I am a romantic, a dreamer, and a lover of cozy homes. These homes live within my dreams ~ and as different as they are, I would love living in either of them.
The first would be a grand place to run through, to have family live with you, to entertain and wander. Many generations of family, with meals being a gathering of love and conversations. Can you imagine all the crannies and nooks this would have within its thick walls?! Not to mention the views for the eyes!
The next home is also one of my dreams and has been since I saw the movie Heidi. Remember? The cottage in the Alps? This is the home I would retire in with Johnny and have our grandchildren come and play and explore in the fields and bring me flowers. A fire in the winter, an open door to bring in cool breezes during the warm months.

Regardless of the home, I am sure you all will agree that as long as we are with the one we love it does not matter where we live nor in the dwelling itself. As long as we are with the one that matters. But yet ~ we dream.

Photographs by Rory Pruitt~

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Melissa Lester said...

Whether a castle or a cottage, it is sure to be full of love if you are there!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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