A Great Book! A Lousy Virus.

while searching Amazon for a journaling bible, i ran across this and recognized the author's name. i've heard our daughter and some of her friends mention jennifer. the book intrigued me so i promptly hit 'put in cart'. it arrived yesterday and i read the first two chapters twice. TWICE! it's that good. and it's not just for young women. i'm 60 and i totally identified with it and know i'm going to be blessed for reading it and implementing her suggestions in my bible studies. i encourage you to do the same. this is strictly because i like her book and intend to purchase others. i didn't get it free. buahaha

jennifer is down to earth, wife, mother, sister, daughter, child of the King. she knows the ups and downs of life and shares them with her readers. she uses words that are easily understood and, with scriptures, she reminds of His love and promises that will stand for eternity. money well spent.

here's the link for jennifer's blog ~ jen hatmaker

and in yucky, nasty, barfing news,
i've had a virus for the past 15 days. it's been horrid. never, ever had one to last so long but count myself blessed as my brother and his wife had theirs to last three weeks. for the first time in 15 days i awoke with no headache, no chills, no nausea. after getting up very warily, i decided to take it easy, rest and try to stay this way. it's worked. praying it's gone, gone, gone. and i feel, and pray, for those i know that are still in it's throes. there's no antibiotic for it, you can only treat the symptoms. stay hydrated. light diet. no dairy! cough drops. tylenol. generic dramamine. immodium ad. too many days of wrapping up in a quilt while still in jammies. too many days without makeup and hair that really needs a cut and highlights. what a blessing that love isn't based on how you look when sick.

and to end on a happy note, since i began with one!
oh, how i love my Lord.
and oh, how i look forward to eternity
with Him {heart font!}

It's Spring 2015!

First day of Spring, ya'll!
and I'm one of those I LOVE WINTER girls ~
however, this has been the sickest Winter
not just our household, but other family & friends
so yes! I'm happy this year to see Spring!!
may it be a season of rebirth, return to good health,
eating healthier, and enjoying the outdoors & His creation ~

It's St. Patrick's Day, 2015

Here's a look through past posts on this Irish holiday ~
St. Patrick's Day, 2015
St. Patrick's Day, 2014
Celebrated with Deborah & Richard by driving to Fairhope and joining in with the Arts & Crafts Fair - which was HUGE - then having a traditional meal at McSharry's Irish pub. Yum!!! Below is a precious model for her mommy's talents! Elle says, "Happy St. Patrick's Day!"
An awesome Pa & a precious Noah, 4 yrs old
A girlfriend and I visited another girlfriend that had recently
relocated to the Gulf Shores area! We had a great time~
Our bestie and hostess, Deborah. I heart her.
St. Patrick's Day, 2009
St. Patrick's Day, 2008
It won't be long before Spring arrives!
And Easter!
Then Memorial Day & school's out for Summer!
Does time pass quickly for you, too?!?!?!

It's Spring!

Ah, rebirth. Budding limbs
smell of Spring on the wind 
Just some images to get you ready
Easy to duplicate
Sure to delight ~ 
Happy Spring
Look around
and be thankful ~ 

Happy Valentine's Day

I found them on Facebook and loved this song. It speaks to my heart.
Find them on YouTube, iTunes and at jjheller.com.
And have a really nice Saturday. Personally, I'd love snow for VDay!

Love, Sweet Love

Yum. This would be great served on the tablescape below!
I love the red transfer ware and fresh flowers!
The Fickle Pickle has a FREE printable to frame!
Thank you!!
This sounds familiarly like the Beatles.
Does it to you?!
Sew Cari: Valentine's Day has the cutest craft!
I have plans for our grands to do this!
True love doesn't come without it's trials.
True love, however, makes you feel safe.
And you know you're home.

It's February & It's Still Winter!

I have several of Joan's books and treasure each one.
You can find this and two more here.
And one of my very favorites,
and to the one I love more than life itself,
PS ~ It's still Winter, and a girl can still dream.
waiting on the snow~

A New Season, A New Year

No, this isn't our little cabin in the woods. But I wouldn't mind owning it. I love the peace, quiet and love through the ages this photograph portrays.

