It's My Favorite Time of the Year ~

 snuggle in, enjoy the cool temps, enjoy Advent
and waiting for the baby that was born to redeem us!
have a cup of hot chocolate, give thanks for infinite 
blessings, regardless your situation, and pray for 
peace. peace for our country. peace for the world.
God bless you and yours
and Merry Christmas! 

Thanksgiving, 2016

America has much to be thankful for. Our families have much to be thankful for. And I bet if you look around you, you do, too ~ Have a blessed week and a great week. Before you know it, Christmas and Winter will be upon us. And I will be one happy lady! God bless us and God bless America ~

Autumn Yummies ~

Mini Pumpkin Pies ~
and a divine drink,
You use both traditional apple cider & sparkling apple cider. A scoop of ice cream with a sprinkle of cinnamon, an apple slice and drizzled with caramel. Yum! Her blog has many yummies you'll enjoy adding to your recipe book! (I found this on Pinterest, but always try to link back to the one responsible.)

Finally, temps here in the central South are becoming cooler and I loved watching the leaves drifting with the breeze in front of me as I drove home this afternoon. I am one thankful child of The King when it comes to the delightful seasons we have, especially Autumn and Winter! {Heart font!}

A post from this day last year was on Autumn Tablescapes. It was  well viewed and I loved looking back through it a few minutes ago. Maybe you can get some new ideas to use this year! Have a beautiful and God-filled weekend!

I Love to Dream ~

One of my very favorite posts that I enjoy reading and swooning over the photos, is the following ~ I hope you enjoy, it as much as I. And have a beautiful Tuesday. It's still warmer than normal for our part of the world and I'm so looking forward to cooler days that don't shift back into Summer mode and, just maybe, the hint of Winter bliss. Godere ~

Autumn Love

 i love autumn and winter. love love love autumn and winter. my heart sings with the thoughts of sweaters, hot chocolate, cooler temps and her beautiful colors. not to mention the hopes of seeing a bit of snow in the southern South.

i also enjoy following those that love to decorate their homes. i get ideas and sometimes find myself wishing i had this house or that house, especially the cute tudor that blushingbean has on instagram! i digress

 a blog i've followed for years, and she's also on pinterest, (i need to see if she's on instagram), is stone gable. today she has a post she's shared before but i thought was good for reading today.  i think you'll enjoy it as i for not only will you see her home but you'll see yours in a different light, a better light, upon finishing her article. we have so much to be thankful for ~

"and the sun took a step back,
the leaved lulled themselves to sleep
and Autumn was awakened."
Raquel Franco

have a blessed weekend ~

And Suddenly, Summer Collapsed Into Autumn

"If a year was tucked inside of a clock,
then Autumn would be the magic hour."
~ Victoria Erickson
Here's to another awesome Autumn ~

Still One of My Favorites

This post remains to be a favorite post with readers and with me. I love the movie and love the information you can find searching for the baseball players. The doctor is even based on an actual character. Here's the link to read it for your pleasure and enjoyment! Click HERE.
Celebrating the last few weeks of Summer.
Teachers are reporting in, families stocked up on clothing and supplies are trying to get in one last chance to take a mini vacation before the business of classes begin. Mothers, like me, put on a smile while my heart weeps because I won't have the children at home any longer. I was never one that did somersaults when the buses rolled up but laughed at the antics of friends that did {giggle font}. As a teacher, it was a delightful time to meet new little ones and also be near our daughters as they attended classes. I was blessed with a career I loved and enjoyed. To also work with some of your best friends was an added blessing.
How are you celebrating these last few weeks?!?! AND, are you one of the many that have decided to homeschool this year?!  With dedication and planning, I'm a supporter of those wishing to make sure their children are learning not only basic, needed skills, but also able to work in field trips, extra studies, and bible lessons that public schools either cannot or find it difficult with the financial strain. I am not a supporter of CORE and would love to see it taken off the lesson plans in Alabama. Getting the answer right, but missing the problem because the steps were wrong doesn't make sense to me. Seriously. Look at past generations and the technology that has hit the world! And we did it without CORE. Okay, I'll get off that bandstand {wink font}.
Summer is a'goin' and Autumn she is approaching. I am SO an Autumn and Winter gal and shed no tears as Summer eases out. As your family gets ready for another school year or you watch your grandbabies step up into another grade, I'll be praying for us. For courage to face the fact they're growing much too quickly, peace and calm as we settle into football Saturdays and cooler temps, and that God will show great might in allowing America to have a President that will not take us into a Socialist state and a nation whose leaders refuse to acknowledge God. Prayers are needed more than ever for our nation and her leaders. God bless and keep us near Him as we draw closer to the November election. May He bless you and yours ~

America Needs You, God

 we are bruised and battered
heart broken and incredibly sad
but we serve a God that is just and One of mercy
He has not forsaken us, rather wanting us
to turn to Him in fervent prayer
join me in praying that hearts will be changed for the good
that our leaders will look to Him instead of themselves
that we will not lose hope nor cease caring about each other
and that this nation i love will be great once more
"one nation, under God, indivisible,
with liberty and justice for all"

Summer's Here!

hot days and afternoon thunderstorms
summer is here
i bet you do, too.
here's a sweet summery wreath!
what's your summer story ???

