Christmas is Coming!

Come, take a quick tour of our home~
not as elaborate as times past,
but just as loved and enjoyed.
{And the upkeep is so minimal!}{I would love to hide this fuse box!
Can we ask why it's NOT in a closet?!}
This twig tree is lit and so romantic at night~
Yes, he allowed me to move
the 'flying A' guest towel
in order to use a seasonal one~

This following snapshot was taken a couple
of Sundays ago at Marchelle's.
Jenny was hoping to get a family picture
for a Christmas card. This is about as close
as she got and although she didn't use it
~ and we all loved it.
This family is pretty much like this all the time.
and this one? Well, it's pure happiness
and total abandonment to childhood~
Merry Christmas to you and yours!
PS~For a look at 204 Spruce in her holiday finery last season, click here. It will always remain our very favorite home~


Kelly said...

I loved your tour. Thanks for sharing with us.
I LOVE the picture you have that says MIRACLES on it.
You also have beautiful countertops. Not sure why, but I am always looking at countertops in peoples homes. Strange I know. ;)
And that is a weird place for a fuse box. could hang something over it OR paint it. (do you rent? if so you can always paint it back to that grey color when you are ready to move. just a couple thoughts)
Your daughter has a BEAUTIFUL, HAPPY family. Those boys are gorgeous!!!

Kristi said...

Duh... the fuse box isn't in the closet because a man designed the house. Right? :)

Nancy said...

ha ha and I love the idea of painting it!!!!

Leah said...

Thank you for sharing! I love it!! Minimal and all!!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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