A Gift From God ~ Dr. William Hayes

Wow. What a gift tonight. About to close out of FB and it showed a list of people I may know. The first one - a man - not just any man, Dr. William Hayes, whose hands and expertise worked with God to save my life during a 77 day stay in St. Vincent's ICU, during the Spring of 2006. A 77 day stay in ICU. John brought me home on our 23rd Anniversary. We'll joyously celebrate 31 this coming July 1st.

Our life now is timed by BA and AA - before and after accident. PTSD and some neurological issues play havoc with my speech and thought process but I grow stronger each year. I've had to deal with discovering and liking the 'new normal' our lives became. A very supportive network of prayer warriors, family and dear friends have been instrumental in helping me find me. It took almost two years to really recover and there's still times I struggle with words and headaches from the trauma. BUT I'm alive!  Happy. Loved. Nan to six precious grandbabies. Much closer to my Lord and living sharing my testimony of being given a brief glimpse of Paradise before the ER Dr made it to the outpatient procedure room and resucitated me. Unforgettable.

If you're ever in need of a great pulmonary group, we highly recommend Dr. Hayes group. He's a man of God and gifted in his field.

Thank you, Dr. Hayes, from the bottom of our hearts. We've thanked God for you on a daily basis for over eight years now.

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