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Six things about me that you may or may not know ~

1 ~ I still have such wanderlust in me. If it weren't for our daughters living so near, I would've talked Johnny into moving years ago to a state I've never lived in before.

2 ~ Watching people fascinates me. I've always, since I can remember!, made up stories about the people I watch. Even to the point of thinking up a house for them to live in.

3 ~ I can 'nest' anywhere except in a trailer. Call it an OCD, but I've never wanted to live in a trailer. Really like houses, and love apartments!

4~ Things that bother others really don't bother me. When my feelings get hurt, I remember that in the big picture, all this won't matter a bit!

5 ~ I wish we had an apartment in Brandon, MS so we could stay longer when we visit. Like weeks at a time.

6 ~ It's easy for me to make friends and they add a beautiful dimension to my life. I still stay in touch with friends from grammer school.

I tag~
Susanne G.
and Kelly!!!!!

Monkey & The Dog

What do you get when you mix a napmat with a little boy?
One very relaxed and happy grandson~
Cute As A Button has some really cute napmats and Jen wanted two for the boys to keep upstairs and watch TV~Ian chose the Dog and picked the monkey for Noah. Ian really liked his,but not nearly as much as this little monkey
was instantly loved by Noah! Aptly named, Monkey,Noah immediately got down on the floor and nuzzled all over this furry animal!He was so cute, and I really think he would've fallen asleep had Jenny given him the time~
Last night, I met with three of my dearest and bestest friends. Deborah had a delicious casserole and chocolate dessert!! Kay and Lisa brought lots of hugs and laughter and we had such a great time together~I would hate to think of life without them. Here's Lisa and Deborah. Kay and I refused to pose for the camera~

Yay Lowe's!

Here's my new washer/dryer set!! Sunday afternoon my Kenmore washer quit, here it is Wednesday evening and I'm washing clothes!! This is Samsung from Lowe's and NO, we will not be doing any more business with Sears. At all. Johnny had no choice but to pay the $210 required by the Prattville store for a restocking fee, but they'll have to have the washer repaired first. argh We used it several times a week for seven weeks and a few days. We had to pay $59 for them to come collect it, and then the $105 per item to 'restock'. John told the owner of Prattville's store, that Customer Service said it was up to each store to handle fees, and that we had spent upwards of $5000, not counting the w/d set, at his store in the last twenty-four months. We really shouldn't be paying this fee. Especially if he wanted us to remain customers. He refused to budge saying that was his policy, so we no longer will be giving Sears our hard earned cash!

Because of the way the water and outlets are arranged, this is the way we have to position the set. I no longer have room for the microwave on top of the washer and the door to the laundry area will prohibit us from using the drawer under the dryer, but it's there when we move into another place. John already has an idea of how to fix a spot for the microwave since kitchen space is limited. Both doors are high enough that there will be no bending whatsoever. I like that. Now I just have to spend the weekend rearranging the laundry and getting my shelves organized. There's stuff sitting on the stove and cabinets, but I'm a bit weary tonight and would rather whine/proclaim with you.
It doesn't look like it, but there is enough space to open the door and walk around it. They do have washers you can order where the door opens in the opposite direction and that would have been great! But I wanted a washer this week. Today. Right now. And I got it.

Besides, who can say which way the door will need to go for the next laundry area.

And This, My Friends,

is simply Part Two, as I'm not sure if we're finished with the story of the bad washer from Sears.

John went to Sears this morning. To make it brief, both he and the manager got a bit heated and had to take a minute. We were refunded our money. Yay, but Prattville Sears wants a 15% restocking fee. For a washer that doesn't work. Go figure. Apparently, Sears will refurbish it and resell it. If this had been the only thing we bought from them, I could understand paying for the seven weeks and five days we used it. BUT we purchased a big screen TV from them, a microwave, super nice double door fridge, elliptical, and a large outdoor grill (and all this within a two year span). I think they could cut some slack with a restocking fee. That's where John and the daily manager butted heads.

