Asperatus Clouds

These are called Asperatus Clouds. Seriously. I Googled it. I've never seen anything like these! And the other images available to view were just as awesome. Or weird and scary. Depending on where you stand with the Lord {smile font}. I just told The Hood if I had seen something like this before tonight, I would definitely be yelling for him to "Come here!! Jesus is coming back!" Oh, what a grand day that will be! Wonder what the sky will look like?! Okay, just had to share this. Praying you feel as happy with your thoughts of Eternity as me. If not, please reconsider your position. There is a Heaven. And there is a Hell. Seriously.
Here's two more. Wowzer.
The above? It's my favOrite. Looks like a piece of ribbon!

March Winds Bring Easter!

Naps On the Porch! Love love love her blog and this tablescape just looks like too much fun! Not sure it'll hit our home this year, but I'm going to be looking for the items needed to do it in coming years!! How happy is this!
I am looking forward to decorating our home for Easter. As it comes in March this year and we have two Spring Breaks during March and will be having the grands down, it will be fun to have the bunnies and eggs out. Oh, just think of the early egg hunts we can have! Here are some ideas I've collected on my Pinterest page for Easter ~
The idea of having a written blessing at each table setting pulls at my heartstrings. I'm thinking this will be used at our home during the month. I found it on Pinterest here!
My all time favorite bunny cake. This, too, came from Pinterest and here's the link that is given. Each year, I made this for our girls while they were little. Mine was the one with the bowtie, but I think I like this one much better. Love the pink dusting and the bow :) Of course, if you have boys, you'll need a bowtie cake. Have both boys and a girl, as two or our daughters do, you get to make TWO cakes!! {wink font}
Melissa Miller. I love her blog and I love her Pinterest site, which is where this sweet idea came from! How easy can this be?!?! Not to mention how precious.
I find myself beginning to gather various colors of ornaments now during the Christmas season and sales. I'm seeing so many adorable wreaths using them! This one, on my Pinterest Easter page also, is from Melissa Miller's Pinterest page. If you're not a follower of hers on your Pinterest page, you need to be. Just sayin'. 
From Etsy, you can buy this adorable wreath! Oops, just checked and it sold in January BUT she has others that are just as cute!
I'll end with a goody dessert ~ cake in a jar! The directions are too easy and it's such a cute presentation, not to mention easy to eat. Can't eat it all? Cap it, and put in the fridge until hunger strikes again!

Maybe these will inspire you to get busy with your Easter home decorating and cooking. I know I'm looking forward to ours. Happy Easter!

Um, Hmmm.

Very trust worthy souls.
Do you think they know just how high they are?!
Or maybe they are high {wink font}
This makes me feel ill just looking at it.
I have ag-ro-phobia. Fear of heights.
Dead would be the only way I'd be in her shoes.

Two Sweet Babies ~

This baby girl is mine and when I was told this was her profile photo tonight, the tears sprang to my eyes. She's grown up so quickly and is a beautiful God-filled young mother and wife. I'm so proud of her and will love her forever and a day ~ 
This blonde baby belongs to another. She has a birthday tomorrow! Happy Birthday, Cinderella. You are a precious child of a King! The same hands that formed you and our Jenny formed the moon and the stars. What an awesome thought. I pray that your whole weekend is filled with lots of giggles.

I Love Pinterest

Actually, I'm a Pinterest Addict. I love love love it. For instance, I could easily do this in my master! Faux walls are easy. Finding a gate isn't hard. But you get what I'm saying. I love the ideas on Pinterest. And then there are other things! 
This one made me realize I am made of thousands that lived and loved and died. I love the feeling that reading this gave me. A very warm and good feeling.
Who doesn't love cupcakes! I have a board for just them. It's called 'Cuppie Cakes' and I see myself, at some point, making some of them. One I posted today is for Blue Velvet Cupcakes. I love Red Velvet! So I'm thinking Blue Velvet will just as good. (Wonder if it'll stain the teeth?!) Hmmm, might rethink this one.
I also have a 'Favorite Blog' board. Guess who's my favorite {wink font} and Jenny's site is, of course, my second! But you'll find others that are on home decor, cooking, and if you search Pinterest you can find boards on pretty much everything. 
There are lots and lots of funny things to see. This is one I found this afternoon that made me laugh out loud. Waldo. All that's needed is that striped hat.
This one? Well, this one made me catch my breath. We've all been here. Walking a path that know one knows we're on, or maybe they know but they don't know how to comfort or what to say? Our Lord knows. And it's His comfort and merciful grace that gets us through the storms. This one? It's my favorite today. And it'll stick with me for awhile. Do you Pinterest?

Birthday Flashback ~

I thought it would be fun to have a Birthday Flashback. It really is true, that one feels ten years younger on the inside than the mirror shows on the outside. Life is fleeting, and I savour each and every day. With three dearly loved daughters, and three men sent from God to marry them, they've given us six precious and adorable grandbabies, with number six to be born in just a matter of weeks. God is so good and I fall at His feet with love and adoration. So here you go, Birthday Flashback to 2009!

