Even back then, they realized just how close
Christmas was to Thanksgiving!
Making for a simply marvelous happy time
for family and friends ~ 

Country Ride, Delightful Friends, Delicious Lunch

The Derailed Diner.
Ever heard of it? Those of you that live in Alabama.
We had not. We know about it now.
And look forward to going back.
The interior was more than a glance could handle.
There were saddles to sit on.
Wagon seats. Tailgates to eat from.
Railcars to eat in.
I have never seen anything like it,
except at Universal Studios or Disney World.
If you're in Robertsdale or on I-10,
stop and visit. It's well worth it.
And the prices are great,
but not as good as the food.

Happy November ~

I love fall and we are in the midst of it. I pray that you and yours will have a time of rest and relaxation during this time of cooler weather and breezes. I am in the process of taking photos of our home in it's present state, as we are beginning to change things and make this sweet abode our home. We love the area and look forward to settling in and making a trip to the Gatlinburg area in the near future ~ ah, Gatlinburg.That's not our present home as our girls wanted to visit a warm place and a closer place {smile font}. We are thankful we listened to them. John and I are very happy to be here and making new friends. Have a great week and may it be filled with love and laughter! Blessings ~

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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