John's way of thinking is, 'hey look, we almost bought a set at Lowe's but since your store was ripped apart by the tornado in February we wanted to give you the business'. The manager is tied to the policies set forth by the owner. Hence, John wants to talk to someone about the fee and was given a toll free number to Customer Service. When he calls and complains, they say it's up to each individual store owner/manager as to whether or not a restocking fee is required. So, he mentions this to the manager and again, is told it's up to Sears. The classic game of Pass the Buck and Hope the Fool Gives Up. Have you grimaced and rolled your eyes yet? I have.

We had to pay $59 for them to come out and get the set, but paying them the 15% is still up in the air as far as The Hood is concerned. And I have to say, I agree with him on this one. The good news is, they will be out at 8 in the morning to get it out of our apartment!! The better news is,

after he left Sears, he drove to Lowe's and spent quite some time discussing brand names, etc. with two workers that impressed him with their knowledge of brands. Did a bit of research on Consumer.com (thank you, Lisa!) and bought me a washer and dryer tonight!! Also bought the pedestals that go under them so I don't have to lean so far to get into them! I'm so excited!! And Lowe's is delivering them tomorrow afternoon!!

So imagine me singing, "I'm washing clothes tomorrow, I'm washing clothes tomorrow, Nan Na Nan Na Boo Boo". And I have this huge grin plastered on my face. Okay, so it's not one of those real pretty colors they have now, it's your basic white but I'll sleep under clean sheets, dry with clean towels, and not be looking for lost clothing in a dumpster because the dirty clothes are in a trash bag waiting to see if the Laundromat is needed. Yes sir, this is one happy female. Here's a promo pic. I'll show you mine tomorrow night~

Oh, and if you've hadproblems with your washer/dryer PULEEASE leave me a comment and tell me what brand you have. We have thirty days to decide if we're keeping them. Heather, you left a comment about yours. What brand do you have??!! Johnny says if this front loader doesn't work out, he's putting me back with a top loader. (As if I really care. I just want one that works.)

No, No, Not MY Washer!!

Oh, NO!!! Not my washer. And dryer!! I wanted an image to go along with the next post, so I Googled images of a washing machine. I found one, which led to a blog, of a Sears washer and dryer like ours!! With 27 comments from others having the same problem!!! argh!!! I got on the phone, called Johnny, told him to go to Sears TOMORROW and have the Sears people come pick up this set!!! We're still within our 90 days grace period and I don't want a lifetime of problems!!! Not to mention, I don't know when a repairman will get here to fix this one. I'm thankful we're within our grace period. I'll keep you updated as to what transpires tomorrow!!

Oh, and here's the sweet looking culprit.

and here's the panel that apparently leads to the control panel that will need replacing. And it's not even two months old. Yuck, double yuck.

I don't think the next set will come from Sears~

Same View, Different Truck

So, this is what greeted me a few days ago, before Faye blew in and blew off all the aftermath that repaving brings upon poor unsuspecting automobiles. I opened our front door to find this lovely parked in our driveway. This shot was taken at our threshhold!! I had to laugh out loud, but not as loud as I did when I saw ~

this snapshot of Ian that Jenny took. The child loves pirates and his Nana gave him a new pirate outfit. Here's he is 'dancing a jig' for his mom. I am so totally in love with these grandbabies. BUT, I still laughed harder when I saw ~

