Hello, December

One of my favorite months in one of my favorite seasons~
I am truly a Winter gal!
Everything about this time of year thrills my soul~ 
I've chosen a few favorite photos to share~
They make me happy, nostalgic
and just excited clear to my toes! 
Thru the years we celebrate by giving gifts~
Gifts of the heart to another's heart.
And we celebrate a birth, a very special birth.
A child that made me a daughter of a King.
Not just any king, but the King of Kings.
And for this, I'm eternally grateful.
What an awesome time~
What an awesome Father,
to love us so much He sent His only Son.
Hello, December. I'm so glad you're here.
Wrap me in your cooler weather, your scents
and sights of the season, and the history 
of the season. Blessings to your & yours~

A Daily Blessing

One of my favorite blogs is Melissa Lester's, A Little Loveliness. A precious Christian sister that has a beautiful way with words. Within the devotional that captured my attention while spending time on her site was a few paragraphs of her oldest son. It painted such pictures in my mind that I literally felt I was standing on the sidewalk watching Carson along with her.

 There are many facets to Melissa's blog, one of which are her devotionals. (You can access them from a tab on the top bar.) I pray you enjoy it as much as I have this morning and that it touches your heart in such a way that we all begin to truly enjoy the moments of our days. Our Father has given so many blessings that I don't want to miss a single one. What about you?!

We have a rain front moving in overnight and my head is beginning to throb a bit. Time to go to the doTerra cabinet and get started on stopping a weather induced migraine. I don't know about you but mine seem to increase the older I get instead of decreasing {big frown font}. On the bright side, it's Autumn {HAPPY font} and I love each and every day this season brings. And then Winter! {HUGE HAPPY font}. My very, very favorite season of each year. But I won't rush you to it yet, let's enjoy the changing leaves and the crisp cool days of Autumn.
Enjoy Catching the Breeze and have an awesome day.

Oh, Fall. I Love You.

“I'm so glad I live in a world
where there are Octobers.” 
― L.M. Montgomery
“Spring passes and one remembers one's innocence.
Summer passes and one remembers one's exuberance.
Autumn passes and one remembers one's reverence.
Winter passes and one remembers one's perseverance.” 
― Yoko Ono

Happy Autumn, sweet readers ~

Guess I'm Not the Only One

From the looks of the blogs I follow, I'm not the only one that seems to not be taking the time to update and keep current my blog. It first began as a means to document family news, then with the way it expanded I began showcasing blogs I visited and thought you may enjoy as well!

Then I discovered Pinterest. Oh.My. Pinterest. If you haven't checked it out yet or begun your own boards, it's a new and interesting place to share and find information on everything. EVERYTHING!

I'm not sure how many boards I presently have but I love and learn from each and every pin placed on a board! Talk about adding to my Bucket List!! Here's a few recent pins ~

This is found on the board 'Adorable Abodes'.
I could SO live here, in England. On the water.
'Amazing Architecture'
And there are some awesome examples!
The one above is on the National Register
of Historic Places. It's a round barn!
'Beauty of Birds'
God didn't have to make so many,
with such different colorings,
and amazing features.
But He did. For us.
'Breads & Appetizers'
I love food. I hate weight gain.
But I love food.
And I love this recipe!
'Free Fonts'
Yep. They're free.
I just can't understand how to
download them. But bet you can.

Go visit. And in the meantime,
I'll try to do a better job of
keeping my blog up with fun sites
and neat home decor ideas!

A Gift From God ~ Dr. William Hayes

Wow. What a gift tonight. About to close out of FB and it showed a list of people I may know. The first one - a man - not just any man, Dr. William Hayes, whose hands and expertise worked with God to save my life during a 77 day stay in St. Vincent's ICU, during the Spring of 2006. A 77 day stay in ICU. John brought me home on our 23rd Anniversary. We'll joyously celebrate 31 this coming July 1st.

Our life now is timed by BA and AA - before and after accident. PTSD and some neurological issues play havoc with my speech and thought process but I grow stronger each year. I've had to deal with discovering and liking the 'new normal' our lives became. A very supportive network of prayer warriors, family and dear friends have been instrumental in helping me find me. It took almost two years to really recover and there's still times I struggle with words and headaches from the trauma. BUT I'm alive!  Happy. Loved. Nan to six precious grandbabies. Much closer to my Lord and living sharing my testimony of being given a brief glimpse of Paradise before the ER Dr made it to the outpatient procedure room and resucitated me. Unforgettable.

If you're ever in need of a great pulmonary group, we highly recommend Dr. Hayes group. He's a man of God and gifted in his field.

Thank you, Dr. Hayes, from the bottom of our hearts. We've thanked God for you on a daily basis for over eight years now.

