Happy Easter, Dear Ones ~

He arose.
What beautiful words.
Celebrate His ascension
tomorrow and everyday.

Here are some of my favorite posts from Easter's past:

And this year, we have Owen Heath!! What a beautiful gift from God during this Holy week. Leslie and Owen are home and doing fine. We are blessed.

Welcome to Our World, Owen

Our middle daughter, Leslie.
Her new baby son, Owen.
Her first.
Our sixth grandchild.
There aren't enough words.
Our cup runneth over, Lord. 
The new family came home this morning.
Marley was happy enough.
She was glad her mum and dad were home!
Didn't give Owen much of a glance.
It was a good feeling to have them home. 
Of course, we loved holding him as well.
A rocker+a baby=Pure Bliss
John now has four grandsons.
He's over the moon,
and the two granddaughters?
The ones that spoil him?
They keep his head in the stars. 
The rocker? It belonged to Leslie's beloved grandmother. She's in Heaven now and Leslie recovered the seat. It mean a lot to this child to be able to rock her son in this chair. Goes clear to the heart of the matter. Thank you, Father, for this new family. We promise to always be a living example of Your love and promises. We won't lead him astray.

And to Heath and Leslie? Congratulations. Again. Owen is simply beautiful and we are thrilled that he belongs to you and that he's home where he belongs. The best part of your life has now begun. We love you very much and are always here for you {heart font}.

It's Almost Easter

Our youngest daughter and her family will be celebrating Easter tomorrow with the congregation where her father in law ministers. It's a sweet country locale and the members are all kin on someones side of the family. They get so excited when the little ones 'come home' to hide the eggs and eat 'dinner on the grounds'.  The photos taken there have become a precious time I look forward to each year. Others will be traveling this weekend to celebrate with various members of their family. I pray you all arrive safely and enjoy your time worshiping  with loved ones & taking delight in watching the little ones hunt eggs. 

Happy Spring!

may we all enjoy the new birth of nature
the silent promise of a coming spring
and infinite continued blessings
from an awesome God

Spring with Bloggers

Love what she did with her boxwood wreath! Go to Thrifty Decor Chic (one of my favorites!) and see what else she does with real AND faux boxwood!! 
I am in love with this fabric and won't tell you what Becca at Adventures in Decorating, (another of my all time favs!!) did with this beautiful piece! I want you to see for yourself the before and after photographs. Love all of it!

As for us,
we are patiently waiting for Leslie to have our grandson, Owen! We have been told by our other two daughters that they are not having any more and we are over the moon that we will have one more tiny one to ooh and ahh. I've watched Jenny's Elle change from a baby girl to a little girl. And she's not four yet! We are thrilled to have six grandbabies. They bring such joy and delight in our lives and the lives of those that know and love them. Again, Lord, thank you for our infinite blessings! We do not take them for granted.

Have a blessed, God-led week, everyone!

Touched By a Letter

I was blessed recently by the movie, The Letter Writer, and found that the song at the end was on YouTube. It's beautiful and will touch your heart. I pray you get the chance to see the movie. I watched it through Netflix. It's a warm, loving look at life and how we should care for each other. How we should conduct our life, for we are always touching another's. It is our choice whether it's for the good, or to hurt. I know I haven't always made the right choice. Each day gives us another chance to look for someone to help, a life to touch, an encouraging word, a gentle touch. May you be blessed by Aley's 'Angel Bones'.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Begin with the corned beef, cabbage and potatoes! Start the week with a hearty, but rather unhealthy, meal of the Irish {wink font}. Honestly? Last year we ate in Fairhope at an Irish pub and had the above meal. Oh.my. Make you want to slap someone it was so good! 
Top it off with a light dessert of skewered fruit! How easy is this? And they are all good for you and good to eat. Well, okay, so I don't like kiwi fruit. I can give it another chance. 
What grandmother, or anyone for that matter, wouldn't love to get this from the grandbabies?! It's too cute and you could put different hands on one in order to get everyone in on the craft. I'm hoping for one {HINT font}. 
What a doll! And you can find this cute outfit here on Etsy! Great price and well made. I know that for a fact. The maker is my daughter and yes, that's one of our grandbabies! 
I'll end with a prayer. May your week be God-led and filled with much love and laughter. Ours will be a busy one, but that's a good thing. It's overcast and there's rain coming, but it's to wash the earth and bring forth the Spring flowers! A few more days and it'll be Spring officially! Happy St. Patrick's Day to all ~

