Summertime ~

If you have a blog, you'll understand. If you don't, then please be patient and accept my apology now. It's been a busy summer with family and friends visiting and we are thoroughly enjoying ourselves. Which means I keep up with them through Facebook and have taken the time to sit down and stay current here. This blog began as a diary for me and those to follow after, then I branched out a bit and found it fun to share decorating tips and recipes. It's a nice outlet and I enjoy it. However, I'm going to have to take a hiatus for a month or so and let things settle down. We are working on some projects around the house that have been pushed back due to fun times and the seemingly constant rain, and threat of rain, we are having this Summer!

So if you're a follower, then you'll be notified as soon as I post again. If you aren't a follower yet, I'd like to have you as one. It makes it easier for you to know when a post is published.

I pray that you have had a safe and healthy summer and that we'll meet here again in the Fall. Oh, the feelings that word evokes! Cooler temps. Fall foliage. And SEC football!! Specifically, the University of Alabama! Let's get ready to roll into Fall and capture another National Championship for the great state of Alabama. We hold the crystal ball for the last four years {BIG smile font!}.


May America Forever Be Free. May We Always Be Thankful.
May We Never Forget.
(a free printable to frame)
May She Forever Shine

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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