this shot of Noah in his pirate bandana with attached dreadlocks! I think the paci tops it all off, don't you? I personally think God sent us children to remind us how to laugh, giggle, and enjoy the lighter moments of life.
Mentioning children, Teale and Chad are expecting a little girl soon!! We are all praying for and happily awaiting Harper's arrival. The best years of this couples life has begun~
Okay, so here's a "Johnny Funny". Tonight I noticed a bag of laundry I had bagged and set by the washer (which is broken!!!) was NOT where I left it. I asked John about it and he replied, "I thought it was trash!" Now, I had set out the bags of trash, along with telling him to get the one OUT of the trashcan. He got all of those, along with the extra one there. At 10 PM tonight, we were out at the dumpster looking for a white trash bag of clothing. Do you have any idea how many families use white trash bags!!
It was so funny to me that I started giggling as we walked across the parking lot. Then, realizing how insane we looked groping around other people's trash, I really got the giggles. The more I giggled, the meaner the looks got from Johnny. We did find the bag, got the clothes back, and John had to laugh with me as we made our way back across the parking lot.
The washing machine? Yeah, it quit on me Sunday afternoon. We bought a new front loader and apparently you can't just punch the Stop button, then the Start button. By doing so, you mess up the electrical system and the suggestions the Support tech offered didn't work. argh!!! So now, I have to have a repairman out to reset the machine.
It could be worse, I could be twenty years older and not able to deal with calling the Sears Customer Service, punching one for English, punching three for repairs, punching my phone number, punching four for Other, then one for Tech Support, listen to taped music for three minutes, only to be disconnected. This scenario happened twice. Twice, I said!! On the third time, and I was still breathing deep, praying, and speaking nicely, I was able to complete the call only to be told it would be September 3rd before a serviceman could be scheduled.
What?! Sears has so many service calls I have to wait a week to see someone?! Maybe we shouldn't have bought Kenmore after all. The tech did say he would turn it in as an emergency and someone would contact us within 24 hours to tell us we would be worked in this week. He promised they would call.
(to be cont'd.)

Happy Birthday, Austin Brett!
You are everything we prayed for,
and we shall always love you!
May this big number 5 year
be one of the happiest ever!
You go to kindergarten this year!
Just doesn't seem possible.
Seems like yesterday
we were finding out that you were
on your way into our world
and our hearts.
We simply adore you~

So ~

this is what greeted me yesterday afternoon upon opening our blinds to see what was making all that noise outside!
Our parking lot and driveways are being repaved (why? I don't know) and Ian and Noah have enjoyed watching the "big twucks" do their thing. Unfortunately, neither were here yesterday to see this big twuck!!
The above snapshot was taken from the front door. Still just as big. Below you'll see the rest of the crew. Along with the lantana and shrub blooming and growing outside our patio.

My brother, Nelson, was over yesterday morning and we were watching Alex, the maintenance guy clean the sidewalks and driveways. As he stopped to check on the greenery, Johnny looked at Nelson and quipped, "Hey Nelson, look! That's me doing my yard work." After they both finished laughing and wiping their eyes, John acknowledged he just loves watching someone else do the yard work. Think he's getting a bit spoiled already?!


Click over to Susie's blog to see how easy it is to make this spooky cutsie tree!! Too easy, too cute. You'll find one at my house this October :)

How Did You Get Here?

I know Jenny reads updated posts via a feed of some sort and I'm curious as to how others read my posts. So if you'll kindly take the time, please do the poll at the top and let me know how you visit. Thanks! And check out the new 'button' on the left. It's an international blog spot~

Pears? Pumpkins?!

Girlfriends, you have got to click now, and I mean NOW to go see what Chris at Just a Girl has done with a shelf and a pear!! I even have a similiar shelf that will be painted this weekend!! and I already have the pear! The ribbon I intend to/hope to find at Michael's. I'll post MY new project. Jen, I'm thinking you'll love this too. What?! Ya'll aren't there yet? So, okay, I'll show you what she did. Then you can go and read the whole post and see some more projects. From this ~

to this ~ how cute can you get?!