A Pie Lovely Post

Out of the ten favorite pie recipes Melissa Lester posted, this has to be at the top of my list! And if you think this looks good, head over to her site to see the other nine. And YES, they are complete with recipes!! Pie lovers, unite!  Here's the link!!

Fun In the Sun

Look at the awesome waves! But too cold to boogie board, although not cold enough to have some walks on the beach and fun at The Hangout! The winds today are to be between 20-30 mph so that's a bit much for me. John went with them and I'll join them for lunch if they call. We are thrilled to have them here!!! I want the above one framed for the Cottage Room.
Yep, I want this framed, too. {smile font}
You'll see the checkered cab in our parades.

Great Expectations

Thank you for the greeting this morning, Melissa at 320*Sycamore! Have a great week everyone and a very blessed day today as we worship our Father and King ~

Oh How Happy . . .

"Thank you, Father, for leading them safely here. We are so in love with these two little ones and the precious child of ours that took the photo. For the meal and the ability to pay for it and enjoy ourselves, we thank thee. For the days ahead, and even the rain that's coming, be with us, keep us safe and close to thee. We are blessed beyond words. We love you. So much. Amen"

Spring On Pinterest

I have a Spring board on Pinterest and just looking at it this afternoon made me feel so smiley inside. The above idea is so easy to replicate and too cute!! Boots from Target, happy silk flowers on sale at Michael's! Bingo, instant entry welcome.
Oh yes, cake. Yum! Here's the link for this photo! This is a new blog to me and I want to go back and look through it, maybe become a follower. This is a cute Easter cake! 
And use split peas which are cheaper than coffee beans and easier to use than seashells, and STILL have that Spring look. These appear to be vases glued to candlesticks, don't they! 
Just right for our front door or the door to the covered porch. I intend to make this one. It's too easy. And too cute! Happy upcoming Spring, everyone!

Blogs & Babies

I love her header. And if you do? Then you'll love her blog! Talk about home decor and DIY projects! In fact, the one today that I'll link you to shows the cutest overhead light! John and I were at Lowe's this past weekend, looking for a light to replace the fan we have in our kitchen. I do remember seeing pretty linen shades and lights similar to it. Thinking now, we need to reconsider and look at them a bit more closely!
THIS is our very favorite stew. I am still perfecting my recipe, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to find hers on here tonight. I've referred you to Susan's blog before. You need to click here and head to BNOTP. When you finish this post, keep reading. There's a lot to see!
Oh, Melissa Lester. I've drooled over your blog for quite a few years now. You'll always be one of my favorites. I love your party ideas and I love your book club ideas! Not to mention what a beautiful Christian you are and that you share His words as an accomplished speaker.
This sweetheart was ready for Wacky Wednesday today. She's growing too quickly for my heart. It can't keep up. It still wants to rock her to sleep. 
This sweet young man chose his Uncle Heath to showcase at his school for community helpers. We were touched and very proud. Way to go, Noah. Nan and Pa love you, and Heath? We pray for you so often. Heath and Leslie will have our sixth grandchild this month and we're over the moon. Just a couple of more weeks and little Owen will be here!

It's been a week filled with sinusitis, warm windy days, and cold nights. Weather that feels good but keeps one coughing, sneezing, and sucking on throat lozenges. How many of you have had the snow I've been dreaming of?! I've seen it on the news but it missed us.

Castle By the Sea ~

If we lived here,

I'd be out on the back porch overlooking the water and planning the next family get together. Complete with a kitchen filled with yummy desserts and meats for the grill area; close friends to celebrate the joys of life and,; thankful hearts that made this dream possible.

Then our favorite cook would bring me the healthiest and most delicious lunch!

Now it's your turn!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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