BeAUtiFuL BaCKgRouNDs 4 FaLL

From Knotty Moose, how cute is this?! Background and matching header. There are a couple of others for the fall season, but this was my favorite. Love the dots and stripes.
Shabby Blogs has been around for a while and they keep adding more backgrounds, headers, and even have post dividers and all types of blinkies and buttons! Here are two of my favs, along with a header that could easily be used with both. I found it easy to read their tutorials and add the items to my blogs.
Scrappin' Blogs has some awesome backgrounds and I would love it if they had headers and dividers to match. They use a 3D approach with many of their backgrounds and it adds a really nice touch. When you go to their site, you'll see they are dressed for Fall!
I, personally, prefer Scrap-E Blog over some of the others. No particular reason but there are more 3 column backgrounds and that's something I have to look for.  It is not difficult to convert your 2 column template to a 3 column, but afterwards you have to make sure that your background is configured for 3. Not 2. I've made that mistake before and it makes for a confusing sight {chagrin font!} There again, I'd love it if headers to match were offered! Is anyone listening in the background world?!
I heart The Background Fairy, who also happens to be The Graphics Fairy! You can scroll down and look on the right sidebar to find a listing of objects and subjects. The graphics and backgrounds are free and very easy to use. I love the one below and used a similiar one (in blues and beiges) for quite a while. However, I love to play with my blogs too much to stick to just one for any length of time {smile font}. It's mentioned that there is a matching header that goes with this, but I couldn't find it. Maybe you can!
Allie Brown. I just found this site this weekend while blog hopping. It's a nice one. This may not look as if it would fit for Fall but I think it's gorgeous and brings in the quiet neutrals and then you have the pop of color in the vibrant fall flower.  I also like that she has headers with her backgrounds! Bravo, Allie!
Oh HOT Bliggity BLOG! The grandmother of blog backgrounds. If you can't find one here, it isn't to be found. Super easy to use, super easy to change. There aren't headers to match BUT if  you've looked through the sites I've given you {and you can find all of these on my lefthand sidebar} you know that you can match a header. OR go to Scrapblog and make your own. I find it easier to use one already made, upload it to my Flickr account, add the text, resize it, maybe even add some more stickers to it, and voila! It's done. Again, pay attention to whether or not you need a 2 3 column. It DOES make a difference.

It's too hard to pick a favorite, I have so many!, from this site so I'm just going to share a few. I promise. Just a few. Well, okay maybe more than two. Or three. When you go there, you'll see what I mean! I apologize for the fuzziness of these, the site wouldn't let me enlarge and then save :/ so I had to save the small sizes and then try to enlarge with Blogger. But go there, there are hundreds of backgrounds!
I'm never sure how many readers take the time to look at the sidebars and there's normally so much information there that's worth reading. I always look at the sidebars. Shoot, I even scroll all the way down and check to see what they've put at the bottom of their blog! If you have some time this week, maybe this weekend, I hope I've given you some sites that can decorate your blog for Fall.  If you find something you can use, please leave me a comment and let me link back to you and see what you've done to yours!


Anonymous said...

These look great, you have a real talent for this.


Lindy said...

what good info. I happen to love yours the way it is. I've noticed that EVERYTHING looks good on that green background! Thanks for sharing...

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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