I'll let you go to her blog to read how utterly simple this pumpkin wreath is!
So, that's it. Oh, and this is the second post tonight if you're interested in reading further ~

All I Can Say Is

I listened to the voters and I took the Playlist item off. Now there is no music. And I'm not sure if I like that. The music normally reflected my mood, state of mind, memories that tugged, and/or all of the above. Take your pick. Sometimes? I opened our blog, not to sign in, but to have the music while I read a magazine or the paper. Before the coming week, it may be back on here. Just WHAT you'll hear is anyone's guess. I guess that those of you that voted no need to turn your sound off. I can't imagine going to Button Willow and not hearing the sounds that accompany the visual treats, nor visiting The Feathered Nest and not feel my soul relax listening to Dawn's classical choices. But then, that's what makes for such a beautiful and intriguing world, the differences in all of us~

It's almost the weekend and I, for one, still love Fridays. Even retired my breath still quickens when I realize that Saturday morning I have no reason to get up early. I don't get up now before eight o'clock! so why I should be happy to sleep in on Saturday is beyond me. But I still do. I love Fridays.

To all of you, may the weekend bring rest, rain, and renewal~

Happy Birthday, Johan

to the man that has made so many dreams come true, the one I hide behind, sleep beside, worship with, and laugh ~ the one that knows me better at times than I know myself, loves the Saviour, our daughters, and me ~ to the one I want to walk into the sunset with
Happy Birthday, John. May we celebrate many, many more together.
with all my love,

Lovin' the Rain

I hope you're enjoying the rain as much as we are! It's been soooo nice and relaxing today. This afternoon I was able to reconnect with a dear friend that I haven't seen in a long time, Leah Hunt. It was so good to see you, Hayes, and Marley today, girl!! And thank you for bringing Karen with you. If you read this Karen, do plan to come back! It was great having you in Prattville. I didn't have my camera today, but here's a pic I 'borrowed' from Leah's site. This was taken during a surprise birthday party, but I've always known this girl to laugh a lot!! To me, this picture aptly describes her~

Here's a pic of her daughter,

Marley is a little blonde Leah!

Tonight we met two more dear friends for a bite at a local eatery, Jose's, for dinner, laughter, and to plan a couple of trips this fall/winter. They will be taking a couple of trips before us, so be safe, have fun, and take lots of snapshots for me!!Hope everyone is doing well and staying dry. Here's hoping the rain will last another couple of days!

Right Room, Right Window Position

We moved into our Master Bedroom today!! There is still much to be done before I'm happy with the decor, but at least we'll be sleeping there tonight! For those who know me know that I have trigger moments related to the accident in 2006. I have moments when I feel trapped in time. Sleeping in the guest room brought about such moments because ~

the window in our guest room is on the same side of the bed as the bed I spent 70 days in during my ICU stay. At night, the street lights come through the slats and trigger memories of a large window in my ICU room. I remember seeing light behind those blinds and wondering what kind of nightmarish world existed beyond the door. John and I talked of this coming home from Mississippi yesterday. He asked what I wanted to accomplish today and moving the bed OUT of the guest room was #1 on the list. Maybe, when I work up the nerve, I'll talk about the nightmares one can become locked into while under extreme doses of medication and severe trauma to the body. It's not fun.

{The reason the bed was in the guest room was simply because we intended to get a sleep number bed and put it in the master. While waiting to find time to go look at them, we realized we enjoyed sleeping on the 'guest bed' so now it's our bed and we'll get another for the guest room.} And this is where I need your input ~

I have two large pictures that I really like and you'll see them below. One is propped up on a chest in the bedroom, the other is on the floor in the guest room. If you have a choice on which one you think would look better hanging over the chest, please leave me a comment. I'm leaning toward the one with the dove at the moment. Can't wait to get curtains up!! The blinds do NOT do much to thwart the sun nor the street lights, but at least the window is on the correct side of the bed now!

There remains much to be done but here are some snapshots of what the master looks like tonight.

It's a tiny room but surprisingly there is more area to walk around in than what seems to be pictured.
and here are two of the reasons we love traveling to Mississippi. We celebrated John and Austin's birthday at Macaroni Grill and then the girls and I went shopping for a bit while the guys kept Austin and Alaina entertained. It was nice. Thank you, girls, for the food, the laughter, and the fun. Can't wait to come back.

