March Winds Bring Easter!

Naps On the Porch! Love love love her blog and this tablescape just looks like too much fun! Not sure it'll hit our home this year, but I'm going to be looking for the items needed to do it in coming years!! How happy is this!
I am looking forward to decorating our home for Easter. As it comes in March this year and we have two Spring Breaks during March and will be having the grands down, it will be fun to have the bunnies and eggs out. Oh, just think of the early egg hunts we can have! Here are some ideas I've collected on my Pinterest page for Easter ~
The idea of having a written blessing at each table setting pulls at my heartstrings. I'm thinking this will be used at our home during the month. I found it on Pinterest here!
My all time favorite bunny cake. This, too, came from Pinterest and here's the link that is given. Each year, I made this for our girls while they were little. Mine was the one with the bowtie, but I think I like this one much better. Love the pink dusting and the bow :) Of course, if you have boys, you'll need a bowtie cake. Have both boys and a girl, as two or our daughters do, you get to make TWO cakes!! {wink font}
Melissa Miller. I love her blog and I love her Pinterest site, which is where this sweet idea came from! How easy can this be?!?! Not to mention how precious.
I find myself beginning to gather various colors of ornaments now during the Christmas season and sales. I'm seeing so many adorable wreaths using them! This one, on my Pinterest Easter page also, is from Melissa Miller's Pinterest page. If you're not a follower of hers on your Pinterest page, you need to be. Just sayin'. 
From Etsy, you can buy this adorable wreath! Oops, just checked and it sold in January BUT she has others that are just as cute!
I'll end with a goody dessert ~ cake in a jar! The directions are too easy and it's such a cute presentation, not to mention easy to eat. Can't eat it all? Cap it, and put in the fridge until hunger strikes again!

Maybe these will inspire you to get busy with your Easter home decorating and cooking. I know I'm looking forward to ours. Happy Easter!

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