Hood. He could ride his bike 12 months out of the year down there.
The thing that surprises me with the Coastal area? The breeze is forever present, which keeps the temps bearable. Shocked this humidity hating girl. I don't like the sun, or the sharks, but love the slowness of the life and the number of folks our age.
So, that was MY weekend! How was yours?!

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Judy said...

We leave in the morning for Orange Beach/Gulf Shores. A girl I blog with recommended Kitty's Kafe and another place (I think Colbert's?) that we'll eat at one night and watch the sunset. Of course, I plan on going to Lulu's too!

Let me know if you're down there this weekend...e-mail me or leave me a comment, maybe we'll run into each other at a souvenir shop!


~ from The Letter Writer ~

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