Hope You're Having a Happy Blustery Day!

Oh the wind is lashing lusterly
And the trees are thrashing thrusterly
And the leaves are rustling gusterly
So it's rather safe to say
That it seems that it may turn out to be
It feels that it will undoubteadly
Looks like a rather blustery day today
It seems that it may turn out to be
Feels that it will undoubteadly
Looks like a rather blustery day today!

Winnie the Pooh ~ A A Milne

PS ~I just love Winnie the Pooh quotes

Oh, Naps On the Porch ~

 Today I was going to share a few Mardi Gras tablescapes and a couple for Valentine's Day, but I got delightfully stopped at Naps On the Porch! First, I saw the salad plate and lusted after it, until reading that she purchased it at Marshall's and we don't have one around here. I need to find where the closest one is! What you'll love about this writer, one of the things you'll love, is that after each post she tells where and when she bought the items, along with the brand name if listed.

Where we live Mardi Gras is celebrated not as much as places further west but we do have our parades. Each year I say I'm going to decorate for it and then I get caught up in Christmas and wanting to enjoy it a bit longer, then I enjoy the cardinals and the wintry whites, so it's difficult to fit another holiday in and enjoy it any length of time before decorating for Spring and Easter! How do you do it?!

I also love her purple plates and don't think I'll have a difficult time finding similar ones. Love Tuesday Morning and TJMaxx! Now to find a Kohl's and Marshall's nearby! Here's a photo of our little Mardi Gras Princess! She's grandbaby #3 and growing up too quickly on me.
Okay, so after I read her MG post, I looked for Valentine's Day. There are quite a few tablescapes but the one below was my favorite. Again, she tells where you can find the dinnerware and other pieces she selected for this look. 
Click here for this Valentine's Day tablescape. I'd love for you to tell me how you decorate. How often do you change? For the seasons? For the holidays? Mix the two?

THEN, I saw Winterscape and decided then and there to plant nandinas this spring at our home. Just so I can use them at Christmas and during the winter. I don't see them around here, but I plan to hit a nursery and bring some home. The birds love the berries and I love the color they bring inside. They will look so happy with my cardinal salad plates!
Here's where you can find her post on her Winterscape.  The snowmen make it look festive and you have to smile, even if you're not already!

There's a bar at the top of her blog that shows other sections to explore and I found one on a gorgeous new 'old' Victorian home. Below is one of the four tablescapes found in this home (can you imagine FOUR!)
There are quite a few posts for Touring a Victorian Home and I promise you'll love every one of them. I haven't finished looking through each but I've loved what I saw. I've followed NOTP for a few years and she's gotten larger and added more sections. She has a world of tablescapes. She also keeps a Linky party going on table settings so yeah, you'll find lots! 

Reminds me of a dear friend I have in Prattville, Lynne Griffies. Her home is always beautiful but at Christmas it absolutely shines and is breathtaking. Each room has a theme. And a tree. Big trees, little trees. I think each year she comes up with something new. It always thrills me when she posts photos on Facebook to share with us the many vignettes she's created. I'd love for her to have a blog simply to share her home at different times of the year, and especially at Christmas, but she's a busy lady! I'm thankful she has the time to share on Facebook.

When I find a blog I enjoy I want to know everything about it. Hooked on Houses?  Hours.  The Feathered Nest? Hours, (and Dawn has some of the sweetest FREE printables you'll find.) If you have a favorite blogsite, leave me a comment. I'd love to visit. Blog hopping. One of my favorite pasttimes.

~ Until, I pray you're having a great week and are looking to have a fun filled weekend.

Leslie's Baby Shower

leslie is pregnant
our middle child
last one to marry (and to another gem)
last one to give us a grandchild (so we're told)
her shower was saturday, and she glowed
owen will be here the end of march
need I tell you how thrilled we all are
there were oodles of family there
and oodles of friends
and the most delicious food
i heard leslie say
they were all her favorites
so i think she planned the menu
robin and jeff decorated beautifully
and i think there's little more they need
other than diapers and clothing
yes, there were oodles of gifts 
i love this middle child and her husband
who i am sure was handpicked from our lord
and i cannot wait to meet their baby boy
stacey, on the left, leslie, and jenny, on the right
can i say again how i love these girls
i've said it
we laugh so much when we're together
and we treasure the time dearly
it's not often they're all in one place
with the kids and men
but when they are we adore each moment
apparently, someone hasn't told obama that those that refuse to learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. kennedy said it. reagan said it. and other great men in our history have said it. so why hasn't someone slammed a book in his face and said, "read this!"

for i am afraid, we are doomed to repeat history
and if i didn't have my god, i'd be afraid.
but my God can beat anyone's god
He's bigger and badder
so bring it on, obama
let my God show yours

