Hello, Summer!

 Remember these days?
Driving forever to get to the sand
that stuck to everything!
But who cared??
We were going to the beach!
Someone always got a jelly fish sting
and someone always got sunburned
and we all slept piled in the back seat
on the way back home.
But oh, the joys of those days!
Thanks, mom and day.
We didn't have a pond
but I bet some of you did.
And we all had a dog.
Summertime in the South.
Watermelon eaten in a rain shower
fresh veggies and cornbread
no school until after Labor Day!
Now my style is inclined to this
A lazy day in the shade
Lots of pillows
A book, or two
Huge glass of sweet tea
with lots of ice
and retirement ~
Life is good.

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~ from The Letter Writer ~

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