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I saw this idea at Hooked on Houses and decided to check my stats and see the top five blogs most responsible for readers coming my way! Thank you so much for having my button on a sidebar or putting me under your favorite reads. I find some of the neatest blogs by what I call blog-hopping and have made some really sweet friends. So, without further ado, a big heartfelt 'Thank You!' to the following ~

and may all of you that took the time to be here, have a wonderful New Year's weekend. Be safe and here's to a most joyous and exciting 2011!

My Fairy Child ~

We all have special people that pass through our lives and make a beautiful difference. Here is the story of one such child, person, that not only left memories I still hold close but also reaffirmed to me that children are precious and needed in this world of ours. I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoyed having him for that short year in second grade ~

Click on this link, Fairy Child, to be directed to the articles ~ because of the way Blogger lists posts, you'll need to scroll to the bottom post and read upwards, or simply read from back to beginning. I'll post an updated post of this adorable person next week.

What I'd Love to Be Wearing Today!

I'm meeting girlfriends for brunch and on a cold day like today,
I'd love to have these jeans,
with this over-sized sweater (love slouchy sweaters!)
and if it weren't so cold, I'd wear these cute flats.
But since it IS cold, I'd have these on!

And this thrown over my shoulder! Now, let's go eat and giggle!!

Christmas in Mississippi ~

Sweet 'laina, all ready to begin the seasonal fun ~
These photos were taken at a family Christmas gathering in Mississippi, which happens quite often if you're a blended family such as we are.  There are double the amount of gatherings, fun, food, and laughter. Here's Austin with a few presents with his name on them! (Note the beauty of Jeffery & Robin's home!)
Miss Alaina is waiting patiently for the signal to begin opening gifts!
Brett is an answered prayer for our Stacey and can at times be just as silly as these two grinning babies. He loves to hunt, to fish, to cook, and to play with his three loves. We adore him.
Brett and our sweet Stacey ~
(Love those silk drapes!)
Yes, she's a real daddies girl (and I'm also loving the background scenery. Am I the only to look at the foreground, then begin in-depth study of the decor in the background?! I'm guilty!)
Getting some lovin' from her mommy ~
(I've seen those green and red lighted gifts in quite a few blogs and Christmas photos on Facebook. Could someone tell me where I can get these for next year?! They photograph nicely.)
One of my favorite photos of Stacey and Brett's family. I have got to remember to ask Stacey if she can get a copy of it for me from the original photo.  I also love the way Robyn decorated her mantel and if we are ever blessed again with a mantel, I want it to look like this!
Our sweet girls, Leslie and Stacey ~
You don't usually get a photo of these two. We have one now!
Our precious Leslie, who had to work Christmas Day. Boo.
This is their grandmother, and Alaina's great-grandmother. She is still very much a part of their family, loves her visitors, laughs, and still has that spark. I can only pray I'll be in as good a health when I'm her age.

So, I think we've covered all the celebrations until the middle of January when all three of our daughters will gather here at our home for a meal and to open more gifts for each other. The five grandchildren will have a chance to play and giggle and laugh with each other and I think we're planning to go to Jenny's afterwards for desserts and coffee.  My Christmas gift to John was to attend the Bear Bryant tribute at the ASF, here in Montgomery, during that weekend and he's so excited with this plan!  Happy New Year, dear ones~

Christmas With the Maddox's ~

 We went over Christmas Eve to celebrate Christmas with our youngest daughter's family and deliver a gift or two to three of our five grandbabies. Jenny had the most delicious meal and a good time was had by all.
 Our gift to the babies were beanbags and they all had a blast jumping on them, snuggling into them, and dragging them around like Santa's heavy bag. Even Miss Elle managed to crawl up on hers and sit there proudly.  I'm sure these will be used and enjoyed. Thanks Jenny, for the idea!

 Christmas Day we went over around 5 pm for more delicious food and lots of desserts and coffee to see what Santa had brought. The air was filled with the chatter of three excited little ones.
Our 7 year old, Noah, took this one for me.
 Santa brought Miss Elle a car and she loved it. A funny moment ~ Noah, the 4 year old, began turning her round and round in a circle. They were giggling and laughing, when all of a sudden, Elle slumped over and couldn't stay upright. Jenny had Noah stop as she was afraid somebody was going to upchuck. Elle was still laughing but drunk from the motion and finding it hard to keep her head upright.
 Our sweet Jenny ~ 
 Elle also thought it funny that Ian would get on top of her car. This was put to a quick halt by mother though, as a friend's son had a serious fall from the top of one of these little cars while playing with the younger one.
 Brandon, an answer to prayers for our Jenny
His parents, Nancy and Thaylon Maddox.
I hope all of you had a nice Christmas. We were hoping for snow but had nothing more than a few flurries. It was to snow today but the weather hasn't gotten quite as cold as expected, and alas, we only have a cold damp day. But a very blessed day it is. They all are. We are a blessed nation. Now, Happy New Year!

Her Christmas Dress ~

The headboard below is a wall plaque from Kirkland's!
Above ~ can't believe I didn't use a more seasonal
book than a murder thriller {gasp font}
That's part of an old gate at the head. I love it.
 My view from the kitchen sink~
fills me with wonder and thanksgiving each and every time. 
 A bit late, but I hope you and yours have had a most wonderful and delightful weekend. May the week ahead be an easy one and that there are many moments of reflection of this past year and dreams made for the upcoming one. Happy New Year to one and all~

Christmas Past ~

I have taken photos of our home in her Christmas dress and they are edited and ready to pull into a post. However, we are to go celebrate Christmas Eve with our youngest daughter and her family in a few hours, so until I have the time to load the photos into Blogger's format, here are some posts and pics from Christmases past. It's interesting how blog style evolves. Have a Christmas Eve filled with love, laughter, and thoughts of the wee one that came to take our sins to the cross. I'll be back later with photos, until then, be safe, be happy, be prayerful ~

The Original Fun Soap!

I know you've seen these. If you ever shopped Linen 'n Things, you saw these in there. Along with the other members of the soap line. Alas, Linen 'n Things is no longer but Fun Soap is still around! I order over the phone but it's possible to go to their online site or contact them through Facebook! I just loved the ones you see below and they are even cuter and larger in reality! How cute are these sets?!
They also have Soap Shapes!
Here are two that caught my eye!
There's a whole line for the ones in your life that loves girly-girl
and for those that love bugs, and nature.
These add a classic look,
while these continue the fun side of life.
I met the co-owner of Fun Soap through Dawn Edmonson through her blog, The Feathered Nest.  It was a couple of years before I realized her family was the home of those cute ducky soaps I was familiar with. Below you'll see Dawn's version of soap and I have to admit, they look just like fresh farm eggs! The packaging is adorable and I haven't seen a single item that wasn't too cute left wrapped.
Visit their site and if you're on Facebook, go to their page and become a friend of their site. It's a good way to promote a Christian family home-based business ( and that's what America was founded on) and a good way to keep up with their new products! I appreciate your time, your kindness, and Merry Christmas!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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