Let's Be Serious, Then I'll Be Funny

I have to tell you, our Congress and this President scare me. I would love to find grounds to impeach him and start over with, or maybe without, a Congress. We have compromised so much already on gun control. We need to feel safe. Schools need to be secure. The last several weeks all I've heard are hearings on gun control. What about funding education - hey, that's a new one! NOT! - and put security guards in schools. Restructure fronts doors to be security conscious. There's much that can be done to make a school and it's grounds more secure, but for that you need money. And guess what doesn't get much money in too many states in the Union? Education. Our children. We actually spend more money on the prisoners in the state of Alabama than we do on our school age children. That is sad. That is uncalled for. Guns aren't the problem. People are the problem. Secure a property and it deters unwanted intruders. That's my soapbox for tonight.
When I saw this, I knew it was me. I love to laugh. At anything. And when you go to someplace like a beach, a football game, Wally World, there are people. And there's always something to laugh at or about with people or animals. I love AFV!!! Those dummies! And yes, I laugh at me. In fact, I laugh the hardest then.
We have wonderful plans for the weekend. A baby shower for our newest grandchild! We shall finally celebrate Christmas with our daughters and their families! (We had the flu yuck and Jenny's family had ear infections etc, so we postponed) Having a shower on the same day makes for a fun-filled day. We'll finish it off at a favorite Mexican restaurant, the grands will get a whole day to play with each other (praying the weather lasts) and I'm hoping someone remembers to take lots of photos! I was made fun of not too many years ago for always having a camera handy. Now I forget {sniff font}. Here's hoping Stacey and Jenny have theirs! I pray you have a great, laughter filled weekend, yourself!

February Book Club, Dreamy Vignette, Winter Whites, and a Birthday Party!

A beautiful Christian lady
with equally beautiful ideas.
If you haven't been to her site,
you're in for a true treat.
Oh, and Melissa, I've got this book
on my To Read List! Sharing with friends
that enjoy good reads as I do ~ 
Oh, oh, oh, I want this! All of it! Well, okay, so the picture won't look like this as I'll have to use one I have but I like this one! And I won't have the champagne bucket but I'm planning a trip to a local Goodwill store and our TJMaxx to find some pottery I can spray paint white and silver. I already have some mercury, so this weekend I hope to get this set up on a table behind our sofa. I love the tree and just bet The Hood will gather some branches for me and I plan to use scrapbook paper for the hearts with twine hearts. I may use blue and white to go with a winter theme I'm trying to stay with for awhile longer. Living on the coast has taught me to hold onto Winter just as long as one can! Where did I find this awesome photo?! At one of my favorite sites, diy Design Fanatic. You'll love what Pam can do to a home {smile font}.
320 Sycamore! I love your yarn balls!!! And you tell me they were on Target's Clearance! And not being with our youngest daughter the day after Christmas (when we always go to Target!) I didn't see them! Shoot, I'd paid full price for these three!. I'm thinking I just might go find some Styrofoam balls, spray adhesive, and some old sweaters that are too small.  The sleeves will make good boot toppers with my jeans and I'll make some yarn balls. Go see Melissa's other Winter Ideas and stick around to check out her site. You'll bookmark it just as I did a few years back!
I loved what Jenny put together for Noah's birthday this year. Camp Noah. He loved it! and she was thrilled to see the happiness in her baby boy's face. I loved the photos but you'll love the ideas should you have a little boy of your own. Or a big boy! Her oldest chose a spend the night party (I bet it would've been easier throwing a party {wink font}. That's Noah in front of the tent that was part of the play ground. Go to Project Maddox: Building a Blessed Busy Life. Camp Out Birthday Party Theme. Oh, my babies. Oh Father, do they have to mature and grow so quickly on us? I know you have such plans for them, but they are such ministering angels to me. Right now. And I'd like them to remain that way just a little while longer. Like a few more years? Then they can get back into the growth stage of growing up and heading out. We are so blessed. Number 6 is on his way. Do you read the thrill in my heart?!
This was Jenny's Flashback Friday photo and I have to admit there were teary eyes in this house tonight. Elle, maybe 4 months old. Noah, 3. The age Elle is now. Ian. Much shorter three years ago than he is now. I think Noah grabbed my heart the hardest. Simply because he looks so young and at that time he was still asking, "Nan, I hold you?", which translated to "Hold me, Nan". But I always have loved the way he phrased it. Now it's sweet history. Sniff.
What is this?! Who lives where there's still a Christmas tree?! Bookcases that aren't being used as bookcases. Ah yeah, it's me. In fact, the whole house is in a bit of disrepair. It's been chilly and we've been enjoying it, getting out and about along with sleeping late {yawn font}. But that ends tomorrow. The tree is about all that's left and it comes down in three pieces! I'll post what I do with this area, along with tablescapes and redecorating some of the bedrooms. Being retired, means doing as you can. There's no over time. But we're loving it and I wouldn't have it any other way. You really can do more with less. And oh how freeing.

So, until ~ pray for those on your heart, our nation and her leaders, and take some time to be good to yourself. Find a quiet place and listen for the whispers in your heart. He wants to 'be still'. Listen for him. He has something to tell you, I just bet. Have a God-filled weekend.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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