"May He equip you with everything good for doing His will, and may He work in us what is pleasing to Him, through Jesus Christ, to Whom be Glory for every and ever. Amen." Hebrews13:21

Our new year began with family and good food. The ending of 2014 had flu in our household and those of some of our daughters. Yuck. But God is good and always present. We are blessed that we can access doctors and medicines to make us well and healthy. His Word sustains us in times of illness and the worry when one of our little ones is sick. As a grandparent, I've found that not only do I worry about our precious grandbabies, but I worry doubly so for their mommy and daddy as I remember how we worried when they were little and sick. The circle of Life. In wellness and illness.

I look with hope and excitement to 2015. 2014 saw several life changes and a roller coaster of emotions. Selling and buying. Saying goodbyes and saying hellos. Packing and unpacking. With His Guidance and leading our hearts, we know we made the right decision but it still came with tears and promises of visits and staying in touch.

Those that know me well know that Fall and Winter are my very favorite seasons, with Winter topping the list. I love the hot chocolate, the hibernating while waiting for the rebirth of the earth, and the chance to just stay in and reconnect with the one I love. Living where we do we rarely see snow, maybe some flurries if we're blessed, but it's normal to have windy cold days ~ which means we stay in and eat some warming food and keep the coffee pot going.

Praying that this new year will find us all healthier, spending more time in study and quiet time with our Lord and Savior, and doing more to give of our time to others, spend less, and celebrating the little things, always remembering to shower Him with thanksgiving for the infinite blessings. These are goals in our household and we have already begun setting up times to help those that have difficulty getting out and working with fur babies that need love and care while waiting for a family to adopt them.

Think seriously about your blessings, for you'll find them even in your darkest days. How can you pass them on? Maybe ask the cashier to put that order following yours on the grocery conveyor or help someone push their cart to their vehicle. Leave social media for a bit and handwritten a note. Make a phone call. There are so many ways, that don't cost a dime, to show His love and grace. In this 2015, let's go boldly, as John the Baptist, and share His infinite mercy.

And here's to an awesome year!

Hello, December

One of my favorite months in one of my favorite seasons~
I am truly a Winter gal!
Everything about this time of year thrills my soul~ 
I've chosen a few favorite photos to share~
They make me happy, nostalgic
and just excited clear to my toes! 
Thru the years we celebrate by giving gifts~
Gifts of the heart to another's heart.
And we celebrate a birth, a very special birth.
A child that made me a daughter of a King.
Not just any king, but the King of Kings.
And for this, I'm eternally grateful.
What an awesome time~
What an awesome Father,
to love us so much He sent His only Son.
Hello, December. I'm so glad you're here.
Wrap me in your cooler weather, your scents
and sights of the season, and the history 
of the season. Blessings to your & yours~

A Daily Blessing

One of my favorite blogs is Melissa Lester's, A Little Loveliness. A precious Christian sister that has a beautiful way with words. Within the devotional that captured my attention while spending time on her site was a few paragraphs of her oldest son. It painted such pictures in my mind that I literally felt I was standing on the sidewalk watching Carson along with her.

 There are many facets to Melissa's blog, one of which are her devotionals. (You can access them from a tab on the top bar.) I pray you enjoy it as much as I have this morning and that it touches your heart in such a way that we all begin to truly enjoy the moments of our days. Our Father has given so many blessings that I don't want to miss a single one. What about you?!

We have a rain front moving in overnight and my head is beginning to throb a bit. Time to go to the doTerra cabinet and get started on stopping a weather induced migraine. I don't know about you but mine seem to increase the older I get instead of decreasing {big frown font}. On the bright side, it's Autumn {HAPPY font} and I love each and every day this season brings. And then Winter! {HUGE HAPPY font}. My very, very favorite season of each year. But I won't rush you to it yet, let's enjoy the changing leaves and the crisp cool days of Autumn.
Enjoy Catching the Breeze and have an awesome day.

Oh, Fall. I Love You.

“I'm so glad I live in a world
where there are Octobers.” 
― L.M. Montgomery
“Spring passes and one remembers one's innocence.
Summer passes and one remembers one's exuberance.
Autumn passes and one remembers one's reverence.
Winter passes and one remembers one's perseverance.” 
― Yoko Ono

Happy Autumn, sweet readers ~

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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