Prayers Needed

The owner of Cute As A Button, Patti Phelps, has lost two family members within a 24 hour period. Her brother-in-law, Charles, was killed in a robbery/double murder last week in Highland Home. He owned a grocery and was killed, along with a friend that was there helping him stock. This has rocked the family. While preparing to come to Alabama for his funeral, a family member in Tennessee died. Her funeral will be Tuesday afternoon, allowing the family in Alabama to attend Charles funeral and pack for the trip to Tennessee. Patti is concerned for her parents. Her mother passed out yesterday and her father is shell-shocked, to say the least. I know they would appreciate being added to prayers lists.

Also, Jenny's son, Noah, has another double ear infection and she has requested prayers for him that a healing will take place and circumvent the need for tubes. All mothers hate to see their children hurt, much less have to be put to sleep for any type of procedure.

We serve an awesome Saviour and He hears the prayers of the righteous. It is a wonderful feeling to come to you today asking for this and know that it will be answered. Thank you for being a prayer warrior and a child of the King. I'll keep you updated~


Leah said...

How awful! I heard about the HH murder on the news. Such an awful world we live in!

Hope Noah can avoid the tubes!!

Lynne Griffies said...

I am just so sorry to hear about Patty Phelps' family members. That is just terrible. I said a prayer for her and her family.

I already knew about Noah and have prayed for him.

I love you sweet friend.

The SITS Girls said...

Read about this tragedy on another blog. Wow.

Prayers are definiely headed her way.

Graham Shenanigans said...

Nancy, it was so nice meeting you in the store and chatting with you today. I love meeting new people, especially people who love the Lord like I do! Bless you, sweet friend. Our prayers are definetely with Patti and her family.


~ from The Letter Writer ~

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