When Words Aren't Needed

Bits & Pieces

We're home!! It was such fun, but the trip home long, long, long. There is always some sort of road construction going on and this trip was no exception. Considering Johnny has received two, not one but TWO, speeding tickets he followed the limits closely. Which meant driving 45 mph for most of the trip between Demopolis and Selma. argh Everyone and their brother, along with cousins and long lost relatives, were passing us!! and we were just poking along.

Abbie! I'll run by the shoppe tomorrow and see what sizes we have in the beach outfit and will call you. All of the outfits are much cuter than my pictures :) I was in a bit of a hurry and doing it in between customers. Lily is growing too quickly and I love it when you update your blog with pics of her! {To those of you that don't know Abbie, you can visit her at The Greer Blessings. And Abbie, I am so sorry you had such a rough ending to your week ~ God will bring something good through the wrong that's been done. Rest assured He will repay.}

Much love, giggles and happy thoughts to the rest of you and may your week be filled with many moments of the same~

Second Post for Friday

Second post, but you have got to check this craft project out! Jen and Katie, you're going to love this. It's at Joys of Home and I already know where I'm going to put my letter! Oh, and keep reading! This is the second post this evening.

Couldn't Resist Sharing

Hey mommies with little girls! Cute As A Button is having a great 40% SALE that will run the month of August. Patti is determined to leave all summer items and take only the incoming fall and holiday wear to the new location. Leah, I thought about Marley when I saw these and Melissa, I know how you love girly things, too!! Look at these snapshots I took to show Leah what we have in Marley's size. Some are 24 months, Leah, so she could wear it next Spring and Summer. At these prices, I bought our granddaughter some for next year.

You'll find there are still some 4, 5, 6, and 6X but most sizes left are 9 - 24 months and 2T - 4T in the pink girls room. In the boys sizes, you'll find play clothes 2T-4T and dressy outfits for 3 - 24 months. The store is open on Saturdays 10 - 4 and Tues-Friday 10-6! Come visit!! and shop!! New outfits are arriving daily and we're quickly running out of room! Can't wait to get downtown into a much larger space with an even larger inventory! If you have any questions about anything you see, let me know, or go see Patti Saturday.

This is a favorite of mine, and everyone else apparently because it's the only one left. It's a sweet yellow cotton smocked short sleeve Luli & Me dress regularly priced $45.99. On sale for $27.59.
Here's the detail work!

Love this dress!! I forgot to get the price, but it's 40% off and I'm thinking the price was somewhere around $57.99, so do the math. The brown and pink ribbon edging is too cute! The material is a soft baby corduroy. We have several sizes in this.
Here's a closer shot of the ribbon detail. There are two bows on the short sleeves.
A summer dress, this vibrant pink smocked dress is 18 months and on sale for only $28.19! Here's the detail work and you'll see the full version below that. This is a Rosalina dress.
This is a blue smocked short sleeve dress, very full skirt, and darling on those blue eyes!! It, too, is on sale for only $28.19.
One of my favorites is this sleeveless smocked dress with carousel ponies on the bodice. You'll see them better in the detail snapshot. This dress is on sale for $40.79 and the material is yellow gingham checked~
Here's another sleeveless yellow gingham smocked dress by Will Beth, and by the way we got in a shipment from them today!! Sweet blue and white smocked sets! This sweet thing is on sale for $33.59.
By the looks of those summer beach pictures, everyone is loving white outfits for the sand and surf!! There are still some of these remaining in case you need one for next year or for beaching it in early fall when the crowds disperse some. This two-piece outfit is only $28.79, with a snapshot of the little bloomers following. Patti also has some pillow case dresses with satin ribbons at the shoulders left in larger sizes.
This is Sweet Potatoes and on sale for only $19.19. Here's a shot of the little panties that go with the dress.
There are still bathing suits and coverups by Kate Mack and Big Fish, play clothes by Sweet Potatoes, decorative flip flops to match outfits, and some dreamy dressy dresses.
So, what do you want?

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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