It's Coming! Another Christmas!!

This is more for me than it is for you. I began thinking that in just another week, we'll have Christmas 2010 with all three daughters and their families. What fun it shall be and we feel truly blessed. These thoughts led me to wanting to pull forward some photos from Christmases past.
Austin was the first, born in Aug 2003,
with Ian following in Dec 2003~
Alaina graced our hearts in Dec 2005
Noah was born Nov 2006,
and the two older boys loved being
the kings of the pack ~
 They played this game and called it King of the Sofa ~
These little ones have such fun when they are together
and our hearts soar in grace and blessedness~
Our talented and beautiful daughters~
  and then Miss Elle came to us Sept of '09
and it appears she may be the last grandbaby.
(Shhh, don't tell them, but John and I are praying for more.)
Now it's Christmas of 2010 and we're still adding photos.
We celebrated with Jenny's family and next weekend,
we'll have our Mississippi babies over to once more celebrate
a Christmas together! We are so excited to have all under one roof.
We are waiting patiently for the weekend to come around,
good food, lots of laughter and snuggles, and more photos
to document this awesome time of our lives~
Merry Christmas again!
and a very happy new year ~

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