Haley has tagged me, and you'll soon find out who I tag {big smile here!}

Six things about me that you may or may not know ~

1 ~ I still have such wanderlust in me. If it weren't for our daughters living so near, I would've talked Johnny into moving years ago to a state I've never lived in before.

2 ~ Watching people fascinates me. I've always, since I can remember!, made up stories about the people I watch. Even to the point of thinking up a house for them to live in.

3 ~ I can 'nest' anywhere except in a trailer. Call it an OCD, but I've never wanted to live in a trailer. Really like houses, and love apartments!

4~ Things that bother others really don't bother me. When my feelings get hurt, I remember that in the big picture, all this won't matter a bit!

5 ~ I wish we had an apartment in Brandon, MS so we could stay longer when we visit. Like weeks at a time.

6 ~ It's easy for me to make friends and they add a beautiful dimension to my life. I still stay in touch with friends from grammer school.

I tag~
Susanne G.
and Kelly!!!!!


Lynne Griffies said...

I completely forgot that Haley had tagged you. What can I say---I am sleepy and tired tonight. That is my excuse and I am sticking to it! :)

Susanne Goodin said...

OK - I got the tag and I learned a little more about you today! :)

Haley said...


I also like to to watch people! I have more in common with some of you ladies than I thought..... I could sit on a park bench or in a dept. store for hours and watch people and how they interact with others!

Mrs. B said...

Hi there! I always love learning more about my fellow bloggers! That's so funny about making stories up for people. I do the same thing. I love to people watch!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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