What Kind of Nut Are You?!

I love the magazine, Good Housekeeping. It's one of few that I subscribe to, along with Southern Living and Paula Deen's mag. This month there was an article too good not to share with you. The results of this test rang true with the two of us and I'm curious to see if it's the same with you and your special someone. Leave me a comment and let me hear how you tested and if you feel it's a fairly accurate description of you!
According to the article, scientists from the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago asked 1,000+ volunteers to take a standardized personality test and then had them taste and choose among five types of nuts. Which nut do you prefer?
* * * *
Salted peanuts?
Extroverted & charming, you crave attention.
* * * *
Almonds, anyone?

Having high standards, you tend to be
a perfectionist and very motivated!
* * * *
How about pecans? Good 'ole Southern staple,
Generous & considerate,
you are a devoted, loyal friend.
* * * *
Walnuts, John's favorite,

Competitive & easily annoyed when life's
inconveniences get in your way~
* * * *
You are a dependable
and easygoing person.
I also learned that no matter which one you prefer, nuts are good for you! Containing heart healthy fats, fiber, and protein, as well as vitamins and minerals! Of course, on the flip side of that coin, they are also high in calories. So have some, but stick to a one-ounce serving a day!

Getting Ready For SleepyTown ~

The evening time of winding down from the flurry of the day’s bustle is what Victorian families called “The Children’s Hour.”

Begin the nighttime routine by having the children tidy up their toys and personal belongings. To make the job easier, have one large basket in the living room or playroom into which children can collect their toys quickly. In the morning, before play begins again, the basket can be emptied and the toys put away properly.

While the children are tidying up, draw a bath for them. It is fun to personalize a bath basket to suit the ages and personalities of each child. Today, you can find wonderful assortments of bath products. Let each child pick a favorite color and color-code towels and washcloths. If your child has had a particularly stressful day, let her take her bath using a night light instead of overhead lighting.

Every parent knows that children adore water play, but not every bath has to be a “play” bath, especially on school nights.

When the children return to their rooms, they discover their curtains drawn, a soft light turned on and their pajamas waiting for them. After dressing for bed, help select what they will wear the next day and lay out their clothes for the morning. These well-spent few minutes at night make a considerable difference in the morning.

Now it is story time, a half hour until lights are out. If your children are young, read a variety of short picture books, but older children adore continuing sagas, and even tots as young as four will settle down to hear a chapter a night. This sharing of a longer story together, as it unfolds over many nights, can become a conversation topic and a wonderful bond between parent and child.

Then the storybook is closed for the night, prayers are heard, and little ones of all ages are tucked in and kissed good night. After the lights are turned out, it is a wonderful opportunity for heart-to-heart talks. At this special time, happy events of the day are recalled, secrets are shared, or a sympathetic word is offered.

Soon, one of the most blissful moments any parent experiences all day arrives. The children are asleep. Enjoy the stillness of the house with everyone safe and secure and count your blessings.

~Sarah Ban Breathnach's "Mrs. Sharp's Traditions."

Happy Independence Day!

Please decorate responsibly!
You have GOT to click here and go read this post.
Too cute.
Hope you've had a happy and safe weekend.
May God continue to bless our great Nation.

And I've found a new site! A Scandinavian one! Cute outfit for the 4th!

Past Independence Day Celebrations!

John is wanting us to use the term Independence Day instead of calling it the 4th of July. He feels our youth and young adults need to know what Independence means and the sacrifices made by others in order for us to celebrate our freedom. As he put it, "We don't call Christmas the 25th of December." And we don't. Good point, Hood. So I've made a concentrated effort to call it by it's proper name. Independence Day and I am so proud to be an American.
Ian was only three when this photograph was made.
His friend, Matthew, is the grandson of a dear friend.
They had such fun playing 'train' on the side of the pool.
Train? Go figure.
The year was 2006.
The next year, Jenny took some cute photos
at the parade in our downtown area. 2008, sweet Noah was not even two yet.
My, how time flies. This afternoon
I watched him sitting with Ian,
as Ian read a book aloud, and thanked God for our family.
Last year, our Jenny was pregnant with Miss Elle ~
This year that sweet baby girl is crawling and pulling up,
and loves eating, her big brothers, and her mum and daddy.
~ ~ ~ ~
As I composed this post, I am reminded how very blessed I am.
How very blessed we all are. Have a great weekend.

Celebrate the 4th!

Click on over to There Is No Place Like Home to find out how she put together this adorable door decoration. Kelli is a Christian, homeschooling, Texan wife and mother and she has other decorations and ideas I know you'll be sure to enjoy! Leave her a comment and let her know you visited. We always love us some comments!
This needs no directions or help. We all love Rice Krispie treats!
The picture below came from a blog I just found today, by Googling 4th of July decorations, and I sure intend to add it to my list of favorites. Not only is the first impression a grabber, but I can tell there are ideas, tips, and recipes that I want to know more about.
When I found this image, I thought of our grandsons.
How easy is this?!
And how cute!
So, are you getting ready for the weekend?!
I plan to go this afternoon and get a few items
to dress up our small part of the world.
Be sure and come back tomorrow!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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