25 Things You Didn't Know About the Sets of Friends!

Are you a Friends fan? Then you'll love this blog post and all the behind the scene peeks! I know our Jenny still loves reruns and may own all the seasons - I know she was collecting them at one time. Head over to Hooked on Houses and check it out!!

One Year Ago Today ~

"We keep moving forward, opening new doors,
and doing new things, because we're curious
and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."
~ Walt Disney

a year ago today ~ Blessings!

John, We're Not In Prattville

It doesn't look as large as the 12 footer that was sunbathing on a nearby beach, but I'd still give it wide clearance. Looking for a new watering hole?! ~ Orange Beach, AL

Summer, She's a Comin'

It's been awhile. Once I discovered Pinterest and just being busy period, my blogging has slowed down. And I've not kept up with my blogging friends, who I've discovered have either left their blog or not updated as I. I was a bit shocked at the number of blogs that no longer exist. That being said, I'm not making a promise to myself nor to you, faithful reader, that things will change. We're in the process of making another life change, so I'll be busier than ever this Summer. The photo above makes me smile and will bring back many heart memories made here in our coastal town ~ praying your Spring has been filled with love and laughter and a freshening of newness. Here's to Summer! Climbing temps and trips to cool, wet areas!

Blessings This Easter Weekend

You might enjoy posts from Easters past.
Our babies are growing much too quickly.
But one constant remains the same.
Our Lord and Savior's promises.
He has risen and we now await His coming.
What joy fills my soul!

Click on the title to read more on Easters Past & have a blessed week.

Bits 'n Pieces Of the Week

I love the saying. Love the color. Love hearts.
Owen is one today! Happy Birthday, sweet child.
Pa and Nan love you deeply.
I am so thankful that my King is also a Father that loves and gives me grace and mercy. He is already in tomorrow so there's no need to worry (although sometimes that's a hard, I'm human). And He will be with me wherever I go. He promises and He never breaks a promise.
And this photo? Well, it's under my 'Just For Me' board on Pinterest. I can get lost in this photo, wandering up the streets, and pretending to live behind one of the charming wooden doors. I've never been here but my dreams take me to an endless number of places. Blessed to have been given the chance to imagine ~ were you?

It's St Paddy's Day!

Are you having cabbage, corned beef and potatoes today?
We are!!
On another note, look at the colors I've fallen for. This week, that is. I'd love to change our home's colors every 2 years but that entails far more than paint! Not sure my sweet man would agree to it! {Wink font}
Have a marvelous, scrumptious Monday ~

Our Winter Babies ~

2014 got off to a grand start with our Christmas celebration that we do in January. We've done this for 10+ years now and still enjoy it. The babies get too play with each other and the girls get to catch up and the guys cook and watch sports. John and I take delight in the laughter and memories hang around long after they've packed up and driven home. It's the highlight of our January. We love these munchkins dearly and their parents even more ~ Hurry back! We miss you already {heart font!}

August: Osage County ~ the Movie

A girlfriend and I went this afternoon to see the movie and I'm delighted that Julie has this post tonight on the site! The movie was definitely a dark comedy about family members having to gather after a tragedy and it's a very dysfunctional family. To say the least. But the cast and the plot made me laugh and tear up. I wasn't sure I'd like it, as we all have family secrets that cause pain and we'd rather NOT see a movie about another dysfunctional family that does, but this is one I was so very glad I went to see. I loved the characters, well played by the cast member and although the scenery was no where like the beauty of The Christmas Candle we went to see during the holidays, it still shows how that part of our country, the Plains, looks. Barren. Few neighbors. I'm going now to read Julie's article and more about what she's found out! {If I'm not mistaken, doesn't The Pioneer Woman and her family live in Osage County in OK?! Maybe not. Need to Google that.}

