Winter In the South

i love winter. won't make any bones about it. it's a time of rest. reflection. hot chocolate and a fire in the fireplace. a time to slow down. soft talks at night. soup and crusty bread. endless cups of coffee with various creamers for the holidays. it's my favorite time of the year. always has been.
cardinals. my favorite bird. especially the males with their colorful red in a white world with green hollies in bloom. they remind, and i know not why, of being messengers. they turn up to make one smile. they seem to know when you need to see them. could they be sent to make us remember better times, loved ones no longer here, eternity that will be filled with peace. watch for them. they come when they sense a need. truly. as do dragonflies. but that's another story.
walking on a bridge in a snowy wonderland. romantic. i wonder how many engagements have taken place here? how many have expressed love here? how quiet the snow makes our world. it blankets out loudness, animals settle in to hibernate and sleep. daily outside noise vanishes. all lies dormant. beautifully so.
 i know not where this is other than a street my heart takes me to in my dreams. belgium? rome? paris, oslo? i pray that he will show me these places in my dreams once this life is over and there's beauty i still haven't seen. i wonder, do the people who walk these streets wish to walk the streets here? hmmm ~ 
 sadness. so much sadness. 84 deaths and counting just in our state alone. from flu and flu related illnesses. death is no respecter of persons. we've lost family, friends and oh, we've lost our young. those that die with our dreams. this year has been a terrible one with this illness that takes us to such sickness.
our youngest and her family. just prior to going to look at the christmas lights in the town, suburbs and various areas that still love to decorate and set out luminaries. i miss that as our current home is in a suburb that doesn't but oh, we've lived where they do. and it's not only beautiful but brings us back to the heart of christmas with the lighting of a candle. a star.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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