New Pictures of The Park!!!

Our apartment is in the far building
on the right. We have a Juliet balcony
off our front door!
Here's the pool complex with the clubhouse
to the left. To the back of this shot
would be the fish-stocked pond
where John will fish with his grandbabies!
Here's a great shot of the clubhouse,
where we had coffee and cookies
this morning! They have a room to the right
for internet usage, conversation,
and a coffee bar!!!
Even The Hood enjoyed it!
This is one of the models and after seeing this,
I am so determined to have ours looking
more like this! Doesn't it look cozy?!
It appears to have a mantel and I intend to
check out this decor and replicate some
of the ideas! The inset is designed to hold
your TV and components. I love the way
the woodwork hides the cords, etc.
Pam, you have to show me this model!
I think it is a one-bedroom model.
From the front door, ours looks much like this.
Not with white furniture, etc. but the layout.
The door on the right of the kitchen
would go to the guest suite, which
can be closed off as an additional master!
I love the colors in here, but have jewel
tones in our home. We had those at Spruce,
and I loved that home and felt so comfortable
there. Also, we have much more room on either
side of our beds, and they are both queens
than this appears to have. Could just be a slight
of the camera angle. Honestly, you really need
to drive out and look at this place!
You'll be just as impressed as we are.
You can turn in front of The Legends or
follow the drive around behind Outback!

Our New Home

We are moving to The Park!!! and it is so totally beautiful. Jenny and her family came out this past Thursday night to see our apartment. Ian ran up to me with his arms outstretched yelling, "Nan! You live in a castle!" When we got to the Juliet balcony, he called out to Noah, "Hey Noah, here I am up here!"

Our Brandon doesn't show a lot of emotion, much like his father-in-law. I watched his face as he went through looking at the extras in our new home, and he finally turned and said, "This is really nice" and I had the pleasure of saying, "You haven't seen it all. Wait until you see the garage!" And it just gets better!

We cannot wait to share pictures with you. We are settling in and still have cabinets that are empty!! I promise you, if you are in the market for a new home, you must check out The Park. And I promise, we have much to share with you!! Stay tuned.

Great News Coming!

Oh, I have some awesome news to share with you later this week! It's been a busy time for me the past week or so, but hang in there with me and I promise you'll get a full accounting and pictures!!

Makes Sense To Me~

"You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
~the late Dr. Adrian Rogers, 1931 - 2005

Although I do not agree with all of his quotes or teachings, I see merit in this one ~Nancy

It has been a great day.
A long day, a busy day,
but an awesome day.
From the moment I woke up,
until this moment now,
it's been the kind of day
you want to remember forever.
Thank you so much to those
that have called,
and laughed
with me today~
Jenny, Ian, & Noah made sure
I had heart shaped brownies today,
and a dear friend took me to dinner!
I loved the 40's, but I have to say,
the 50's really and truly rock.

Happy Birthday Eve~

Not yet, but tomorrow.
That's why it's my birthday eve.
And I'm wondering if 54
will feel any older than 53,
especially when
I still feel 28 on the inside.
I just bet
I'll feel just the same tomorrow.
Still happy,
still blessed,
still in love~

My Devotional Today~

My child, don't be troubled
by the events you see unfolding in your world.
I was Lord of My creation in the beginning,
and I am Lord of coming events.
Although you do not understand the future,
or even the present, remember that I do.
Live one day at a time, trusting Me,
and bearing witness of Me.
As Ancient of Days, I am always in control.Tomorrow is often a question on hold,
but God knows exactly how life will unfold.

Wow, didn't we all need this today?! Our God is so awesome.

I am a romantic, a dreamer, and a lover of cozy homes. These homes live within my dreams ~ and as different as they are, I would love living in either of them.
The first would be a grand place to run through, to have family live with you, to entertain and wander. Many generations of family, with meals being a gathering of love and conversations. Can you imagine all the crannies and nooks this would have within its thick walls?! Not to mention the views for the eyes!
The next home is also one of my dreams and has been since I saw the movie Heidi. Remember? The cottage in the Alps? This is the home I would retire in with Johnny and have our grandchildren come and play and explore in the fields and bring me flowers. A fire in the winter, an open door to bring in cool breezes during the warm months.

Regardless of the home, I am sure you all will agree that as long as we are with the one we love it does not matter where we live nor in the dwelling itself. As long as we are with the one that matters. But yet ~ we dream.

Photographs by Rory Pruitt~

to brag, to share~

These are our daughters~
they have the best of us~
they have a piece of each of us.
The little one?
He's a third generation,
and again, has the best parts of us.
I love looking at snapshots of them
and knowing that God has singled out
only the very best of those I love
and given them to these I love~

So this sweet face,
that preferred face painting,
and got a hat~
was really okay with the hat.
As you can see from this picture
of Ian & his mom flying high
in their tiny airplane,
with Cinderella's castle in the background~
Align Center

I Got ~ What?!

This was too cute not to share.
Jenny took this of Ian after he found out
they would not let him get his face painted
with a snake on it, for $15.
Instead, he got a hat that he can keep
for longer than a day!
Look how enthusiastic he is!
I actually laughed out loud when I saw this.

and thank you, Stacia, for my signature tag!!!

Today was the annual Mardi Gras Parade
in Prattville and everyone had fun.
Moon pies and beads were tossed from those
riding on floats and in vintage cars
to those waiting in anticipation
on the sides of the street!
There were jesters and queens
waving and tossing candy!
There were gymnasts doing back flips,
and horses with riders in fancy dress!
Ian and Noah were wearing dozens
of colorful necklaces and carrying
a sackful of goodies and loot!
Can't wait to see the snapshots Jen took!

I laughed out loud when I saw these shots
of Ian & Noah tonight. (You can see more
at their website!)
Jenny says that Noah would pick a spot,
then wait for everyone else
to come to where he was.
I love it!
And below is Ian, and a character
from one of my very favorite movies,
Have I said lately how deeply in love
I am with our grands?
Oh, yeah, I did.

From the moment we got to our condo,
I began asking for snow. I didn't need much,
but I wanted snow. And for the first
two days, it was cold. And damp.
But no snow.
This was the road as we drove into Cades Cove,
Saturday. We both enjoy this area.
We saw lots and lots of deer. Lots of turkey.
No bears. No snow.
I love these old homes.
What I don't like is the low ceiling.
Makes for a tight spot.

Sunday, we drove into the park and up
towards Clingman's Dome. No,
we did not climb it. I do not hike.
I do not enjoy sweating. Or puffing.
Posed snapshots.
Do you have shots like these?
Then, came Monday.
We walked out onto the porch,
and it was colder, and wetter.
On our way back from downtown,
it began to drizzle. Yuck. We decided to explore some of the roads
in the Gatlinburg area, and guess what?
It began to snow.
and I had to have my picture in it!
John loves watching Robert Alewine
do his pottery thing. This trip
we went to his store and met him.
And bought a coffee mug.
I think I'll give Hood
some pottery lessons.
When we got ready to leave his store,
this is what greeted us!!
And it continued to snow,
and snow, and snow!!!
and John wondered
if we should go home.
I was getting my snow!
And okay, ice,
which made me nervous.
I like my cute little car
with no dents in the bumpers!

We left this morning around 10 am
and it was still snowing.
In fact, it snowed all the way
to the interstate and beyond.
Our trip was awesome.
Very relaxing, very restful.
And I got my snow.

Sure wish it had followed me home.

PS~There's a video that follows taken as we drove from Gatlinburg to Pigeon Forge. Or maybe it was the other way around~

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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