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I love her header. And if you do? Then you'll love her blog! Talk about home decor and DIY projects! In fact, the one today that I'll link you to shows the cutest overhead light! John and I were at Lowe's this past weekend, looking for a light to replace the fan we have in our kitchen. I do remember seeing pretty linen shades and lights similar to it. Thinking now, we need to reconsider and look at them a bit more closely!
THIS is our very favorite stew. I am still perfecting my recipe, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to find hers on here tonight. I've referred you to Susan's blog before. You need to click here and head to BNOTP. When you finish this post, keep reading. There's a lot to see!
Oh, Melissa Lester. I've drooled over your blog for quite a few years now. You'll always be one of my favorites. I love your party ideas and I love your book club ideas! Not to mention what a beautiful Christian you are and that you share His words as an accomplished speaker.
This sweetheart was ready for Wacky Wednesday today. She's growing too quickly for my heart. It can't keep up. It still wants to rock her to sleep. 
This sweet young man chose his Uncle Heath to showcase at his school for community helpers. We were touched and very proud. Way to go, Noah. Nan and Pa love you, and Heath? We pray for you so often. Heath and Leslie will have our sixth grandchild this month and we're over the moon. Just a couple of more weeks and little Owen will be here!

It's been a week filled with sinusitis, warm windy days, and cold nights. Weather that feels good but keeps one coughing, sneezing, and sucking on throat lozenges. How many of you have had the snow I've been dreaming of?! I've seen it on the news but it missed us.

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Susan Herin said...

Nancy, thanks so much for the shout out! So nice of you to include me with the other lovely links here! Such sweet pictures to end your post. :) Congrats on a the new addition the family that's coming soon. XO

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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