Our Hearts Are In Mourning

Our hearts are heavy, sweet Lord, with the passing of our sweet Susan. We know that you weep, that you know what it feels like to have death visit such a young and vibrant person. Susan loved, and was loved. Tony and the twins will miss her more than I can imagine, but you know the depths of their pain. It is indeed a comfort knowing that she is with you, she is in the Garden of beauty and peace, and we long to know that feeling. I beg of you to stay close to this family that has been devastated, that you cloak them in the strength and comfort that only you can provide. Thank you for giving us your Son, that we have this avenue of prayer. I truly cannot imagine getting through this without you. Be with Tony, as he faces the days and months ahead of living without the love of his life, the mother of his children. Be with sweet Claire and Jonah as they wonder where she is. They are so young. This family we love is fractured, Father, be with them as the mending begins. We know that You are there, each step of the way. Hold them ever close. It is in Your Son's most holy name that I offer this plea, and I thank you for your Love, Amen.
Susan leaves a man that adored her & two much loved little ones, two years of age.


Anonymous said...

Our prayers are with you and your family.

-Stacie P., FLVS

Heather said...

I am so heartbroken for this family! Those poor sweet babies who will long for their mommy and not understand her absence. I am weeping as I write this. I didn't know them, but my heart hurts for them. I will be praying for this family as they walk this extremely difficult road.

Jess said...

Hi Nancy,

You don't know me, but I was a friend of Susan's. I subbed for her while she was on maternity leave. Reading her blog inspired me to start my own........ she inspired me, period. My heart is broken, tonight. I've spent the past hour going through her blog, in tears.

My prayers are with Tony, Jonah, Claire, and their entire family.

I know they are all feeling a shock and pain beyond words, right now. And, they are probably being bombarded. If you hear or think of *anything* that they need, will you let me know?


Nancy said...

Jess, I responded on your blog site. Thank you for your sweet words. There is a group now that's been formed on Facebook for the friends and family of Susan.

jodyandjanell said...

My heart is so heavy tonight as I begged the Lord to heal this precious woman today. I was asked on Facebook to pray. I do not know this family but our story (raising twins and fertility treatments) is familiar. I will pray, without ceasing, for this beautiful family. It seems like Susan and I will have a lot to chat about in Heaven. She was loved! Thank you for sharing.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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