Happy Father's Day, Daddy

Oh, how I miss this man. My daddy. William E. McClain. Child of God, son husband, father, Da. Tall, gentle but gruff. Loved teaching. Loved announcing Marbury Hugh football. Loved his family. Loved Jay, FL and the countless friends he made. Loved to eat! Especially home cooked fresh vegetables, tomatoes and Vidalia onion sandwiches, mother's custard pies and Mamaw's homemade yeast rolls. Loved Hank Locklin's music & friendship. Loved God. Sharing the Word and helping out with lessons in a small country church. I remember during a very, very dry spell he was asked to speak and he chose to talk of the famine in Egypt when Joseph was in a position to help his kindred. Daddy paused, looked up, and said, "Lord, we don't have a Joseph but we have You. And these Lightwood farmers could sure use the rain."

Before the end of his lesson, a large crack of thunder sounded and it began to pour. Daddy hushed. We all stared out the windows. I.V. Mershimer claimed, "Well, will you look at that!" I looked back at daddy and tears were running down his face. Too choked up to continue, he simply said, "Thank ye, Lord", and came to sit down. I'll never forget the power and wonder of that Sunday morning. "Thank ye, Lord" for my daddy.

Here's a link to a Father's Day post after he passed into Eternal Rest after a three year battle with cancer. They gave 18-24 months. But God's plans weren't finished. I'll always miss you and your hugs.

Guess What!?!?

not exactly my favorite season since our girls aren't home any longer. well, okay, it's not my favorite season. there i said it. i'm a fall and winter person, with spring running a close second to fall. but here we are, moving into summer and that means, hopefully, we'll be seeing a bit more of our daughter's and their families. i don't know about yours, but our grands stay so busy with sports!
elle's program as she prepares to leave kindergarten. this child is so excited to be going into first grade. we had to laugh during the program as she looked a bored and only sang when she wanted to. she's loved kindergarten, though, and i'm sure will rock first grade. the girl loves school!
Stacey teaches high school so i know she's looking forward to some time with family, traveling, and not getting up early each weekday morning! looking forward to heading their way and spending some time with our ms babies and families.
owen is three now and still in love with being outdoors, his mum and dad, john deere tractors and being outside. did i mention that already?! the child loves being in the dirt, with the dog, on a tractor, and playing with the animals on the farm. can't wait to spend some time with them, too!
ah, yes, it does. although, the older one gets, the more we remember summers past. still sweet, still fresh, especially when i can't remember where i put my keys yesterday! have a beautiful summer, stay safe, and continue to pray for our nation.

Pieces of my heart ~

and here are some of my blessings this Spring ~
our youngest grandchild turned three this Spring
and i'm  not sure just when he grew up
too quickly that's for sure
loves his daddy & mommy, lucy, and tractors!
our youngest daughter with her family at Easter
one loves to swim, one loves basketball, and
miss priss loves her ballet and gymnastics
(and 'her boys')
our oldest with her youngest in Memphis, i think,
traveling with her soccer team. this sweet princess loves her
soccer and her gymnastics and i love watching
her intertwine ballet with gymnastics to music ~
{we have another son in law and grandson {smile font}but
no photos of them yet. traveling with baseball or outside!
I am a thankful for our babies, their men and the gifts of
grandchildren. He is always near. Always with us.
And that's a promise from a God that cannot lie ~

Spring is here!

with all the rain we've gotten here in the South,
rainboots are in abundance! for wreaths
and for feet ~ 
and umbrellas, too! 
a sweet wreath to recreate for your front door ~
have a happy and healthy Spring ~ blessings

Easter Yummies on Pinterest

Click HERE to find lots of Easter yummies to make and serve. From decorated eggs to bunny cakes and cookies, you'll find it here. Hoping you're planning to nice time with family as we celebrate His resurrection and welcome in the beautiful Spring weather. Blessings!

March! You hold the whisper of Spring!

Jenny kiss'd me when we met,
jumping from the chair she sat in;
Time, you thief, who love to get
sweets into your list, put that in!
Say I'm weary, say I'm sad, 
say that health and wealth have miss'd me,
Say I'm growing old,
but add Jenny kiss'd me.
by Leigh Hunt, 1784-1859
I had this memorized by the time we brought our baby girl, our Jenny, home. As she grew, many a time she'd run to me, just long enough to wrap her arms around me, kiss me and tell me she loved me, before running off to continue her play. It's heart memories that will carry me through many a day.

Ah, February ~

the month between the icy cold of winter
and the blossoms peeking out at spring
ah, february, you have my heart
 from simple hearts on a stick
 to vintage buttons glued in the shape of a,
you guessed it, a heart ~ 
 it's a nice month to spend time in starbucks
with one of your besties,
and a daughter at that ~
blessings, february, i heart you

Winter Wonder ~

 "the crispness makes us all feel young once more"
Hallstatt, Austria
blankets, jammies, and a books
sigh ~

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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