Hurricanes, Hugs, & Home

Well, let's get Hurricane Isaac out of the way. We are under Hurricane Warning now, with voluntary evacuation. At this time, The Hood and I have every intention of staying home and preparing for several days with no electricity. I would love to think he would allow me to go down to the beach, that isn't barricaded to the public, and take some photos but I know the man well enough that he'd physically hold me down before he'd let me do that. I love storms. I mean I really love storms. And hey! This is our first hurricane since moving here! This photo I took this afternoon from the 2nd floor porch of a local church. I had gone for a Beth Moore study only to find that they were sandbagging and taping up windows. So I wandered around and made some new friends. "To everything there is a season" ~
Prayerfully, our beaches will look just this pristine by next weekend. Maybe we'll have seaweed litter and a few more Man 'O Wars and jellyfish pushed this way, but I can deal with that. Everything in the gulf has teeth. Or a barb. So I only go in for one reason, and just far enough for that. If there's a restroom close by, I don't go in the water at all. 'Jaws' did it for me, although I did watch all 98 sequels of it and loved everyone of them. However, I swim in a pool. Not oceans or gulfs, nor rivers or lakes. If I cannot see what's under my butt bottom, I don't get in. Just don't. Moving on! Please pray that Isaac fizzles out and doesn't even do more than give us all some rain. No lost lives, no severe damage. LA has seen enough, as has Mississippi. I'm praying that God just lets Isaac die.
On the home front, sweet Elle wasn't able to begin school this past week with her brothers due to being sick. She had her dress, shoes, and NEW backpack and lunch box all set out with the gift for her teacher. Then the night before, fever set in and she was one sick little girl for several days. Doctor suggested she stay home this week and begin the following week. She will go into K3 and this Nan is wondering when she grew up. It's bad enough to know our oldest baby is in the 4th grade this year. At what point do I cease calling them babies? I've decided I'll think about it later. Not now. And not only did Elle NOT get to go to school, her brother Noah got to go with a cast on his arm.
He's handling it just fine. Fractured his elbow and hopefully won't have to have the cast much longer. This was the first day of school. Ian's giving baby girl a hug since she can't go. She looks happy to be standing with them though {smile font} I'm looking forward to seeing photos tomorrow of Miss Elle going to school for her first day! She and Noah attend the same school and I like that. Ian is attending a new school this year and is loving it. Even began riding the bus home last week. Jenny said he gets home before she would were she to go through car pick up.
Happy Birthday, sweet Austin! 9 years old. No, no,no, slow down. It would make Nan so much happier. Saturday he and Alaina, below, were involved in soccer games all day long. I think Alaina made four goals during one of her games. She and Austin love their sports! 
Below is my favorite way to read a book {wink font} The book in question was 'Tick Tock' by James Patterson and the ice cream is Neapolitan with Kix cereal thrown in for crunch. Oh yum. Buuut, I had to cease buying the ice cream. You know that thing called a scale? Yeah, I have one. Nasty thing.
One of my favorite vignettes in our home. And it's in my kitchen window. The photo was taken after Jenny and Brandon's wedding, the shells from our beaches, and John bought the air succulent (is that what they're called?) at our favorite shop. I feel happy deep inside each time I'm at the sink. 
The following photos? They made me laugh. Out loud!! So you get to see them, too. Because when I put them on here for you, I get to see them each time I come here and that'll make me laugh once more. Laughter. Good for the soul and all those around you. Have a safe week. A God filled week with much love and laughter! Remember, pray that Isaac fizzles out! Blessings ~
Did you find one that made you giggle? Or laugh out loud? I love the weather one, but my fav of these four? The one about the beaters!!! I can just picture trying to grab some batter with a spinning beater and getting it all over your face. Slays me every time I read it. Okay, so this is it. Really. The End. I'll update and let you know how tame, or not, Isaac was where we live. Again, blessings!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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