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This post remains to be a favorite post with readers and with me. I love the movie and love the information you can find searching for the baseball players. The doctor is even based on an actual character. Here's the link to read it for your pleasure and enjoyment! Click HERE.
Celebrating the last few weeks of Summer.
Teachers are reporting in, families stocked up on clothing and supplies are trying to get in one last chance to take a mini vacation before the business of classes begin. Mothers, like me, put on a smile while my heart weeps because I won't have the children at home any longer. I was never one that did somersaults when the buses rolled up but laughed at the antics of friends that did {giggle font}. As a teacher, it was a delightful time to meet new little ones and also be near our daughters as they attended classes. I was blessed with a career I loved and enjoyed. To also work with some of your best friends was an added blessing.
How are you celebrating these last few weeks?!?! AND, are you one of the many that have decided to homeschool this year?!  With dedication and planning, I'm a supporter of those wishing to make sure their children are learning not only basic, needed skills, but also able to work in field trips, extra studies, and bible lessons that public schools either cannot or find it difficult with the financial strain. I am not a supporter of CORE and would love to see it taken off the lesson plans in Alabama. Getting the answer right, but missing the problem because the steps were wrong doesn't make sense to me. Seriously. Look at past generations and the technology that has hit the world! And we did it without CORE. Okay, I'll get off that bandstand {wink font}.
Summer is a'goin' and Autumn she is approaching. I am SO an Autumn and Winter gal and shed no tears as Summer eases out. As your family gets ready for another school year or you watch your grandbabies step up into another grade, I'll be praying for us. For courage to face the fact they're growing much too quickly, peace and calm as we settle into football Saturdays and cooler temps, and that God will show great might in allowing America to have a President that will not take us into a Socialist state and a nation whose leaders refuse to acknowledge God. Prayers are needed more than ever for our nation and her leaders. God bless and keep us near Him as we draw closer to the November election. May He bless you and yours ~

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