Thankfully Blessed ~

 we are so blessed
to have such loves
and to be loved
our children grew fast
and the grandbabies even quicker
truly, where does time go
we are so proud of the adults
they are becoming
and the parents they are
the grands?
very proud of those young ones
that are already moving into
the teen years
our hearts runneth over
with thanksgiving and deep love

Have I mentioned I love Autumn?!

A favorite Autumn post ~ enjoy and have an awesome weekend. Sunday's a'comin' !! By the middle of September we'll be ready to head to the east side of TN!! Then in Winter, back for the sweet snowfall ~ sigh. Life is good.

Click here to read one of my favs for Autumn ~ blessings

Spring Is Here!

no Winter last forever;
no Spring skips her turn ~  
i am going to pay attention to Spring
i am going to look up through the trees
i am going to listen to the birds
i am going to nurture my soul
with his goodness and delight in his creations
this photo, today, made my heart smile
and i cannot wait until i can hold them
and snuggle the little one
heart memories
the bestest kind ~

Winter In the South

ah, in the central South
we rarely see much snow
if any
but we still need fluffy throws,
hot chocolate, and a fire
in a fireplace
 my favorite birds visit!
 and snowmen take the place
of colorful christmas ornaments
we may not get much snow
but we can still look for it
and i do
hoping you get snow
if you love it as much as me
if not?
please send it my way.

Welcome, Winter ~

Welcome Winter ~
we are definitely lovers of Winter
and because I'm a bit lazy with a fire and cup of coffee,
I'm simply going to repost from last year
or click on our phot to enjoy a post from 2011!
and may we all be healthier this year and more mindful
of our infinite blessings ~

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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