It's Halloween!

Dress up those caramel apples!
Too cute! 
Easy banner guaranteed to delight ~ 
Have a safe and candy-filled Halloween!

Here's a popular post if you're thinking of changing your background for the season! Have a great weekend and please pray for those in Texas that have had too much water and wind. It's to be 100% rain and wind here tomorrow but not in the excess Texas received. Nature can be beautiful but brutal. Be safe. Laugh. A lot! And remember His many gifts and blessings in your life.

A Few Tablescapes For the Season

Oh, how this makes me feel like we will be with a grandmother. Peaceful and neutrals. One of my favorite color themes. And I love love love the table! You can find this photo and more about her style and home here! I couldn't find this particular photo but I didn't have much time this morning looking. However, I DO intend to add her to my blog list and keep up with this blogger!
Another one of my favs is Stone Gable. Click and go see her eye candy design sense. I have these leaf dishes and love them. Now, if I could find the white set. Oh my downfall. Dinnerware!!
Like me, she loves to decorate for all the seasons and holidays. Although, I have to admit I don't decorate as I did when the babies were at home and the grands were young. I still decorate enough that the mister grins and patiently helps me bring it all out, but I'm finding as we downsize that less is more.
On Stone Gable's far right bar, scroll down and you'll see where you can be redirected to her Fall Tours. Have fun! Take notes!! Leave her a comment. Bloggers 'heart' comments!
Need an elegant Fall tablescape? Inessa Stewart's Antiques can help you set it up and be ready to impress! Good food, great friends, conversation that ebbs and flows with laughter, memories of times past ~ sigh. Perfect time together.

I remember well our Thanksgiving meals in the past, meals on Autumn Sunday afternoons after worship, and how the heart still remembers with clarity the ones present, the ones that have gone on, the little ones that began gracing us with their births. Life is a precious circle of those that have been, that are, and that will be. Make the most of these times, my friend. Time is fleeting and moments pass. The heart remembers and for this, sweet Father, I am most grateful ~

August Yummies ~ Sweet Side

House of Hawthornes has a yummy Autumn sweet side to compliment your menu! Finding it on Pinterest, I knew it would be easy, a MUST, and yummy, a REAL MUST. Mr. H & I grew up with our mothers baking apples, sometimes topping it with a scoop of ice cream! A neat feature of this recipe is you can use your crockpot! Enjoy!

Ingredients ~
6 large apples (Gala's were used here)
3/4 cup brown sugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon
2 tablespoons butter
1/2 cup apple juice
1/4 cup slightly chopped walnuts AND/OR 1/4 old fashioned oats

Directions ~
Wash and core apples. Pair off a 1 inch strip of the skin around the top of the apple to prevent the apples from splitting.

Mix the brown sugar, cinnamon, butter and walnuts (and/or oats) together in a large bowl and fill each apple with this mixture.

Place apples in the slow cooker and add the apple juice around the bottom of the apples.

Turn crockpot on high heat & cook for 2 1/2 to 3 hours until apples are soft when checked with a fork.

Serve as is or add a scoop of ice cream and caramel sauce when platting it!
I'll be back
with more Autumn recipes
guaranteed to delight

Getting Lost In a Photo

growing up and spending time at my grandparents
there was a creek, much like this, that ran down
behind the two front pastures. there used to be an old
homestead there, for flowers grow that wouldn't
normally be there ~ and before that, an indian village.
we used to find arrow heads and old pieces of pottery

it was a creek my grandmother and i would hike up
our pants legs, she her dress and apron, and walk until
we met the dirt road on one end of the pastures.
we'd sit on the sand and watch what floated down.
leaves, sticks, sometimes turtles would venture out
and always crayfish and little bitty fish

as i grew older and commissioners worked and reworked
the dirt road, the creek became muddier and filled
with waste and trash from man. beavers built a dam.
the land, no longer kept back by my grandfather,
began to encroach upon the creek banks and the creek
became smaller.  i grew older, and no longer small

there are times we wish childhood could last longer
that memories could whisk us back just one more day
one more walk, one more hat made with daisies
but then, to do that, we'd lose part of today
and that would be a tragedy

for today are tomorrow's memories and i 
wouldn't miss this season we are now in
with it's vibrant colors and cooling temps
letting us know that a season is on it's way
that will slow us down and create a quiet
sense of hibernation, the time of rest

the creek will ice over, weeds will die, and quiet
will be broken only be a cracking icy branch
and the memories of my youth will remain
as vividly as the colors of autumn, all i have to do
is close my eyes, lift my face to the breeze
and let my mind roam back. and back. and back.

In Love With a Headboard

i'm in love with a headboard
i am still in love with the one the mister built
shown here, from pinterest
we chose not to put post tops
but i love the way it turned out.
until i saw the one with the old doors.
i think i need to talk to the mister
about using that idea in one of the guest rooms!
now that's an idea {smile font!}

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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