Christmas in Mississippi ~

Sweet 'laina, all ready to begin the seasonal fun ~
These photos were taken at a family Christmas gathering in Mississippi, which happens quite often if you're a blended family such as we are.  There are double the amount of gatherings, fun, food, and laughter. Here's Austin with a few presents with his name on them! (Note the beauty of Jeffery & Robin's home!)
Miss Alaina is waiting patiently for the signal to begin opening gifts!
Brett is an answered prayer for our Stacey and can at times be just as silly as these two grinning babies. He loves to hunt, to fish, to cook, and to play with his three loves. We adore him.
Brett and our sweet Stacey ~
(Love those silk drapes!)
Yes, she's a real daddies girl (and I'm also loving the background scenery. Am I the only to look at the foreground, then begin in-depth study of the decor in the background?! I'm guilty!)
Getting some lovin' from her mommy ~
(I've seen those green and red lighted gifts in quite a few blogs and Christmas photos on Facebook. Could someone tell me where I can get these for next year?! They photograph nicely.)
One of my favorite photos of Stacey and Brett's family. I have got to remember to ask Stacey if she can get a copy of it for me from the original photo.  I also love the way Robyn decorated her mantel and if we are ever blessed again with a mantel, I want it to look like this!
Our sweet girls, Leslie and Stacey ~
You don't usually get a photo of these two. We have one now!
Our precious Leslie, who had to work Christmas Day. Boo.
This is their grandmother, and Alaina's great-grandmother. She is still very much a part of their family, loves her visitors, laughs, and still has that spark. I can only pray I'll be in as good a health when I'm her age.

So, I think we've covered all the celebrations until the middle of January when all three of our daughters will gather here at our home for a meal and to open more gifts for each other. The five grandchildren will have a chance to play and giggle and laugh with each other and I think we're planning to go to Jenny's afterwards for desserts and coffee.  My Christmas gift to John was to attend the Bear Bryant tribute at the ASF, here in Montgomery, during that weekend and he's so excited with this plan!  Happy New Year, dear ones~

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Mom got them at Kirklands a few years ago. :)

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