Do You Dream?

Oh, I do. And these types capture my heart. 
This would be my living room,
the room with a fire, a dog,
good books, glass of wine
and years of family & conversations. 
My dining room.
Soft, used, comfy, cozy.
Well loved. 
My kitchen.
Farm sink, open windows
soup simmering or cookies baking
Makes me smile each morning
pouring a cup of coffee
or hot chocolate 
My bedroom
soft fabrics, soft bed, stucco walls
wooden flooring, cozy rugs
tiny, just big enough for two 
Guest room
tiny, cozy, sink in the bed
and dream until you smell
breakfast cooking or
coffee brewing 
The bath.
just one, just enough, old wallpaper
window overlooking the yard
a yard of flowers, shrubs and swings

or, maybe 
this house.
and i get to start all over again.
i love to dream of cozy abodes.
they come true.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

My Dream house is what I am living in :-) Nice ,simple and cozy :-) Nothing I would change except the Barney Puke Purple office that was painted that color when we bought this house ..LOL Son is deciding what color he wants it since he is turning it into his computer room...

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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