Summer's Begun!

Stacey & her babies came to spend Memorial Day with us! We celebrated with the rest of the coast at The Track playing Putt Putt, riding bumper boats and go karts! Ice cream and Dairy Queen yummies helped cool off the day! Everyone at the Track was having such fun. We didn't meet a single grumpy person, and the weather was warm but breezy. 
Alaina and Austin ~ I believe Alaina is trying to give the "I love you" sign. They are ready to have fun on the coast!! 
Sweet Owen turned two months! We've got a trip in the making to go see this young man and his parents. It's been too long for this Pa and Nan {heart font}.
Noah graduated from Kindergarten this month and we were so happy to be a part of that celebration. He had such fun and it was great seeing this young man get ready for 1st grade. 
John rode his bike up to Jenny's home and before he left, Elle and Noah volunteered to help him wash the bugs off. He was impressed with their hard work, and Noah wanting to take a ride. But he'll have to go through Nan first. Elle had the spray bottle and was loving that!

Our summer has gotten off to a great beginning, filled with family, love and laughter. Praying yours has been the same ~

Week's Favorites

Happy Mother's Day to our amazing, and dearly loved, daughters. They are raising God-loving, respectful, adored and loving children. John and I are so proud and thrilled their dreams have come true. 
Stacey, Leslie, and Jenny at Leslie's baby shower.
This is Marley, Leslie and Heath's fur baby. Leslie went to check on Owen, as feeding time was approaching, and Marley had nestled down under his crib. We've all loved and spoiled Marley for years. Now she's taken over her role with Owen. Melted my heart.
Jenny posted this photo this week, saying, "Noah wanted his picture taken in our flowerbed". I think he just wanted the two women he loves the most with him. Again, heart melt.
Elle's Mother's Day note to her mommy via her beloved teacher at First Pres. Dayschool. I know it brought sweet tears to Jenny's eyes, for it did to mine.
And Jenny's oldest Ian, at the Mother's Day Brunch. Cannot believe that he will be going into another grade in a few months. We are so in love with our six babies and their mommies. And daddies!!
And to all my fellow retired teachers and those still in the classroom, Happy Teacher's Week. You deserve far more than you're paid, for this is a job you do for the love of children. I was blessed beyond measure the 20 years I spent in my second grade classroom. You will be, as well, even when the moments are tough and you don't think you can attend one more faculty meeting or inservice day. Hang in there. And God bless you for your chosen profession.

For the Love of a Horse~

"The wind of heaven
is that which blows
between a horse's ears."
-Arabian Proverb 
"A horse is the projection of peoples' dreams about themselves - strong, powerful, beautiful - and it has the capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence."
-Pam Brown
"Tis said a dog is man's best friend,
but the horse?
The horse wrote history."

"Wherever man has left his footprint in the long ascent from barbarism to civilization, we will find the hoofprint of the horse beside it."
- John Moore

Weekend Favorites

Our sweet Owen is growing so quickly
and I found this, read it, and loved it.
A few favorites from the weekend ~ 

It's been a restful weekend, but also one of getting things accomplished. Don't you just love the self-satisfaction of finishing a project?! I do and I will be feel soooo self-satisfied when we finish our guest bath. To bring a shadowy idea to fruition will be nice, especially since I keep second guessing myself or wondering which way would be the easiest, yet prettiest, way to stencil. AND to find just what I want to stencil. Yeah, pray for me. And for The Hood. I foresee some patience being tried {wink font} on BOTH our parts. Have a great week!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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