Favorites During the Holildays

I've long followed Susis Harris and found her post on a tradition in their area that just fascinated me! I'm sure it will you, as well. I won't go into it anymore except visit and read and then smile. I know you'll smile. I did. Click HERE to visit SusieQ and leave her a sweet comment. She's requested prayers for her little family. No reason that we need to know of as she's already gone to the Lord with it, and He's in control. But say a prayer for Susie's family that peace and comfort will prevail while God works out the details. Thank you, valiant prayer warriors. 
 Charm Home is our own precious Cristie Curlee Holcombe! Yes, the one on an HGTV show, Elbow Room, yes the one with her own interior design company, and yes the one with Chase and now expecting a little girl in June!! She stays rather busy, doesn't she?! And this is her blog that keeps us up on all of her goings and comings. She obviously learned organization from her second grade teacher {wink font, as it was moi!} You'll find Charm Home, The Blog HERE!
Melissa Lester has a job outside the home, that took her family to the Birmingham area! She is now an ass't editor with Victoria magazine, one of my favorite reads! I've followed Melissa for a long time and loved how she put birthday parties and book clubs gatherings, and other family functions together with yummy goodies, decorations, and little gifts to send home with those present. I've wondered how in the world she would be able to continue this. Again, organization. This link will take you to the tea she hosted recently during the holidays but if you click on her blog title and read down a few posts, which will delight you, you'll find a post where she takes us on a tour of their new home - BEFORE they moved in. I'm looking forward to seeing it after Melissa's touch has been added. I follow some of her boards on Pinterest and can tell you that I'm loving what I'm seeing as far as wallpaper and fabric swatches! So yes, I'm looking forward to seeing this home progress with Melissa's talent for decorating.
Two things ~ one, this was one of my favorite vignettes and little tree this year. I saw it on Pinterest and knowing how The Hood loves owls, I made this tree just for him following the design shown on Pinterest. Loved it! He loved it! Two, this is my 1001th post and that just rocks my boat tonight. Wow, it's been eight years since the accident and I began blogging not long afterwards to have a means of keeping in touch with the world while I recovered at home. I've met strangers that became friends and have been blessed in many ways thru the blogging world. Thank you to those that faithfully keep in touch with me via the blog and for those of that come here to read what's going on in my little part of the world. Always feel free to leave a comment. We heart comments. May 2014 be another awesome year for us all and please continue to pray for America and her leaders. I'm beginning to feel the America I know and love slip away as the government takes over more and more. I know my Father is in control and all this will go as He wills, but I still ask that He continue to bless us and remind Him that there are many, many good people that adore Him as I.

Winter Whispers

Our Christmas decor stays up later than most as we celebrate during January, when all three daughters and their families can arrive together. It's relaxing, the shopping rush is over, and we sit and reminisce, while the little ones play with each other. A nice way to begin a new year. From the middle of December to the middle of March, I thrive on the colder breezes and the crisp air. I love the quietness of Winter. It's a time of hot chocolate, warm fires, and good books.
I love bottle trees.
And how easy will this be to put together?!
I do need a nice white pitcher, however. 
I never would've thought of putting a
piece of coral on top of crystal but it works.
And pearls. What lady doesn't like pearls?

Here's another adorable vase,
with an ornament from Christmas
and cute limbs from a craft store!
Here's a link to last year's Winter
thoughts and photos. I pray that
you stay warm and dry and enjoy
this time of quiet and reflection.

the love of thousands

Winter Home in Montana

Ah, yes. Julia, you've done it once more.
Given me a glimpse of a dream home
One I could live in so easily and enjoy each morning I awake.
The colors inside are soothing.
The details fascinating.
And that's just inside the house!
Can you imagine this view at breakfast? Or any meal!
I'm not a fan of banquets where one has to crawl out or in
but I wouldn't quibble if I had this view and a decorator
decided to design the area in this fashion. I'd just enjoy.
What really sold me was the nods to John Wayne and Roy Rogers. My two cowboy heroes. And look at the bunks at the end of this room?! It's not an easy task making up bunk beds. I know. I used to share them with a sister, but they didn't last long. It's really difficult to make up the top one and I can do without any extra tasks. But oh, aren't they adorable and so cozy. And there's more!!
Click here to visit Julia and see more of this beautiful log home in Montana. You won't be sorry. Then go to her heading and just click on it. You'll see other homes she's spotlighted recently and if you have hours to kill, check out her Celebrity Homes, Real Estate Mistakes, etc etc. Yeah, hours I've spent just browsing her site. And I still haven't seen it all. Kudos, Julia. You rock.
And this log cabin will be in my dreams ~
Here's another treat ~ You'll have to go see it for yourself.
Sigh ~

Winter 2014

Happy New Year!! I've been busy with family, friends & life and blogging had to take a back seat. This year I want to spend more time just like this ~ with His Words, family and friends. Here's a few shots that made me smile this week ~
These first two are Facebook feeds that crossed my path. I must say, the person that thought up the pup was very creative. I love the ears and tail. And C S Lewis said so many good things to remember and use in our lives. John and I truly believe these words. You're never too old to make a dream come true.
And my princess. Ice skating today!!
Yes, it's that cold in the South this sunny day.
Crisp, cold, and sunny.
If you know me at all, or have read my blog very long,
you know I am a Winter gal thru and thru.
Just wish the deep South got snow.
Here's to a truly awesome new year! 2014 ~ I pray the new year brings you much love, joy, and a closer walk with Him.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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