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Sweet Something Designs.  Love what Michelle did with a camp blanket and you will, too. She has umpteen photographs and tells you how to make reversible napkins, cute flower holders and decorated tin cans to hold eating utensils. She even used chalk to decorate rocks that doubled as place cards. Now I'm on the lookout for a plaid blanket. Truly, this post is a feast for the home decorator's eyes.
Aside from a cottage tudor style, I can see myself living nicely, thank you very much, in this home. Melissa at Veranda Interiors shows us more of this home at her site. If you're a regular reader of mine, you know I love VI and refer to it regularly. I believe in dreaming and dreaming big. After all, we are living today in our dreams of yesterday. Go visit Melissa and tour this home. It's peaceful. As well as beautiful.
Brooke, at Velvet & Linen, redecorated her bathroom. I loved the before photo but knew she'd hit the mark with adding the pinks and shades of aqua. {Click over to her site to see the 'After' photos!} I would never have thought of using burlap panels but love the way they look at the windows. At one of the homes we owned, I sewed some burlap panels and used battenburg panels under them. The difference between the two textures made for a beautiful window dressing. However, the smell of the burlap was horrid. For several days I had to air them outside. But once aired, we really enjoyed them.
Love this wooden cart from Hudson Goods. Bet the grandbabies would love pushing it around the room, too, so on second thought I might just wait until they're a bit older before putting it on my wish list.
We said goodbye to a dear friend this week. Susan went in for what we thought would be a simple enough procedure and things became very complicated. She is with our Lord now and leaves a grieving husband and twins, two years of age. We are all shattered but know that we will meet again one day. Our prayers and our thoughts have been lifting her family up and will continue to do so for some time to come. You can click here to read more of Susan's life from a friend that worked with her.
She loved, and was loved.

So ~


Michelle @ Sweet Something said...

Thank you Nancy!

Sorry to read of the loss of a friend, thoughts and prayers to the family.

Velvet and Linen said...

Thank you so much Nancy.
I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. We also lost a dear person this week. It is very difficult to make sense out of these things, but they do remind me to be grateful for each day.
Wishing you a blessed weekend.


~ from The Letter Writer ~

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